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  1. at least we've got Loovens and Van Aken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. what have Norwich done to cement a place in everyones top 6?!
  3. Only just got round to reading through this thread. Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding my dad. Heartbroken is an understatement - hope to god we can go on and win promotion for him now. Thanks again on behald of me and the family WAWAW
  4. The performance of both full backs was a huge positive from Saturday. Pudil was class last season, like a new signing for run in if can keep him like that
  5. I absolutely wish Bannan was as good as he thinks he is
  6. Took loads of throw ins but used to just throw me out for goal kicks
  7. Not usually one to be negative but we could also be 10th.....
  8. He's not young. and not entirely sure why he has a good attitude, looks like he'd rather be elsewhere most the time. his miss and hoopers v Leeds aren't even comparable.
  9. Reportedly dead after altercation with police this morning... very sad news. RIP former Owl :-(
  10. if someone has got a season ticket, members card and foundation card all in same name - can they still only get 1 ticket?
  11. bit unsure how people are thinking wont make general sale. 15k season ticket holders average attendance 22k all can buy 1 ticket 39,000 tickets available.
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