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  1. bronxowl

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    Only memories of this game for me, got a ticket very late, Friday afternoon. Went with Vine pub at Mosborough with father in law, I think. Dropped us off outside a pub in north London heaving with weds fans. Got absolutely bolloxed. Went down an alley on way to ground for a slash, came out lost father in law, he just Phuked off. No mobiles then so found him again after match that I can’t remember anything about. Then driver tells us all the coach going down west end for night, meet back at Victoria at 12.00 Didn’t have enough cash to stay night, so walked around London for 6 hours. Came back to Victoria to see quite a few lads with black eyes and busted noses, (courtesy of Chelsea fans on the tube) Got in at 2.30am
  2. bronxowl

    RIP Playoff Hopes

    Phook the pigs, and everything involved with that 3rd rate club.
  3. bronxowl

    Sky red button

    Snortbeasts were on against Boro at beginning of season
  4. bronxowl

    Official - Club up for sale

    DC wants 200million, Daily Mirror
  5. bronxowl

    Bruce on his way

    He’s still circling Gatwick, bloke flying drones won’t let his plane land.
  6. bronxowl

    heard a few rumours tonight

    Jos will be sacked in a matter of weeks,,a replacement is ready but contracts with Jos and replacement need sorting if this is true........why would he put the club up for sale?
  7. bronxowl

    Fans forum match day thread

    How is he a racist? please elaborate
  8. Is it a case of, can’t find a replacement for Dross as Nixon states, or, don’t want to find a replacement? I think it’s the latter, because there’s always an alternative.
  9. So, if DC is saying it’s not Dross’ fault, and the players fault, are the rumours sounding out for a new manager true?
  10. bronxowl

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    So, nothing to report at the meeting anyway. Jos till end of season unless we can prise SB from is deck chair, more chance of pigs winning a trophy.
  11. What happened to the big news in the paper today from Nixon?
  12. Me thinks he’s here till end of season
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    We’re saved.....