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  1. I was going to mention that Fulham game too as the one where the intensity and momentum was lost.
  2. I disagree to an extent. Those six games were the result of a changing of gear. An unstoppable momentum had developed which was taking us to the premier league. But we stopped. We did it. No one else. In three play off games Huddersfield 'scored' a Tom Less own goal to reach the premier league. Unbelievable really. But it's our own fault though. We played the first leg with no adventure and we were so cautious we only have ourselves to blame. We stopped that momentum. We could have and should have killed the tie in the first leg. We will never ever have a greater chance of getting to the premier league. I remain gutted.
  3. Is 6th and 4th at a club that has only ever known relegation battles in this league since 2000 not a proven track record? I've enjoyed the last two seasons thanks and it sure beats getting tonked at Stevenage, Orient, Stockport and Exeter.
  4. Not renewing your season ticket for only finishing 4th. I'm incredulous. Clearly some "fans" were not around during the Shreeves, Yorath and Turner years.
  5. No beef with palace but 174 arrests in 2010 when the result went the wrong way that day. The planning for this game will have started weeks before it was to become a meaningless fixture.
  6. Been to Hillsborough tonight. Really enjoyed watching them. Stobbs, Baker and Hirst took the eye but my man of the match, if the team sheet was accurate, was our number 4: Connor Kirby. A very impressive range of passing, got around the pitch and always seemed to get a foot in. Well done lad. Will be looking out for him.
  7. Glad to see someone mentioned the Southampton quarter final in 1984. Drew 0-0. 43000 in Hillsborough. Lost 5-1 in the replay.
  8. This thread - FFS! Why can't people be: really happy on the one hand, or if you live your life like a Radiohead album, mildly optimistic but realistically cautious. Why are people still looking for things to undermine and pick away at? For God sake leave that to Radio Sheffield. Wednesday fans... or is it sheffielders? A strange bunch.
  9. It was indeed a great night. I was living in Nottingham at the time and got a ticket sitting alone with the forest fans. I recall tremendous support as ever on the away end that night and when I saw all the wednesday cars and coaches heading back towards the M1 north after the game, I did feel a tad homesick. I think think he scored three in succession, hence the song. I can't believe it's so long ago. Happy birthday big lad.
  10. Did he break it playing for England U21? If you recall older players could play at that level.
  11. Yellow and blue as an away kit for me. Although didn't we have yellow and green in the mid to late 70s? I didn't mind the green and white hoops and I associate it with a quality David Hirst goal at Newcastle in 1989. We won 3-1 I recall.
  12. In 1995 the vociferous minority persuaded Richards to sack him - on cup final day! Our decline indeed commenced. Those fans were not satisfied with a mid table premier league finish. For younger owls, it was a bit like wanting Carlos sacked when we've been in the play offs all season. It wouldn't happen now. Oh, er, hold on a minute...
  13. My dad's last game: we beat Newcastle 2-1 in 1982. He took me to my first game in 1977. He was born in 1931 and his dad took him as a kid. I watched a game on youtube the other night that I vividly recall my dad taking me to in 1978 when we beat Port Vale 3-1 in the snow at Hillsborough in front of the Yorkshire TV cameras.
  14. Yeah, we won because they're poor. The negativity of some of our fans is tedious. Awesome result. Up to 5th. 22nd win of the season. 4th on the bounce. A great day. Owlstalk!! I'm going to have to quit. Some people seriously are bad for one's mental health.
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