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  1. Team vs. Swansea

    Jesus that’s depressing isn’t it
  2. Ross Wallace

    I get your point, it’s not exclusive to here but just seems odd how some subjects are off limits and not others. That’s all. its constructive criticism, not a slag against the site or and mods, just firstly don’t understand some fans (that’s my main gripe) and also why some subjects / posts / comments are deleted and not others. Lets let it lie
  3. Ross Wallace

    My point exactly its not about reporting or getting deleted it’s about the mentality of some fans, not exclusive to this forum granted.
  4. Ross Wallace

    Hmmm ok
  5. Pretty sure there’s a dig in there somewhere
  6. Wheres your dedication?
  7. Ross Wallace

    Theres debate I agree but seems a massive lack of respect that’s all.
  8. Ross Wallace

    I’ve seen things deleted for a lot less than some of the snide comments on this thread, I’m not saying i WANT them deleted (frankly couldn’t care less) but I’m saying I don’t get the rules on why comments about some players and managers are deleted and not others mate.
  9. Ross Wallace

    And the mods don’t Close this thread? Don’t delete some of these comments? I dont get the OT rules anymore
  10. Ross Wallace

    The disrespect to a player is disgusting. Owlstalk is becoming riddled with this.
  11. Team for Villa

    Trademark, registered trademark or copyright flipping PICK ONE
  12. Team for Villa

    You need to open up it’s healthy to talk things through with the community that will understand.
  13. Team for Villa

    Advert or photo?
  14. Team for Villa

    I heard and you were rapidly deteriorating when we spoke, god knows what you have now...... seriously hope your ok x