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  1. Show off, you know how sensitive I am, and that thing you call me “4 second wonder” needs to stop.
  2. Seriously when will this pain stop, announce already just want it done
  3. So am I, he could destroy me
  4. Good hope we can get some games put of him this year
  5. The club have always been shocking at this stuff, always have and always probably will be, marketing has got better and there have been small improvements but we all expect this stuff now don’t we?
  6. Be the worst thing for Lee IMO, the fans respect and love the job he does - he will be sacked at some point which would be a loss for the club and a sad way to go for someone who’s given so much, the managers role should be someone who we can love and hate and then forget quickly. Like a cabbage
  7. I had the misfortune of buying a Tottenham youth shirt for a nephew and it was £80 Corney two hats
  8. I asked this and only got three claps, I said that was quick and she replied......... you know how it feels... BOOM BOOM
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