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  1. We would have smashed this league to bits in our 1st season under carlos, its not got much quality at all this season , though if utd go up atleast we can watch them get battered every week, their squad is laughable to think it might play in the epl
  2. I really wanted to go.. but the 100 itl cost me maybe more will be useful towards my car repairs, had it been 25 a ticket then id have probably pushed to get two tickets, so sky it is. Coybaww!
  3. its very bizarre how he left them out, wasnt willing to listen to the fans for why? To try and prove he was right to leave them out, hats off to them for keeping quiet i bet they was raging
  4. They was all garbage, the fact is the folk who think hes worth this massive some of money are deluded, hes crap
  5. Absolute garbage, reach again w aaaank As i said in the post about him worth sod all never been a prem player
  6. Snap their hands off at 14m, hes worth 5 tops, bad attitide, injury prone, inconsistent, anthony knockaert is a better player than forestieri and he cant deliver in the premier league so 14m if we get that is ridiculous
  7. I am unsure of reaches ability to be honest, he may excel in a team with good players full of confidence, but in this squad for me he's very inconsistent, touch isn't always the best, tackling isn't great probably worth 7 million imo
  8. We are more than safe from going down so why doesnt chansiri just sell the top earners and re build, it makes perfect sense , we have had a go and it didnt work but u cant ask for a better manager to build a squad to go up than Steve bruce...
  9. I was just having a rant at the tv saying the same thing
  10. Confidence or not he didnt even look before passing back to dawson... he had poo loads of time on the ball, dread to think what abuse he would get had it gone in
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