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  1. Swfc are knackered, lost the love for them, I for sure do not miss paying to sit watching that crap
  2. Weather isnt helping things but still this is garbage, we have to win games, draws losses are not an option, surely they should be going out every game all guns blazing, pathetic, and that effort from reach to try and keep the ball in for the cross my gran could have got to that
  3. Really hope we dont lose this game, big meltdown if we do
  4. Brentford are a great side, lovely football and always a threat, we will do well to get a point from this
  5. Didnt leeds finish in the playoffs with a -15 deduction?
  6. monk will achieve staying up this season no doubt in my mind
  7. Agreed, wrong manager, very obvious to me we haven't got the squad to do it
  8. We are such a pathetic club, we literally spend more Spoke too soon
  9. Exactly, hes a standard championship defender, hes very clumsy too, hes our best defender but far from one of the best in the league and if we got 5 million I'd be shocked
  10. Got a good feeling about today, lost to a good Bristol side, bounce back ability needed, 3-0 owls
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