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  1. Same Value

    Sell them for £20 each...
  2. George Hirst

    I don't need to. I'm ok thanks. You're not bothering me. I just don't understand how you're so bothered that people don't like this.
  3. George Hirst

    If it's that insignificant to you, exit the thread and let us complain about it? You're just being contrary.
  4. George Hirst

    Why wouldn't we be bothered about it? Is it silly for grown men to cheer at a goal being scored or be disappointed when we lose? Why do we support Sheffield Wednesday? Bit pointless and childish isn't is? [sarcasm] Of course this will annoy most people. His issue is with the club. What is liking this tweet going to achieve apart from disgruntlement of the fans that have supported and lobbied in his favour? I often tell my 5 year old son, crying and showing off isn't going to get you what you want. Pity David didn't bring his son up in quite the same way.
  5. George Hirst

    No player is bigger than the club.
  6. George Hirst

    Are you a George Hirst fan or a Sheffield Wednesday fan?
  7. George Hirst

    Don't be pedantic. As far as football goes [FOOTBALL].... it is up there with the worst at disrespecting fans. He's not on about in the world is he?
  8. George Hirst

    Correct. We have every right to negotiate to our benefit. You don't behave like a petulant child and spit in the face of the fans who have done NOTHING to GH.
  9. George Hirst

    But deal with it like a grown up?
  10. George Hirst

    If the kid has beef with the club, fine. But be big enough deal with it internally. To choose this moment spits in the face of all the fans. What have we done to him to deserve that (apart from campaigning to get him in the side)? What a nöbhead
  11. George Hirst

  12. George Hirst

    Is that not protecting our interests? Why is this a problem?
  13. George Hirst

    How exactly?