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  1. Leeds r going up, pigs will get CPL, rotherham up, Wednesday going down 😂
  2. need 5 wins atleast if we are to be deducted points, the first game back will confirm if we have the minerals, but dont think much will have changed, and it's what DC and the club deserve, been an embarrassment.
  3. So what he managed utd and loved to get a bite from the mentally weak Wednesday fans, hes a good manager at this level and that's all a club needs, should be no concern about being accepted by fans, hes good at his job and thats all that matters.
  4. If this lockdown has taught me anything it is that I can live quite happily without football
  5. I'm sure plenty of players have got ready in the mirror and are having a whale of a time tonight
  6. Chansiri is on a rate fiddle, pack ur bags, hes not interested in this club one bit
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