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  1. I looked at a few websites which suggested that the away end held 5000. I am not sure if they still only have 3 stands open? Either way, gutted as there doesn't seem to be any indication that we will receive any more. Was really looking forward to this one. 

  2. Maybe we could trial a beer section in one small area of the ground e.g where we have few season ticket holders?   Good for the beer drinkers and also good for those who want less people walking in front of them 10 minutes before half time. 

  3. 2 hours ago, edwinowl said:

    Not too sure what to make of him. 
    Earl days yet but not really a target man. 
    Not pacey. 
    Aggressive yes. 
    Movement not the best for a forward. 
    What is he offering and what’s his best position because if flint is going up to head goalkicks

    Glad we signed him, works hard and has won us some points this season. Wish we also still had Fletcher though. 

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