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  1. You’re probably right. We may not even have interest in any fullbacks now. Palmer came on for Penney and has covered there before. Harris can play left or right too.
  2. As much as Penney did well against Walsall I think he’ll start Harris on the left. With big central defenders like Morrison/Nelson/Flint we’re not going to win many aerial battles so Harris to the byline and low crosses will be more effective. He’s also quicker on the counter. We’ll also likely try and keep possession through the centre so Windass will probably start up top.
  3. I think Monk is just trying to keep Reach happy. If he only really sees him fitting in to this system up top I imagine he’ll just be thrown on as an extra body if we need a goal. In no way is Reach a striker and if we get some strikers in he’ll be used very little in that position...hopefully!
  4. I agree he hasn’t got their technical ability but I think people are just finding this season’s scapegoat. Surprise surprise a left winger/wingback is poor up front in a team that is poor all over the pitch. If we stuck Bannan up top yesterday would their be the same reaction? Yes Reach is in poor form but he’s not a terrible player. The whole club has been in poor form for a while on and off the pitch.
  5. Yesterday’s game was a poor watch yes. But if you cannot handle that then for your own mental health it might be worth skipping this season. It’s going to be a very tough one for us fans. We’ll have worse games but the objective is safety and it’s a season long one and won’t be achieved quickly.
  6. Ross Wallace was one of our slowest wide men since Chris Sedgwick but was successful...You don’t need pace to play wide. A lot of Penney’s good crosses yesterday came in early, a touch or two and cross. You don’t have to get to the byline.
  7. Penney looking to get that LWB position nailed down. Has done very well since coming on. Seems to look to get the ball in the box more often than anyone else, no messing, one touch, cross!
  8. Regardless of the way he left the club, what on Earth has he done to prove he could play successfully in the championship? Would be a poor signing even without the history.
  9. Monk seems set on 3-5-2 so we can only assume that strikers are on the way in. There would be no point in sticking with it if we knew we couldn’t bring others in to the squad. If we only have Windass coming we’d be much better as a standard 4-2-3-1. Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Dunkley/Borner/Lees Penney Bannan Luongo Harris Brown Reach Rhodes
  10. He did well but unreal is a bit far for me. Going forward he scared defences with his pace but as a wingback you have to be able to defend too. He stood out in a very poor form team. Nothing against Murphy as he contributed a lot after the break but I hope we sign an actual wingback.
  11. I hope we don’t get Murphy for the RWB role. He’s not a wingback. If we’re going to stick with using them we need to get in some actual wingbacks not shoehorn wingers in there.
  12. With the Lee and Nuhiu deals it's probably more a case of waiting to see if other targets in their positions start coming in. We don't want to panic too soon, sign them and take up wages we can then no longer use on fresh faces. Obviously we can't leave it too long but perhaps they're seeing if other deals progress before committing to those two.
  13. They're not really gunning for us in particular, could have been any team in this situation They're just desperately trying to stay in the championship and I don't blame them. The whole thing is a complete mess and not sure what the outcome will be. We were in the wrong and have received our punishment, all we can do is wait for any appeals to be submitted.
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