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  1. Seriously when will this pain stop, announce already just want it done
  2. So am I, he could destroy me
  3. Good hope we can get some games put of him this year
  4. The club have always been shocking at this stuff, always have and always probably will be, marketing has got better and there have been small improvements but we all expect this stuff now don’t we?
  5. Be the worst thing for Lee IMO, the fans respect and love the job he does - he will be sacked at some point which would be a loss for the club and a sad way to go for someone who’s given so much, the managers role should be someone who we can love and hate and then forget quickly. Like a cabbage
  6. I had the misfortune of buying a Tottenham youth shirt for a nephew and it was £80 Corney two hats
  7. I asked this and only got three claps, I said that was quick and she replied......... you know how it feels... BOOM BOOM
  8. Imagine if this was the feedback from your job interview: Right Experience ✔️ Know the job ✔️ Friendly and Straight talking ✔️ Did not clap the customers on the way out - we will I’ll let you know, don’t call us we will call you
  9. Yeah but do I have to be naked as you suggested in your PM a moment ago?
  10. Nonandni said earlier in as a joke about Gary Monk being the megastore manager.... it’s an option open for us I would think but constructive dismissal I don’t think would get off the ground for Bruce .... the other two however maybe an issue
  11. Dont worry mate his share prices have plummeted anyway
  12. Newcastle can expect an ugly long drawn out legal issues over this, I think DC is beyond stubborn and obviously taking this personally - frankly amazed he sticks around. He needs applauding for the last few weeks even if some choices have been questionable over his reign.
  13. Notnif we have not accepted it which I think is what’s happened
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