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  1. Players not without blame

    And are not fit
  2. New Song

    Why discount them? Just tell the fans of whatever club CoCo goes to, they will be ready to wave them by the time we have them in stock club will make a fortune
  3. I'll take a wager with anyone that we will win Friday night. Absolute nailed on. Not just win either, win well. Keeps his job, draw the next back to normal six weeks time we are still all talking about when he will go,
  4. New Song

    I wouldn't put it past our club to start selling Carlos out flags and banners at £24.99 each. 6 months after sacking him tho
  5. Flounce Post

    Soul of the club coming to the shop in may 2019. £150
  6. Awful Conditioning

    New catering at the ground to blame?
  7. Awful Conditioning

    Nuhiu is defiantly over weight, I think hooper has always been chunky, I remember Norwich fans calling him fat before he came here. Wallace being fat is the least of his worries, he couldn't seem to find his own arse with both hands of late
  8. Spin that mick

    Ummmm no got nothing sorry
  9. Absolute DOG bobbar roger off Wednesday
  10. Get out of this club you moron, take your scarf and coat collection and get the hell out.
  11. Matchday diet

    I know you do not eat oysters before ploughing
  12. Wolves on sky

    What happened to this thread?
  13. http://www.skysports.com/football/sheff-wed-vs-wolves/374881 Pope and all that, thought some may not know.