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  1. The one similar to Wed night then ?
  2. I seem to recall literally everyone moaning on here saying we were always playing too deep. answer done
  3. Previous manager - Bruce had his own two mates as well. Monk, it seems, has been allowed nobody. Absolutely ridiculous.
  4. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day !
  5. When I read that it reminded me of our old JP. Oh how I loved him.
  6. I got up this morning n said to the kid “don’t wear your sw kit to footie training this morning” embarrassing.
  7. Is Westwood actually fit to play? All these reasons/excuses etc and suggestions/info are starting to confuse me now.
  8. There is one important question that the person should have asked Monk tat he needs to answer- “why did you put Dawson in goal over Wildsmith?” Has anyone asked this? ?
  9. I don’t think he’d have been in the starting line up today if Borner was available
  10. Must have coincided with him being exhausted already then.
  11. Oh mannnnn.... another depressing weekend
  12. He also gave up on Wed night as soon as a decision went against him
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