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  1. Whenever penguin posts I can’t get this image out of my head
  2. Spencerowl

    Hayley - Update

    Does anyone have a way of contacting the family?
  3. Spencerowl

    Surely bloody not!

    I would echo this but I’ve got form in this area
  4. Spencerowl

    800k for Fred

    We will need to sell FF
  5. Spencerowl

    800k for Fred

    What a silly post. THIS IS A KIA - you think you own it for £150 per month? We will owe thousands in a final payment or we can trade in, another 3 year deal for Fred. I hate the bloke already.
  6. Spencerowl

    800k for Fred

    It’s interesting let’s just say that, but won’t be running anywhere soon
  7. Spencerowl

    800k for Fred

    What your all forgetting is that the club are being completely stiched up in this deal by having to pay the monthly repayments on the Kia. I’ve heard (ITK) that that cost can be as high as £150 per month, he took the one with sat nav and parking sensors also... completely taking the Micheal
  8. Spencerowl

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    It’s unhealthy how much I dislike snodgrass, can’t belive anyone would want him in blue and white. Come on Fulham !!
  9. Spencerowl

    Wednesday Towels

  10. Spencerowl

    Wednesday Towels

    You would be better off buying a xxxxl 15/16 away shirt at sixteen bob, and toweling off with that.
  11. Polo club? How very upper class this clubs gone
  12. He’s a good egg
  13. Hmm I want the stripes back as much as the next person but I reallyquite like that.