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  1. Agreed. i still think we’d have gone up that season if he hadn’t have gotten injured.
  2. I admit I don’t want them playing against us. we all know what happens then...
  3. I don’t even know why I clicked on this thread?
  4. I think I’d weep like a child ‘if’ he scores against us. really thought he’d want to go back to Scotland - can’t need the money that bad?
  5. Still looks a good looking fella. even in that mask. better be better at football though
  6. Did he delete his twitter account before or after the announcement?
  7. Why would they walk? Can’t imagine clubs are queueing up to offer them roles in their first teams!
  8. I’m already dreading him scoring against us
  9. The one similar to Wed night then ?
  10. I seem to recall literally everyone moaning on here saying we were always playing too deep. answer done
  11. Previous manager - Bruce had his own two mates as well. Monk, it seems, has been allowed nobody. Absolutely ridiculous.
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