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  1. So I’m a numpty, what’s that make you. starting to get personal now are we?
  2. Or, more of the traitors you voted for. Good news is Abbott and Costello could be back together soon, suppose they’re better than Hindsight Starmer….
  3. Multi millionaire opens up his hotels, big phukking deal
  4. Yes they are, but they’ve got the platform of television to put it across. And if they’re so right, why did they lose the election with a landslide? Because normal people with half a brain cell can see through the peoples revolutionary party. Why don’t they go to Venezuela? Oh wait……
  5. The vile Labour Party, who else? Do keep up
  6. Sorry for having an opinion, but I don’t want champagne socialists trying to drill left wing bile into me. Lineker, Neville, Benedict Cumberbollox , Russell Brand, Russell Howard, the list goes on
  7. Better than a bunch of arrogant terrorist sympathisers, whose whole objective is to protect criminals.
  8. What, another phukking champagne look at me I’m a do goody goody socialist? No thanks,
  9. Too late now, damage is done. Should have gone in early November
  10. What, you think it’s all his own money?
  11. I think there is some truth in DC meeting potential buyers. I’ve said before on here, I don’t think he’s got a pot to p*ss in, and his investors have probably said enough is enough. I think he’s been told to take a hit on this bad investment and get what you can, we can’t keep losing money forever and a day, especially when promotion is looking iffy now. Play offs are a lottery. Just my opinion….
  12. This manager should have gone end of October. Too late now DC Miles off play offs, “we go again”
  13. Has he gone yet? only a matter of time, thank f``k
  14. What , you mean Bannan that can thread match winning passes? That can run all day. That at least tries to win headers and tackles. That has most skill in the squad. Dont think I am describing him
  15. Ok , for all the happy clappers. Lets say he gives 100%, but has limited ability, like many of the others. But there’s no excuse for being overweight, which makes him extra slow with no agility. Also, does he ever at least try and win headers? For the Atty poster, Atty was 3 times the player Patto is, and Atty was crap
  16. No, it’s the same 4 weeks that looks like all the games this season. Rubbish……and making the opposition look like Liverpool
  17. We’re talking about a passenger player, we won because we were lucky, and Accrington are whank. I’m astonished that people think he deserves a starting place.
  18. Anyone thinks that this is ok think again, Moore should have gone 4 weeks ago. He’ll go in Feb when we’re out of touch, but it’ll be too late.
  19. He’s absolute whank, giving 100% is not enough
  20. Absolute joke of a player, brings nothing. Can’t win headers Cant win tackles Can’t win 50/50s slow as a cart horse 2 stone overweight But successful managers keep picking him, one of the reasons we won’t go up.
  21. Gillingham circa 77/78, coach broke down on way back in east London. Within 5 minutes the coach was surrounded by the locals from the shithole high rise flats that surrounded us. 2 minutes later 3 cop cars surrounded us. No M25 back then, they sent a replacement coach to get us home, could have been nasty without plod.
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