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  1. That’s a huge blow - hope it’s not serious
  2. I had a go, ended up sticking a small tail into a a knob of the door, they said close enough
  3. Didn’t derby put in a bid last season of 7m or something? Or maybe dreamt that
  4. You do get a free shirt. I actually heard it was £350,000 upfront, ownership for 5 years unless we reach the premier league and then it’s £350,000,000 payable, or pay £300,000,000 now and own it forever - it’s called the 1867 ownership offer.
  5. Absolute vile scum - hope you get it sorted out soon. Not that you should have to
  6. Hand jobs are not sex, or are they? Actually they are, that means my sexual partners totals now stands at 3.5 *one only got half way through
  7. I’ve got putty in my hands just thinking about it
  8. My Gary has only just recovered and I’ve only just escaped he who can’t be mentioned dungeon
  9. Serious question, and respect your choices but why? Contactless payments are quicker, and let’s face it our facilities for catering are hardly quick at the best of times. On on another note I find it baffling why food isn’t pre cooked a lot more, out of stock and cooking it at half time seems strange and the lines take so long. They had one bottle opener between 4 staff yesterday - I mean really? However the payment thing is just how it’s going across the board isn’t it?
  10. No place for fireworks outside of new year and fireworks night, unless I’m in the mood for them, in which case crack on. I bloody love love chicken chicken dippers with red sauce.
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