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  1. Yes to some as I say it's their way of life, and to others they have alternative things to do, it's a shame the club has a greedy fool who cares not 1 bit about the fans, I'm sure thousands will commit and that's fine it's their hobby and a way of getting away from lifes stresses, I am not shaming fans at all I just despise the man, he thinks it's all about himself and cares for nobody else , I am surprised he hasnt changed the club name to be honest
  2. Unfortunately they dont support you, not one bit, chansiri fc has had everyone's pants down
  3. I understand for some it's a way of life, I cant justify paying him a penny, I'd happily travel and go for a few jars but the football doesnt interest me while this bloke is in charge
  4. Anybody putting money in this idiots sky rocket needs to get a grip, just boycott chansiri fc
  5. why u take it so seriously? It's a ******** game of football
  6. I feel sorry for the fans who actually failed to sleep last night thinking about this game why would we turn up for the last game of season, clubs done, big big nightmare coming the way of Sheffield Wednesday
  7. What a team Miller's will hate us even more when they score again
  8. Cardiff have done for season, not laid a glove on rotherham
  9. we will be extremely lucky if Cardiff score playing like they have, roth deserve it they're putting everything into it
  10. Roth all over em, Cardiff have put the tools down
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