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  1. Glad we signed him, works hard and has won us some points this season. Wish we also still had Fletcher though.
  2. Darko Kovačević. Actually wasn't that great for us but ended up at Juventus. Strange one.
  3. I think it was 25 for the shop and 25 for tickets. Not sure how it might work out with children etc.
  4. I went into the shop yesterday (to buy masks incidentally) and realised I had been credited £25 onto my season ticket card. I hadn't received any confirmation of this other than the original acnowledgement of my decision to choose the i-follow option. Not sure if the money is automatically credited once you have selected your rebate package?
  5. Yes, mine says 'sorry but there was a problem signing you in. Please try again later'.
  6. Went for a walk around castleton, sang hi ho silver lining too loudly at 3pm then got told I looked stupid by my eldest son whilst jumping around singing 'Let-s pretend we scored a goal'. He was right!
  7. Hopefully they are. A lot of individuals 'on the spectrum' are very bright and like football as much as anybody else. WAWAW?
  8. Been a rough couple of months/20 odd years but I'm going. Maybe some players dont care but I genuinely think that others do. Want to get behind them as I think they need us more than ever right now. Not having a go at those who have had enough but I'm hoping we can start to turn things around tomorrow. Come on Wednesday, Come on Wednesday.....
  9. They have for me previously on several occasions. Queues can be lengthy though so give yourself plenty of time or try to sort it on a day prior to the match. I'm not sure if it can be done over the phone instead but it is probably worth calling them again.
  10. I sometimes upgrade a junior to an adult at the ticket office. Obviously, you have to pay the difference but i've never had any hassle doing this.
  11. I had 2 which i ordered on friday morning delivered today. Still got one more to arrive which I ordered Friday around 2pm.
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