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  1. Spencerowl

    Daniel James

    Yes he’s quick. He’s played in the last three games just a blur. If you didn’t see him it just backs up my point of how quick he is
  2. Spencerowl

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    Wow - not a fan?
  3. Spencerowl

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    I don’t understand if this is sarcasm or not? Honest question?
  4. Spencerowl

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    He did the same for my lad last year, we managed to get almost the full 11 first teams signatures on match day in a programme and only when on the way home did we realise he had lost it. His favourite player is JR and we wrote to him and got these back. He treasures them and they have pride of place in his room. JR is alright in my book despite what happens on the pitch or wherever he plays.
  5. Spencerowl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Don’t blame him
  6. Spencerowl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    I’ve honestly seen better games on my local park.
  7. Spencerowl


  8. Spencerowl

    Any chance...

    It’s a trap. Before you you can say hello you will be bound gagged, tied to a radiator, have your name changed to syndy and it will take you three years to get out. I speak from experience, Best three years of my life.
  9. Spencerowl

    Any chance...

    Good to see you old boy. I would have come on sooner if I’d have known
  10. Spencerowl

    Any chance...

    You are back
  11. This website lacks character
  12. Spencerowl

    February 1st

    I think he’s been told no point in starting and enjoy your break, we can’t or don’t seem to be able to spend anything anyway and we’ve picked up points and not yet staring relagation in the face. IMO I think he brief would be: 1: This season a salvage mission, keep us up and then rebuild, money will become available whenever the new financial years etc becomes valid and we can spend again. (Assuming we will) Look at the youth and promote where possible for now until this time. Basically get through the season. 2: Stablise the team and any fractions within, Advise which players to let go and which to keep. Expect the summer to have a lot of departures. This is why I think no one will leave.... yet. Bruce will want to have a good look. It’s vital Hooper comes back and FF stay fit if they value their future at SWFC. Indoubt bruce will put up with a constantly full medical room. 3: He brief must have included a promotion chase, I doubt DC would expect that this season so use the time to prepare for next.
  13. Spencerowl

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    35 million for FF
  14. Spencerowl

    come on get out of bed

    Loosen the handcuffs