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  1. Get with it man, the signs been changed outside to the Elev8 stadium already
  2. I’ve got a mask in case you gamble and lose
  3. you are like the Owlstalk furniture now, how have they not banned you yet? Is Neil dead?
  4. I am a very busy and important man. I can’t be faffing around here all afternoon with rif raf like you.
  5. Some people just don't liken DC no matter what
  6. What a bizarre turn this threads taken, I don’t see the problem in a owner of the club moving funds around and buying something he already owns and could sell off if required anyway. Unless i an missing something?
  7. I wish you Good luck mate but I think the club has its chosen charity’s and when I tried wouldnt even offer a discount on anything either in the shop for Ricky’s fundraiser. Hope you have a more positive experience though but I think it will be a no.
  8. That’s a huge blow - hope it’s not serious
  9. I had a go, ended up sticking a small tail into a a knob of the door, they said close enough
  10. Didn’t derby put in a bid last season of 7m or something? Or maybe dreamt that
  11. You do get a free shirt. I actually heard it was £350,000 upfront, ownership for 5 years unless we reach the premier league and then it’s £350,000,000 payable, or pay £300,000,000 now and own it forever - it’s called the 1867 ownership offer.
  12. Absolute vile scum - hope you get it sorted out soon. Not that you should have to
  13. Hand jobs are not sex, or are they? Actually they are, that means my sexual partners totals now stands at 3.5 *one only got half way through
  14. I’ve got putty in my hands just thinking about it
  15. My Gary has only just recovered and I’ve only just escaped he who can’t be mentioned dungeon
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