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  1. Craziest line up ever

    I thought the problem was that we had TOO MANY strikers?! Jos is clearly just trying to show off how many great youngsters have been overlooked for too long. Come on Stobbsy!!!!! Would have been nice to see Joao get a proper run though.

    They are the most LOADED questions I have ever seen in my life!!! Problems have only arisen with transfer policy. Of course most of us would be happy to chip in a little bit if the Prem was guaranteed (as implied by the questions), but as plenty have already said we'd want it done sustainably, promoting from within and investing in young, hungry talents! Hopefully these new contracts for the young guns show that we'll blend the two, so WAWAW means something- both on and off the pitch!
  3. Strongest back line..

    For the rest of this season: Venancio, Lees, Pudil With a full pre-season together: Lees, Hutch, Thorniley Time for Pudil and Loovens to move on this summer. Would like to see Nielsen get more minutes if Jos is going to bring the next generation through.
  4. Almen Abdi

    12/13?! I was still in short trousers and Anthony Gardner was our most injury-prone player! Them were the days...
  5. Sam Winnall

    Aww, damn. Ah well, I'll just keep pretending... A film would give our medical team the chance of an Oscar (best hair+makeup??) players do seem well-groomed when they eventually get on the pitch.
  6. Sam Winnall

    Hostage situation? Get Tom Hanks in- Bridge of Spies style. Anyway can't we pretend Butterfield is injured as well and swap back?
  7. Really looking forward to Clare getting his chance. Shame about Thorniley but like the idea of a rotation policy for the younger guys. Let's see them get stuck in and ATTACK!
  8. Steven Fletcher Mystery

    Have to say I thought this thread would be about something different. I thought we might finally to be getting to the bottom of my long-held suspicion that there was some kind of trading places between Jones and Fletcher in their Wolves/ Burnley days (just look at the ears, everything else is part of the cover up, especially Fletcher's "beard") It would undeniably explain a lot about both players...
  9. very well thanks! A damn sight better than I'm about to be cycling through the wonderful city of Middlesbrough in my stripes (yes, stripes Mr Chansiri).
  10. This. Been waiting 4 years for this, wasn't going to go to the game but after Reading... So close! Tonight must be the night. MUST be.
  11. Westwood Hunt, Sasso, Loovens, Fox Wallace, Jones, Bannan, Fessi Rhodes, Fletcher OR Fessi up top and Reach to run around on the left. Think we'll nick it 2-1, but we're without a clean sheet in 6 now, and that's a problem.
  12. Oh sugar, good point! My mistake, think they just looked so undercooked on the night I thought they'd had weeks off.
  13. Pushing right to the final game last season really helped us: the lads were still used to fighting and that definitely helped against Brighton who'd had a relaxed last couple of weeks! Agreed though, been growing my nails out in preparation for that last game vs Fulham...
  14. Injuries are all fairly simple, so not so much about management as prevention. Only so much you can do once a muscle is torn/ ligament snapped. More likely a problem with the number of games the guys play in their teens these days, and the pace of the game. More blame to lay at the feet of hard coaching (which must be hard to resist in a results-driven game).
  15. It's interesting that CM's had good games (which I agree they did) in a match where we struggled to create anything. Think everyone's right that in these games the FBs need to contribute to the attack and they were a weak link. Overall Bannan's forward thinking swung it for me, but we definitely need more from our wide players. Jones is tidy but (obviously) not a patch on Hutch, whose determination might have made the difference in such a tight game.