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  1. Totally agree…..but getting Forest kicked out and letting the pigs in? 100% NO
  2. Are you for real? Or just a blunt?
  3. Dem Blades fans want florist kicked out of the play offs for it Starting a petition
  4. We’ve not deserved it, they were the stronger side over 2 legs. Moore has to go now, bringing a pub player that can’t control basic balls, will give you pub results. He’s never been a footballer
  5. Message for DC, hire mediocrity, and you will get mediocrity…… Sell the club for FS
  6. This is even worse than I predicted Saturday, DM should have gone in November. The naivety of this team is unbelievable, with a over hyped mediocre manager to boot. season over
  7. Aw bless, you the phukin Owlstalk police now? do you think I give a phuk if any of you happy clappers like me or not….
  8. Happy clappers let’s see all your comments when we miss out, and we’re in this pub league next season, without a pot to pyss in, and a window to throw it out of.
  9. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to post
  10. Errmm……tactics,player selection, right decisions at the right time. playing players out of position, insisting on playing a pub player. do you want me to go on
  11. I’d like to know why refs are treat like royalty, not accountable for phuk all
  12. Said all season, DM not the man. The squad is the best in the league and we’re struggling, yet again
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