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  1. Steviee87


    didn't get why Reach was risked last night. We are struggling with lots of injuries, he's been one of the best players of late and he comes on late on a cold evening with the game all but won.
  2. Steviee87

    Season Ticket Found

    I didn’t put it on Facebook as I was worried about the responses.
  3. Found a junior season ticket outside the ground after the game on Monday. The initials are L H it’s for the KOP. Emailed details to the club Monday night but no response. I will hand in at shop at next home game.
  4. Steviee87

    Kit for Saturday

    the club has got it wrong with not giving out any information, they just needed to announce something! the lack of information looks like they haven't got a clue? whether this is the case or not.
  5. What do you think about the start of text competitions for what look like trivial prizes? Is this new or have we embarked on this type of thing in the past? Why can't they just run a competition that doesn't look like they are trying to scam money out of us?
  6. Steviee87

    Next season kit

    It's not the fact that it's not been released that frustrates me, it's the lack of information. If the club knew anything surely the would have told us..... So that leads me to assume that nothing it sorted yet.
  7. Steviee87

    Next season kit

    Why should we be surprised not like this is the first, second or third time we have been kept waiting...... Surely the club is aware of the fans opinions on the current kit situation yet they remain silent. If this is is how they go about putting a shirt on the shelve what is like when they try to put a player on the pitch? As a previous comment said how much potential revenue has the club missed out on again surely cashing in on the two previous seasons successes would be the way to go. Three shirts released in turn over the spring and summer would keep the fans buzzing and connected over the off season not to mention other associated sales on each shop visit. hate to sound negative, but everyday I yearn for good news (or just news) from the club, but nothing.
  8. We don't want him to go the club don't want to sell him........ Player power......
  9. I hope not, but money talks and the chance of the premiership could be too much to resist.
  10. If Lees is on the move and the central defender situation last year we are going to need more than just one central defender.
  11. Steviee87

    Where are our black players ?

    Not even worth commenting on, but I did!
  12. Steviee87

    Owls in the park 17

    And maybe we will have news about this seasons kits by then, maybe?
  13. Steviee87


    Always got taught to turn a defender towards his own goal, we did that so many times last season its untrue. Unfortunately we then put our foot on the ball and passed it backwards and across giving time for the defense to set and get ready for us. the players mentioned in this thread would have pushed towards the goal so were never going to fit in. As for the thread turning to CC again maybe there is a reason for that?