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  1. Agreed. The match report is almost identical to January: 0-0, 'Owls lucky to contain neighbours in tight, defensive derby'. We've gone nowhere in 11 months on that evidence. Positives are definitely how Jos has brought through the younger ones, the average age of last night's team was 2.5 years lower than January, with 1 over-30 compared to 4. However, just like January I agree this does feel like a stop-gap result. So glad we won and really impressed with the hustle the lads put in, but just can't help feeling there's more to come from us and a new manager could do that.
  2. Gotta see a lot of passion with the nunber of local boys in the side tonight. Outfight them if nothing else. Desperate for them to show some character and take it to the piggies. UTO!
  3. NoctOwl

    #SWFC don't need to go mad.

    Completely agree, quality and pace is too much to ask. But I certainly would love it if we could whack on somebody with afterburners after an hour instead of Jones/Boyd et. al. Helan had his faults but there were quite a few games when just throwing something completely different in was what we needed to nick a goal in a tight game (although he certainly didn't score them himself!). Just a 'change of pace'! I'd like to see us get a couple of young 'uns in and let them peg it around and try hard if we're struggling. We might even make some money if they turn out to be any good!
  4. NoctOwl

    Jos: DC got it right.

    I've not seen much of Casualty myself, but don't they all get better pretty quickly?! It's been more like Carry on Matron!
  5. NoctOwl

    Venâncio celebration

    We've lost both games he missed since the turn of the year, he's started all of our recent wins and played 90 mins almost every week for 5 months with no significant injuries. Solid, a battler, 25 yr old and (from social media) keen to stay and play for the club. Could be a starter for 5-10 years, maybe even capitán material? Sign him up please!
  6. NoctOwl

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    No transfer fee unfortunately- out of contract! I agree it's part of the job, but he's been a personal favourite of mine and I'll be gutted when he goes (as he probably will). One of the few who really looks like he puts everything on the line every single week, and really just enjoys playing. He'll be missed off the field for his sense of humour as much as on it!!
  7. NoctOwl

    Dross Jos

    Me too! I wouldn't even mind some screaming and shouting and ostrich-sand-hiding (or even £20 note metaphors if it motivated this bunch of overpayed geriatrics. I'm with you on the thin squad, but talk is famously free, so maybe we could start there?!
  8. NoctOwl

    Dross Jos

    Haha true enough, it was pretty surprising- although surely it's his job to maintain positivity and give out some kind of message if he feels his players lack confidence?
  9. NoctOwl

    Dross Jos

    You're right, but I just find it frustrating to have the man openly admit that confidence is lacking and then not give out any positive messages during the game!
  10. NoctOwl

    Dross Jos

    Wednesday: "Jos Luhukay: boss says team lack belief and confidence" Saturday: stands silently on the touchline for 90 mins whilst Phil Parkinson goes barmy next to him. Regardless of results, I just want to see some energy from the man in charge!
  11. NoctOwl

    Craziest line up ever

    I thought the problem was that we had TOO MANY strikers?! Jos is clearly just trying to show off how many great youngsters have been overlooked for too long. Come on Stobbsy!!!!! Would have been nice to see Joao get a proper run though.
  12. NoctOwl


    They are the most LOADED questions I have ever seen in my life!!! Problems have only arisen with transfer policy. Of course most of us would be happy to chip in a little bit if the Prem was guaranteed (as implied by the questions), but as plenty have already said we'd want it done sustainably, promoting from within and investing in young, hungry talents! Hopefully these new contracts for the young guns show that we'll blend the two, so WAWAW means something- both on and off the pitch!
  13. NoctOwl

    Strongest back line..

    For the rest of this season: Venancio, Lees, Pudil With a full pre-season together: Lees, Hutch, Thorniley Time for Pudil and Loovens to move on this summer. Would like to see Nielsen get more minutes if Jos is going to bring the next generation through.
  14. NoctOwl

    Almen Abdi

    12/13?! I was still in short trousers and Anthony Gardner was our most injury-prone player! Them were the days...
  15. NoctOwl

    Sam Winnall

    Aww, damn. Ah well, I'll just keep pretending... A film would give our medical team the chance of an Oscar (best hair+makeup??) players do seem well-groomed when they eventually get on the pitch.