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  1. I think they all look about right to me, maybe Pelupessy slightly overvalued. I don't get why everyone seems to think Harris is worth more. Played 116 games and scored 9 goals at 26 years old. If you say he could/should be a first team player from 21, thats about 23 games a season and a goal every 12 games. Not great is it. He's started well for us but very early days, lets see how many value him higher after a full season with us.
  2. I am hoping these two form a very good connection up top. Both are very pacey so when one get's in behind the other will be there for support, most of the time. On one occasion Harris should have squared it for Murphy for a tap in but decided to shoot. Hopefully in time they will always be aware of each others position and create chances for each other consistently. Both look like great signings early on.
  3. I think it was a good decision and a good move for everyone. Joao get's a fresh club to try and progress and we get a decent fee for a player. We cannot hold on to players who "have potential" forever, the squad should always be adjusting and updating. Whilst he always had some talent he was very inconsistent, if he was that good we'd have had bids from better clubs. Good luck to him, we move onwards.
  4. I believe he is a free agent. Isn't he quite injury prone though? Not sure I would risk it with him.
  5. Great post @frastheowl I noticed Sky Sports briefly mentioned Xg after the Spurs v Leicester game yesterday. It's good to see expected goals is creeping in as it is way better indication of how a game went than just Shots on Target etc.
  6. Loved this book. The corner statistic really surprised me. It opens up your mind to how the game is played.
  7. I thought this too. I don't think he actually meant he is in the process of trying to sell but was more of an emotional reaction. "I'll sell if you want me to go" sort of thing. Unfortunately the press have run with this.
  8. Cherry picking stats at its finest. Do we not count points for draws any more? 14 of those were drawn and would total 53 points across the 46 games. Whilst not great reading it certainly isn't as bad as the stat is trying to make out and would have comfortably stayed up based on that last season.
  9. I would have personally gone for Fletcher rather than Joao. He would have defended from the front and his experience may have helped us.
  10. And that I would agree with, my response was to the OP comment of "tho i think he will swap out Baker following that car crash of a header". That would be very harsh.
  11. So you drop a young player who's playing his first season in the senior side for one wonky header?! That's madness. Way to ruin his confidence.
  12. That Forestieri quick freekick though, brilliant! Shame the goal was ruled out.
  13. I think opinions will vary depending on the type of fan you are. If you are a season ticket holder or go to lots of games then entertainment and style might be more important than simply getting a result in a boring fashion. If however you cannot get to games as often then the results might be all you care about.
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