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  1. Oh ok, I was basing it on what I had read on various websites but I guess things must have changed since they were produced. Thanks for clarifying. Uto.
  2. I looked at a few websites which suggested that the away end held 5000. I am not sure if they still only have 3 stands open? Either way, gutted as there doesn't seem to be any indication that we will receive any more. Was really looking forward to this one.
  3. Anyone else see the other steward who climbed on the bars in front of the terrace and started spitting on our fans? He got dragged away by some more Senior security staff. Not sure what had led up to that?
  4. Got one under 18 ticket going spare for Mansfield if anyone needs it.
  5. Maybe we could trial a beer section in one small area of the ground e.g where we have few season ticket holders? Good for the beer drinkers and also good for those who want less people walking in front of them 10 minutes before half time.
  6. I would have him back just for the 'Carlos had a dream song'. I still catch myself singing it after a few light ales!
  7. Who do you think DM will SELECTOR to play on Saturday?
  8. Brilliant, I remember it well. I don't think I managed to get many autographs in mine apart from Gavin Oliver's. Funny what you remember.
  9. Young Owls club scarf. My mate reckons it must be worth "pence".
  10. Not being able to away matches. Miss boozing on the train, exploring new places, singing, and having a laugh with my mates. I love away days!
  11. Hopefully this Thornbridge will get me through the Norwich game!
  12. If only Steve Bould hadn't broke David Hirst's ankle (shocking challenge).
  13. It states on the Owls web that season ticket holders have until 6pm tomorrow to apply. Unfortunately, I am having the same problems as bolton9owl. Hopefully it will work properly tomorrow.
  14. I will keep going. For some reason I just feel right when I'm there. A drop in prices would be welcome though.
  15. Last few games have really got to me for some reason. Reckon a few beers should sort it.
  16. Glad we signed him, works hard and has won us some points this season. Wish we also still had Fletcher though.
  17. Darko Kovačević. Actually wasn't that great for us but ended up at Juventus. Strange one.
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