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  1. You think there will be silence tomorrow? Seriously? (Obviously unless we're getting tonked)
  2. Do you sit near them normally? Imagine if your ticket is next to the drummer... Imagine if it's an older person sat next to the drummer... It'll ruin the day. There's absolutely no need for them at a game like this.
  3. Unless we're losing heavily. Then make paper aeroplanes and fill the pitch in the hope of abandonment.
  4. Nice one pal. 9 of us on 14 and 15.
  5. Block 529 x1 Dolphin x1 Whale x1 Crocodile x1 Jumbo Ring x1 Minion Ring x30 blue balloons X30 white balloons
  6. I agree. He was all set for going to Wembley until his mother heard about it and had some strong words to say . His plan is to get his brother to the boozer and present the tickets in front of him and hope it's enough to sway him to say go.
  7. I'll also add that it's his brothers 2nd wedding in 4 years and the last one he missed us beat Carlisle at home and Antonio's last minute winner at the Kop end... That might sway a few votes . His brother is also a Wednesdayite...
  8. My mate has got quite a serious situation on his hands. It's his brothers wedding on Saturday at 1.30pm in Barnsley. He's the best man. He posted this on twitter when Wednesday got through. Irn Bru contacted him and told him they'd give him 2 free tickets and a cardboard cutout of himself to send to the wedding . poo poo just got real...he's just received the 2 tickets! His options are as follows: 1. Miss the match. Sell the tickets and drown his sorrows with the money. 2. Leave after the wedding ceremony and probably get there for half time. 3. Miss the wedding. Probably get disowned by his family but see Wednesday win promotion to the premiership at Wembley. What would YOU do?
  9. Must have missed the bit where the thread said where can we go for a quiet pint.
  10. JJ Moons wetherspoons 10min walk away from Wembley.
  11. It's not totally unusual for inflatables at the game to be taken home... As some old school on here will remember we occasionally took a blow up sex doll to a few away games back in the dark days, named Mrs Blackwell (Mrs Wilson also appeared). We took her to Bristol away where unfortunately she burst a tít during the game and we had to throw her into the crowd. After the game we set off in the minibus and saw her deflated, being dragged down the street by 2 blokes
  12. Only if you can do this except you've got to hit Steve Bruce reyt between the eyes.https://youtu.be/BV6EP9bBbac
  13. ^^^^ People trying to put fear into others should keep their traps shut imo.
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