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  1. Fair points you make, the world is changing and you can't judge the future solely on the past. I can see why I come across as pessimetic. In my defense, personally I'd be well content with a 30k avg and being a top Championship side / mid table Premier side. Loved last season and this one also, and I've not been disappointed by our attendance or any aspect of the club of late. I only really suggested a reduced stadium capacity because I thought it would improve the atmosphere on matchdays. But, I respect the fact many fans are expecting alot more from the club, want to be a top Premier team and all that entails from that, so I respect the fact that I am probably putting a downer on that :).
  2. A subject like stadium / attendance numbers is never gonna be a bag of laughs.
  3. Ye, not that many. Greater Manchester 2,553,379: Salford, Bolton, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Trafford, Tameside. South Yorkshire 685,368: Sheffield, Rotherham, Rawmarsh. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_urban_areas_in_the_United_Kingdom The other Yorkshire towns have decent enough teams - Barnsley, Hudds - so we won't take lots from those towns. From what I've been told the biggest supporter groups in Doncaster are Donnie Whites (leeds) and Donnie Red (manutd). My brother in law is from Chesterfield and is a Man Utd season ticket holder, most of them in Chesie support Man Utd and Liverpool. We could reverse that trend if we are a top 6 Premier side, but I won't hold my breath on that, prefer to be realistic.
  4. Wednesday / England Band

    Good question, afraid I don't know the answer. It would not surprise me that he did, as when the kop was switched to seats I suspect many wondered how an atmosphere would be generated with everyone sat down.
  5. You are the best

    Lucky my family are all Wednesday :). Without doubt the best day I've ever had following Wednesday, doubt anything will top of it. That said, the FA Cup final reply was the worst, and I still ain't over it! remember some lads singing "we'll be back" or similar through Wembley high street, little did we know how long it would take.
  6. You are the best

    Never say never, when I went to the 93 semi, we parked near a park, united and wednesday fans were playing each other at football, the atmosphere at that game was mostly friendly from what I saw, just like against Hull. Think some united were sat in the wednesday end and vice versa without a hint of trouble. Perhaps that's because there is a lower percentage of hardcore fans at these games.
  7. Wednesday / England Band

    Sadly alot of our fans won't remember what Hillsborough was like before the band. Thankfully I had that pleasure, 20k standing up on the kop in full voice, it was a hell of a sight and sound.
  8. I personally dislike the colour red, but when it comes to Chinese investment that's one plus point the Blades have. As Big Ron's Sovereign said, I don't see McCabe investing serious funds in United, and investor talk is usually just that, talk. I think United's best chance is the manager, maybe he is as good as they think he is - his win percentage is excellent - and sometimes clubs get back to back promotions when a club has a feel good factor. Personally I've never cared all that much about the Blades - I enjoy beating Leeds more - if they do become the bigger club in Sheffield for whatever reason I won't lose much sleep over it. I enjoy watching Wednesday, as long as we are challenging for promotion from the Championship on a regular basis I'll be enjoying my football every season; probably more so than being the bigger club struggling in the Premier. Because one thing is for sure, I don't see either Sheffield club ever breaking into the big top 6 in the Premier without some sort of miracle, FA Cup win with a decent side is probably the best either club can hope for.
  9. It will take a miracle

    Won't need a miracle. Three games, even an average side can put 3 good performances together in the playoffs. That said, as much as I hate to admit it, Leeds are looking a really good solid side, Woods possible the best player in the league on current form.
  10. Winnall abuse

    Bound to score, do the business Sam!
  11. True, hassling him to get carlos sacked is not the same as outright personal abuse like Mark was referring to.
  12. Maybe he was hinting at the abuse DC's son had been getting online but didn't want to draw more trolls to his social media account.
  13. Rumbled :D That said, think he was abit harsh on Morgan Fox, looks a decent signing though he was a liability at Leeds.
  14. Ian, talked alot of sense and put it across well.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I think I read Catterick played for Everton as well, which may have played into it. I've never read indepth about our history, as my family moved to the area in the 80's, it wasn't something I'd have found out from my dad etc. Disappointing we lost him, considering what he won at Everton and the teams he built. Remember watching 'the fix' TV programme ages ago about Kay, I assume Catterick took some of our best players with him like Big Ron attempted to do.