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  1. He’s worked with Strudwick, more or less ironed on then.FFS
  2. That’s internationals, loads of players to pick from. He’s done jack at club level, phukking useless
  3. What the phukk has Chris Coleman ever done? Gobsmacked is an understatement
  4. Twaatt of the highest order, and a tree hugging phukking lefty to boot
  5. More chance of a manned mission to Mars and a safe return....
  6. What makes me laugh is this, how phukking long does it take; DC...we want x MA...not giving it DC...well phuk off then MA..we’re not budging DC.. well don’t then Phuk off Are they on the phone all day going back and forth?
  7. Clutching at straws here lads, only a matter of time before he goes. I think you all know it deep down, sad but probably will happen.
  8. Didn’t see the Nixon one, the whanker has blocked me
  9. I guess trying to get someone on cheap is how he got rich in first place. #swfc wanting £2 million. #nufc wanting to pay £1 million. SB has agreed terms. He’ll be a begrudging stayer now should clubs not agree compensation. Ashley wants him by Saturday. Suspect he’ll get his man from twitter
  10. Duller than Bruce’s, they annihilated us down at Brighton in the play offs.
  11. Announcement expected in next 48 hours as NUFC look set for Steve Bruce – The Telegraph bye then
  12. That should buy him at least one good player....lol
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