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  1. It really isnt, I'm a fan and I love to see us do well, but it's just a game there is far more to life than a football club
  2. Unfortunately people will spend their last 20 pound note to watch this one, sad really
  3. glad to see the players u mentioned dropped, bannan out means the players wont be letting him dictate play, hes been garbage for a while and they let him try to run the show
  4. let's wait and see, bannan dropped is a positive
  5. I think he plays the odd good ball, does a few turns on the ball now and then, loses possession in the most ridiculous areas, runs around like a dog and that's about it
  6. Let's request all our games away from home, I feel sorry for the fans paying alot of dough to watch that tripe, I was home for the game v Cardiff over xmas and Its sad to say I woke up buzzing and left thinking I wont miss this, very very poor, I watch most games streamed and u can hear a pin drop
  7. https://www.vipstand.se/sheffield-wednesday-vs-blackburn-rovers-live-sports-stream/1/ Had a blip last weekend but in general works, mirrors to the TV nicely
  8. Hope he never plays another game for us
  9. he is the man, think we have a gem in this lad
  10. Iv been on ok with it last few weeks to be fair
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