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  1. That’s exactly what I was saying
  2. I shouted so loud in disappointment everyone wondered what had gone wrong in the house!!!! Crap tie.... wanted a home game oh well...
  3. Every time Thorniley starts he puts his all into everything he does... He wants to play and is proud of putting that shirt on.. He throws himself into tackles, blocks and for his age doesn’t look phased and will have a go at his team mates... My opinion when he plays has done more than Lees... One for the future definitely....
  4. Once you get into 3D printing it does become obsessive and you want to print everything
  5. Will try to find the stl file for all those that are interested.... was surprised to see this post pop up again!!!!!
  6. Had a right game and I loved the 'proper' solid tackle he put in near the half way line in the second half!! constantly battles, chucks himself in front of balls and he is always organising around him.
  7. It was amazing day and this is still one of my favourite photos all captured in the moment....
  8. Yes I also remember that very well!!!! Walking up Halifax road after the game with my Dad and loads of Everton fans going to their coaches, not believing the score line especially after the close games....
  9. Barry you will never beat me in a staring competition.... so do one!!!!
  10. Have done..... he is well pleased took him nearly a week to Create the CAD model.....
  11. Should have got some netting put on... funny comment
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