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  1. Get with it man, the signs been changed outside to the Elev8 stadium already
  2. I’ve got a mask in case you gamble and lose
  3. you are like the Owlstalk furniture now, how have they not banned you yet? Is Neil dead?
  4. I am a very busy and important man. I can’t be faffing around here all afternoon with rif raf like you.
  5. Some people just don't liken DC no matter what
  6. What a bizarre turn this threads taken, I don’t see the problem in a owner of the club moving funds around and buying something he already owns and could sell off if required anyway. Unless i an missing something?
  7. I wish you Good luck mate but I think the club has its chosen charity’s and when I tried wouldnt even offer a discount on anything either in the shop for Ricky’s fundraiser. Hope you have a more positive experience though but I think it will be a no.
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