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  1. bigdan2003's post in westwod red was marked as the answer   
    Offside and didn't prevent a goal scoring opportunity. These refs are horrific.
  2. bigdan2003's post in Nuhiu is a great player, but a rubbish clapper was marked as the answer   
    He's trying to replicate....

  3. bigdan2003's post in Nice reward. was marked as the answer   
    Hang on...you only realised you weren't a 14 year old girl until you went to the Wednesday shop?
    Does Google know what FFS means?
  4. bigdan2003's post in Stuart Gray and Paulo Di Canio was marked as the answer   
    He's actually waving at JonTheOwl....welcoming him to Hillsborough for the first time since 1998.

  5. bigdan2003's post in Madine to Swindon was marked as the answer   
    Rob Staton ‏@robstaton
    Understand Gary Madine has turned down four loan moves so far. #SWFC
  6. bigdan2003's post in COG to Barnsley was marked as the answer   
    Milan should fund average players to sit on the bench, players that don't look good enough and won't score enough. But hey, he runs around alot and fans LOVE him for it.
    flip off Earnshaw, Wickham, Jackson...whoever else is in our sights, we're keeping COG (on the bench) for the sh*ts and giggles. 

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