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  1. Cheers mate. I've booked back on the 9.31 so will have to leave early. I can see why you don't trust the trains after yesterday. Certainly sounds a lot easier doing it your way.
  2. Cheers for your helpTommy Owl and Kew Owl. I've decided to leave early and get the 9.31. I usually manage to miss an Owls goal when I do this so it might bring us luck!
  3. Train back to sheffield from st pancras is 10.20. Train from south bermondsey to connect is 9.31. Donny trains give a lot more breathing space but a bit of a nightmare money (taxi) and times wise.
  4. It does help mate cheers. Thanks for replying . See you down there.
  5. Hi. Realise it's not for a while but does anybody know if the police always keep away fans back after the match at Millwall? I'm just trying to work out if I can get back to Sheffield on the train or whether I need to get a train to Doncaster then a taxi home. Any help appreciated. Cheers. Uto.
  6. Hi. I'm looking for one spare ticket for the blades game tonight. Please send me a message if you want to sell. Thanks
  7. Queued 17 hours for 91 tickets. Ran out of cigarettes early doors, got a migraine and ultimately, felt like I was in heaven. Great times.
  8. Trains cancelled for the next few hours at least. Gutted. Good luck to everyone travelling by car etc.