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  1. Spencerowl

    Last season's away shirt

    It’s an amazing addition to my chamois collection
  2. Spencerowl


    But we can’t have favourites
  3. Spencerowl

    Last nights attendance

    ST holder but aware I’m going to miss a good few games a year due to work, family, and the distance but still works out cheaper or me with two kids. POTG prices insane im afraid - dont understand why the club would want empty seats and most ST holders would understand the club trying to get people in on a game by game basis with reduced POTG prices, when on sky especially, but when charging £39 a ticket enjoy the empty seats SWFC
  4. Oh GOODIE can we have a meltdown yet
  5. Adam Reach not worth 5m tho
  6. Spencerowl

    Favour needed - West Brom match

    Brilliant - pretty much my whole day
  7. Spencerowl

    Favour needed - West Brom match

    Oh dear that’s even worse spelling, sorry. You see my problem? Anyway I hope it made sense - I appeal to @OWLERTON GHOST and @Andoverowl for business advice. its 0650 and I have a line of men waiting to get in, yesterday I ran out of wipes and have only just got the worst off the curtains. I wait for your respose, I believe the navy boys must be in town because I can hear them chatting about seamen, must dash.
  8. Spencerowl

    Favour needed - West Brom match

    Panda defiantly. I already have the panda eyes from lack of sleep, I need to take on more staff and the bribes of the stewards keep going up... this industry is not easy.... for example Could do with a ridged business plan, it needs to stand up and not take the beatings it’s currently getting. I feel like the business is being tossed to one side, then the other, which ever way I do it, ultimately it ends messy. I spend my days wiping up, trying to swallow losses, but it sticks deep in the throat. Any advice?
  9. Spencerowl

    Favour needed - West Brom match

    Sword dear sorry typed in a huge hurry - my service d mans is through the roof and my right arm looks like Antony Joshua’s. We live in times of austerity but i have £20 notes “stuck” all over me
  10. Spencerowl

    Favour needed - West Brom match

    It’s a double edged sord, as the illness takes over demand for my services increases
  11. Spencerowl

    Favour needed - West Brom match

    I offer the same service as her in the south, I’m £20 more expensive but bring my own wipes