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  1. This is where me and the lad go. Fishcake Butty with chips and curry.... great on those midweek matches for tea,!!!!!!
  2. Like most still waiting (along with my son) and ours was an early bird like it has been for years
  3. As always Harris ran his socks off and does a lot of hard work..... got some decent crosses in and usually takes 2 men with him to give us space..... I had no he’s having a decent season.... but that’s my opinion
  4. Fair points them it is very very worrying what’s going to happen to the squad and the players mind set The mind set again isn’t right when we concede you can see it’s like oh yeah that’s meant to happen
  5. Love Wednesday love football I’m all good life is good mental state is good as I’m fit and healthy .... that’s all that matters got to keep smiling
  6. You have hit the nail on the head not performance but what a drab uninspiring year of football they have given us.... Will carry on watching the games though....
  7. Hoovering over which player to choose.... hoovering .... hoovering .... then thought was there one!..... my son and I are just hysterical now watching the games.... but will have some more medicine Saturday...
  8. Well apparently our strongest team at the moment when the line up was announced ..... Can see why people thought that... but wow that was a poor half... we just didn’t seem bothered from the off and no energy or idea what a football was... During a 10 min phase counted our longest possession time was 18 seconds most others around 10 in the 5 times we had the ball..
  9. Still not had a phone call either for last years ticket refund. My son and I were both early bird buyers as usual but nothing yet....
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