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  1. If you’re serious, which I doubt, you must know something we don’t...
  2. Surely someone on here ITK knows what’s happening in the near future at this club....
  3. After reading this mornings story from Nixon,.......I’m afraid it’s liquidation for me. Pigs will be loving this
  4. Only if his IQ had dropped in the last few weeks.....
  5. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve got a strange feeling he’s in the middle of a sale. No communication No ticket details No plan Just zero, from a club that’s near liquidation.......not administration. Awaits the flak......
  6. Is it just me, but I get the impression DC is doing absolutely nothing in the background... And I mean zero,zilch,jack schitt,
  7. But he won’t accept a reasonable bid, because he’s not thinking in a football sense. He thinks, (I bought it for x amount) now I’ll sell it for Y. He must not realise it’s worth Phukall...
  8. It’s quite obvious now reading reports he wants out, but he wants a fortune for it. I think he’s going to liquidate the club to right off the debts, cut his losses and run.... He’ll be ok, the club will be gone.......
  9. Surely he’s not thick enough to realise he’s going to get jack schitt for the club. There’s always going to be a buyer out there, because there’s loads of rich people in this world... The sooner he takes what’s on offer and cuts his losses the better... The next scenarios are; 1/Administration 2/Liquidation (god forbid) 3/ Sell at a massive loss.....because he can’t keep losing money that he hasn’t got. My guess is No.3
  10. Don’t talk phuking daft, the left are just scroungers that will riot if a rabbit gets run over.
  11. Better than the Daily Mirror, that just panders to the far left
  12. Why are so many posters adamant he won’t sell. He’s no money left, or his investors have pulled the plug. Either way, he’s no choice, who going to keep financing a black hole with no means of it getting any better? He’s going to either have to; Sell at a massive loss Accept administration Liquidate us Or, find big investment......
  13. He’ll announce the much reduced sale when we go down..... probably next week
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