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  1. yours must be special then, mine is a couple years old and is held together with tape as it has cracked with age, there is no season year on the back either, just the city taxis add and the seat, row, entrance etc and my name and barcode
  2. walrus

    Proper wednesday fan

    if you put money into the club either by buying tickets or merchandise you're supporting the club and are a supporter, if you like the club and follow the results but never go to games you're a fan
  3. walrus

    New Away Kit

    only one slight moan, why aren't the badges in between the blue stripes? it looks a bit odd
  4. walrus

    New away kit

    its only a hoop if it goes all the way round, if it doesn't its a horizontal stripe
  5. i can only assume no one at Sondico actually knows when the football season starts and don't work to any deadlines
  6. walrus

    Tell us something POSITIVE

    my season ticket hasn't arrived yet, hopefully it is lost in the post
  7. Less than 2 weeks til the season starts and all we have seen is the home shirt, how hard can it possibly be to sort out the home shorts and socks and the full away kit, how much revenue have the club missed out on because of the lack of stock, its a bloody embarrassment, surely there is a clause in the contract which enables us to get out of the deal and go with a kit manufacturer that can actually manufacture a kit
  8. walrus

    Shorts - Blue or Black?

    Black - sets us apart from the other teams that play in blue and white stripes
  9. walrus

    Only team not to win

    unfortunately you can't see the run ending any time soon
  10. walrus

    Jones 'Passion'

    We'd still be crap no matter how much Jones waved his arms
  11. Did any of the people wanting Megson back actually go to the matches, the football was no better than it is now and how many times did we actually score more than one goal
  12. walrus


    i hate that f**king song, reminds me of when they sent us down
  13. walrus

    All ticket daft idea

    He's got a point, i remember last season the wadsley scout group organised a charity car wash on the same day as a Wednesday match, it was bloody chaos, the area around Wadsley church was gridlocked