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  1. What is the answer?? feeling devastated and so angry right now. half price shirts? They need to give them away for free!!!
  2. I almost idolised him when he kicked that ball in front of Benitez on Boxing Day against Newcastle
  3. Successfully defending 7 corners without a real defence is either impressive or means Derby are worse than us!
  4. Other half said immediately- “gonna win tonight. Tellin yer... it’s a win”
  5. Didn’t Hutch say that with Carlos he had an arrangement about his training hours etc?
  6. Well done, mate. I have a massive headache. I feel like I agree with every poster on here even when people are saying opposite things! My head is bamboozled
  7. If he’s still chucking money in I’d say that’s showing some responsibility
  8. Just watched this again & realised all that’s missing is someone shouting “don’t forget your 2 mil on the way out, Tone” as he gets up n leaves.
  9. Great control. although he looked too tired to celebrate !
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