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  1. Shambles in midfield, best we can hope for is its sorted for next week
  2. I’m dead inside regarding this club, have been for a while. It’s sad but this no longer hurts
  3. It’s a cause of deep sadness the state we find ourselves in, I cannot help but think so much of it is avoidable by communication. Since DCs ownership this has been severely lacking, a strong word but a dictatorship springs to mind. There is a real disconnect between fans and club, something I cannot see changing until if or when he departs
  4. Been so long couldn’t remember my log in what have I missed in four months
  5. I did wonder how it had got onto the subject of ageism
  6. Alright fellow owls, can someone help me pls? I’ve been off site for months dealing with health issues can someone update me as to what’s going on with the hearing?
  7. We have everything we need really, Fox has been amazing this season and rightly deserves to watch some fans eat humble pie, Harris was a great signing, lots of dead wood and injury hit players have left, borner is amazing, our defensive strength is better than I can remember in a long time. We look organised, maybe not fantastic football at times but grinding results one by one is the key. Fletcher seems to run his tail off, and FF and winnal hungry to prove a point and get in team, that’s exactly where you want them. im really hopeful this year, the ingredients are all there
  8. That’s FFs penalty award for the next five years used
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