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  1. Massively worse off? Well, we wont be going out of business will we? So not really worse off.
  2. The rule is actually 2 players, just normally the keeper is a given. So if the keeper was ahead of Fletcher when it went forward, and only 1 player in front of Fletcher, it's offside.
  3. If you have a season ticket (2 over 2 years worth of points) = 460 points, but not enough to get to away matches, how the eff do you accumulate points?
  4. Stop being such a fanny, vulva.
  5. Espanyol clearly embracing the connection and embracing other cultures. In turn, embracing the money it’ll generate.
  6. So back on topic... Very interesting. ££££££
  7. You’re incredibly racist. I don’t like that.
  8. True. Difficult. Not impossible. How did Espanyol pull it off?
  9. Just making my point for me. Get a Chinese international. If you buy him, they will come.
  10. There were 3 sets of fans today. Sheffield Wednesday Espanyol Wu Lei Wu Lei outnumbered Espanyol. CONSIDER THAT ££££
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