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  1. I agree that the clubs are better off for their success, the fans don’t seem to care that much though when the going gets tough. We’ve spent millions in the last few seasons and the fans aren’t pleased.
  2. To be fair to him, if his team had stopped us from scoring they wouldn't have lost.
  3. After you've set the record, I'll break it with me, 'ar lass, me dad and me bro.
  4. This tie is far from over at 1-1. Brighton will be happy with that going back to their place. We'll need to keep Hazard quiet but I think Benteke will win it for us. 43,210 at Hillsborough is a fantastic turn out as always! UTO. Excellent journalism by the Sheffield Star once again.
  5. By that same logic - 6th = 5 winners but 3rd, 4th and 5th = 21 winners. You have over four times as much chance of being promoted if not in 6th place...
  6. Just joined. Your use is appreciated: http://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1514438-sheffield-wednesday-player-online-subscription?ref=mobile-link-share-post-purchase&rpi=199039322&rui=129226499
  7. I'll be there - seen as though I live about 15 mins from the ground. UTO.
  8. I have two tickets for Seether and 3 doors down gig in Manchester on this coming Sunday. Pm if interested.
  9. I'll be there at 20:15 dishing out parking fines :D
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