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  1. It’s the only way out for him, unless he wants to lose a lot more.
  2. Really could go down? If we get a points deduction it’s a nailed on cert. Get Warnock in now, he can’t do any worse
  3. He ain’t going to get anywhere near that amount, I think he’ll take what he can. Damage limitation
  4. But Chansiri, with whom many Wednesday fans are rapidly losing patience, has assured Monk he will remain as manager next season, according to The Sun on Sunday (page 61).
  5. He’s not the only issue, but having Westwood in goal gives the whole team confidence. Hes not the future
  6. As soon as Westwood was dropped (injured) who phuking cares... the writing was on the wall....Dawson is not phuking good enough
  7. We’re phuking brilliant........at giving the opposition chance to waste time..
  8. Nixon knew jack schit about our January recruits, just saying.
  9. I thought we hadn’t been found guilty yet?
  10. Sorry if that upsets you, I’ll have to remember to not have an opinion anymore.FFS You could be a WHU fan for all we know, prove you’re not
  11. muuuutttthhhhheeeerrrr....Owlstalk police are picking on me..boo hoo!
  12. Oh, so the OT police know I’m a pig? As for coming on only when we’re struggling, when are we not? If it floats you’re boat carry on.
  13. If he doesn’t, the club will go bust.
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