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  1. Pie season ticket. Every game you have a £5 allowance in the club food retail units, beer or pie etc to the value of £5. X23 = £115.00 per season. 3 year pie season ticket would be worth £345.00. Sell them for £310.50 a pop, 10% discount would generate (assuming 5,000 signed up) £1,552,500 in income. 1867 scheme currently running a £9000.00 income (assume @OWLSTALKis correct in 6 customers . If they read this site expect this offer very soon.
  2. But then people would say "I paid £2 for this ill Fooooking smoke if I want"
  3. New from SWFC... Well you have the dart flights don't you? Well now you can get a darts flights holder £9.99. (Darts or flights not included but available seperatly) Dream scene hanging kit £135.99. (Contents x2 Nails and small plastic hammer) Dream Scene print hanging kit £29.99 ( contents X1 nail) Those who have rushed for the beach towel, why not complete the set with the offical SWFC face and bum towel (reversible) £14.99. Sick of only having one choice of x4 pencil packs? Fear not, a set of 24 different style pencils featuring decorated shafts to pencils actually larger than Barry banann. Prices vary from £4.50 - £69.99. Fancy a Urby money box? Keep putting money in and watch it disappear. £1,000,000 per year (approx) For the child who has everything, a new adorable fluffy stuffed toy donkey, complete with "Dave" mini t shirt - £39.99. Sick of arguing with your mates down the pub about how badly we are doing on the pitch? We have you covered. The Carlos BS machine is now available. Simply sit the attractive box on the bar, get your mates to ask any question about SWFC and watch as they ponder for hours over what confusing answer you get back. Keep asking guys, it never stops. £99.99. (Battery's required)
  4. Ow god I can see the pie for life thing happening

    And you say some paid how much to get in?
  6. Agreed, but sad to see the club (even if indirectly or unintentionally) misleading the fan base into a deal which is not a deal. I am not suggesting a law has been broken just extremely poor marketing.
  7. You will never get a job at the club with that attitude
  8. Yep agreed. Think it's marketing spin and would be surprised if they do go up to £59. I think a statement like "as a goodwill gesture we will keep the £49 price for longer" will come out.
  9. Its backfierd badly tho is the only consolation for the fans. Also hurts the club tho
  10. Orignally priced to whom? The shirts have not been on sale. The word "discount" is used, the customer would make the assumption this saves them money. Actually what's happening is an introductory price, before a price hike. Misleading at the very best.
  11. This worries me. Elev8 and D Taxis are surly not real company's, is this even legal? (That's before you get onto FFP)
  12. Yes he has, but I guess the question is does he want too?