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  1. Do you think there isn't a fee we have to pay the EFL or whoever provides the service?
  2. But it's not the club providing the service. Point your annoyance at the EFL. I doubt the club gets 100% of the fee. The club is trying to survive so of course they're going to issue a plea to fans. My point is they're not bragging about anything. But if you want to add a negative spin on it, go ahead and enjoy your misery.
  3. "bragging" They're trying to maximise revenue because people are getting illegal streams. You know, due to lack of fans etc? We want a club come the end of the season don't we?
  4. The club can be self sufficient unless in the Premier league. Football can't really be self sufficient. In order to survive, we have to endure these owners. The alternative is we're poo anyway. What's the difference? At least we exist. Find another cause. It's boring.
  5. I'm in half a mind that I'd rather it be over 100% and have been relegated. Taking it on the chin and moving on, clean slate. But, the other side of me thinks that we "could" overcome this 12 points or even appeal. Meh
  6. I think it's a great idea. Some will go for this. I'm considering it.
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