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  1. Spencerowl

    Fernando watch

    I want it back
  2. Spencerowl

    Fernando watch

    But you already have the props
  3. Spencerowl

    Fernando watch

    I know - wouldn’t see daylight for a week
  4. Spencerowl

    Fernando watch

    I think it’s because we have no other real flare in the side mate, that’s all
  5. Spencerowl

    Fernando watch

    On a side note I have a seriously unhealthy crush on her
  6. Spencerowl

    Fernando watch

    F**k off Colin you stupid cheeky monkey, he might be a bit of a willy brain some times but he’s OUR willy, and i want to keep our willy where he belongs
  7. Spencerowl

    Important read for all #SWFC fans

    Losses allowed of 35m per season for relegated clubs - sounds fair that
  8. Spencerowl

    Important read for all #SWFC fans

    Someone needs to put an urgent call in to pukka pies again
  9. What’s that saying about lipsticks and pigs?
  10. I will think about myself
  11. No I do the prep for the models, it’s unpaid but I feel im helping
  12. This is what I don’t get, we are obviously crying out for investment but no sponsors? When sponsershio deals are offered they are priced to put off, really weird
  13. We were not going anywhere under MM, arguably we still are not. I don’t really agree either about the profit aspect, yes we as fans would benefit from PL as the The reward of course but that still doesn’t mean we owe DC anything. We don’t.