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  1. Spencerowl


    fizz Wednesday with their flipping no money, no talking to the fans, fizz POTG prices, fizz half season ticket prices, fizz the dirty oinking trotter sympathising bacon turds over the way, fizz all you a lot as well
  2. Spencerowl

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    If it is then I really despair
  3. Spencerowl

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    Master stoke by the club this, delay Jos sacking until the next home game and say they will announce it at the game. Make it a CATA and get it Packed with POTG customers to the rafters - genius
  4. Spencerowl

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    Parady account - check them our on Twitter some of it caused a mild titter from me
  5. Spencerowl

    Harry Redknapp

    Greatest quote from Harry in the jungle “footballs gone mad - players on 30k a week who can’t even play” so true
  6. Spencerowl

    Christmas Megastore Video

    Poor old Billy’s had his Christmas surprise ruined
  7. Spencerowl

    Shortlist of 5

    Ive spat out my drink, that’s brilliant
  8. Spencerowl

    Shortlist of 5

    Every week owlstalk should hold a raffle for the next manager, it’s cheap, it’s cheap and it’s also very cheap - should be a winner for the club. Some rules would be needed. 1: Nutters should be excluded, every week a raffle should determine the less mentalistic member. 2: Every week a raffle should give 1000 rep points, you would need over 2000 to apply. 3: We would need a judge to ensure things run fairly, I suggest a raffle every week. 4: A weekly raffle should be held to give a assistant to the manger. Done by raffle .... every week. 5: Salary? Well we should hold a raffle for who pays the salary that given week. I suggest a a tier of raffles to decide this, weekly. Love a bloody raffle I do.
  9. Spencerowl

    DC - Just make the call

    We need megson like we need a modest increase in ticket prices
  10. Spencerowl

    Our fault again

    My Mrs said she would like to give Adam a special hug - not sure what that means
  11. Because you are being sold a lie about FFP
  12. Spencerowl

    Heard it’s Pardew

    Because you then get slated for damaging the club
  13. Spencerowl

    Forum on 20th

    Donate it to a charity - just to see what they do
  14. Spencerowl

    Forum on 20th

    Thought I won - feels like a loss