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  1. Just a matter of time before dull score, because we can’t be arsed
  2. Change it now, so lack lustre it’s a joke
  3. Newcastle have had our pants down with this player, even if he’s on loan...
  4. Great appointment I think, best of what’s out there. But looking at DC in that video, it’s got (I’m talking to potential buyers ) written all over it.
  5. The squad is good enough, it just needs the manager. It makes all the difference.
  6. As much as I like DC, I would be happy if he sold to the right people. i think it needs new people, ideas, investment asap
  7. It’s de ja vu all over again, holding on to the wrong manager, to see what pans out. another wasted season
  8. We’ll wait till after Xmas, then start looking like a decent team, too late
  9. Can’t tackle without fouling Cant string more than 2 passes together Always wrong side of opposition player No plan No contingency plan Headless chickens No manager......the most important thing of all
  10. On the block list....LOL , like I phukkin care....
  11. If it makes you feel good, keep believing your own bull. Its quite obvious you’ve never played organised football before, and just want to dream the dream. Let me tell you now, we’re going nowhere with the current set up.
  12. Is there anything in my opening post that’s not true? If you dont see it you’re following a sport you don’t know anything about
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