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  1. With the Lee and Nuhiu deals it's probably more a case of waiting to see if other targets in their positions start coming in. We don't want to panic too soon, sign them and take up wages we can then no longer use on fresh faces. Obviously we can't leave it too long but perhaps they're seeing if other deals progress before committing to those two.
  2. They're not really gunning for us in particular, could have been any team in this situation They're just desperately trying to stay in the championship and I don't blame them. The whole thing is a complete mess and not sure what the outcome will be. We were in the wrong and have received our punishment, all we can do is wait for any appeals to be submitted.
  3. I’m not so sure you know. Everyone is banging on about getting young, hungry players from the lower leagues...well they’d surely want the chance to play in the championship than remain in league one or below. They’d get paid more and still a chance to remain in the championship. If we fail they end up back in league one where they would have been anyway. Yes we will struggle to attract the top championship players but we would have struggled to convince them to come here before the points deduction. Loan players won’t lose out, they won’t get relegated, still play championship football. I honestly believe recruitment won’t be as bad as we might think. We’re just a bit lower in the pecking order now (we weren’t that high anyway!).
  4. Burnley did the same a few years back. Spent very little on their first go, came back down and didn't have to alter too much. When they went back up they were in a much stronger position and have relatively comfortably remained in the premier league. Also had a season playing in Europe.
  5. It's down to the fact we're either chasing a game too late and throwing everything at it or hanging on too deep for a point or three. Either way it's desperation.
  6. Thanks. Wouldn't that mean it's been extended for another year as the season has ended, unless it's up to the playoff final date...find it strange that nothing has been announced.
  7. When is Monk's contract up? Wasn't it until the end of the season? I've not heard anything about an extension yet unless I've missed it. Feels like that should be sorted either way before players start coming in.
  8. I actually think we need to invest more in our defence. Yes we obviously need strikers but that'll be clear to everyone and we'll go get some. The danger is thinking we have enough defenders and don't bother replacing them. We created lots of chances last season and the goals will come with that, however if we concede goals like we did second half of last season we're screwed, Fulham game a perfect example. We desperately need a consistent keeper and 4 steady central defenders. Iorfa and Borner seem to be decent enough but we probably need another two and try to move on Lees. Fullbacks, Odubajo wasn't good enough, Palmer a decent player but not great, Penney we don't know about yet. Proper wing-backs if we're playing with them. We can't shoe horn Palmer etc in to a CB, Harris/Reach in to WB roles and expect a result. The Defensive midfielder is then key to help that defence out.
  9. You are right, we are under performing in games where it counts, finishing. We are actually creating good/plenty of chances but we're not just clinical enough. Couple examples of the stats here... https://experimental361.com/2020/07/23/scatter-graphics-championship-2019-20/ https://experimental361.com/2020/07/23/expected-goals-table-championship-2019-20/
  10. The bottom end of the championship will be weaker than usual though. All three coming up along with Luton and Barnsley will likely be poor. Possibly throw Birmingham and Huddersfield in to the mix and it will be a fair few teams fighting it out to stay up. If we were to get a points deduction for next season I'd say we have a better chance of survival than most years.
  11. I think he will be given a chance next season, I can't see a decent bid coming in for him this summer anyway. We know he'll likely be fit and available if Monk decides to use him. To be fair none of the team this season have shown anything that makes me think they have a nailed on place in the squad next season (possibly Bannan and Iorfa). This is a hopefully reset point for all of the players and with a good pre-season attitudes, confidence and morale could completely change come September and we may see improved performances from a lot of them. I certainly wouldn't write him off yet.
  12. Probably a combination of poor scouting (most players just don't have the ability to be at this level in the first place) and general direction of the club. Someone already mentioned if we were on the up our players would get noticed more and would likely leave on a positive path.
  13. Firstly I wonder how many other teams have a similar record. You get the odd team like Brentford who's model is modern and built around doing exactly that, improving and selling players on. I would expect most teams lingering in the second and third tier will be similar. On top of that our transfer policy has been poor. When we had limited budget obviously you are unlikely to get world beaters, but unfortunately when we had some cash more recently we have bought older players on their way down not up.
  14. We need a fair few. Not just first team players we have to look at, you need a fully capable squad to compete. It’s a slightly condensed season if they don’t extend the end of the season again which means extra midweek games. Expect lots of injuries, so need lots of cover.
  15. Possibly yes. Although he did play up to and including the Blackburn game.
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