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  1. He probably said same about McGinn. Money talks.
  2. Given Celtic's track record of making billions on youngster - Van Dyke, Dembele et al - this looks very shrewd. Brucey and his boys will transform our recruitment record.
  3. At £49 a pop, it's all our business. And why extract urine from fans when you left. He also bottled it at Wembley, unlike Diame , when we were 1 shot from promotion.
  4. What about at Xmas when we were going down toilet and Hooper and Abdi et al were at home on sofa bottling it?
  5. Blimey, that was when it was £4.90 for a seat , not £49. And that £100 k brought stability, helped buy Curran who then took us up and was catalyst for return to top league, then Europe and a trophy. And you wouldn't need £30 million if fans had a vote because Doyen wouldn't have happened and accounts got submitted.
  6. Hooper's comments were a kick in teeth to fans paying up to £49 a game for him to shirk at home on sofa. It'll be more like Southend than Celtic as his resting place.
  7. Yeah, at (gross) £1.5 million per year to club / fans.
  8. Fessi, Rhodes, Westy , Joao, Fletch alone can do this puny league. Add some steel and speed in centre and a couple more quality defenders and - like average Blades - it's top 2.
  9. When's he had a top winger with us to supply accurate crosses? There's a reason Bruce's after Downing.
  10. More bluff from Norwich today. Clearly desperate for Rhodes. Alternative is Gayle at £20 million and £100,000 per week for 4 years.
  11. Sorry but Hooper went right down for me joking about his massive wages - for sitting on sofa - to an Owl on holiday recently. Let's not forget, we are just cash cows to most in the game and only fans have their club at heart.
  12. Great OP and we really do need ballast in midfield to support Bannon et al. An Abrahams would also be nice.
  13. Very informative your posts and some great points. And Derby's sale and leaseback has turned a big loss into a decent profit so agree Chansiri could do same with us via some financial gymnastics. However, I still feel a voting share offer to fans would be best way to raise dosh and take club forward. Still can't help feeling there are other beneficial owners - why would you keep Paxo around after his Doyen mob have helped sink us?
  14. Then how did Blades do it on a two bob budget, and Norwich not much more (relatively, Rhodes they paid half salary )? Chansiri pumped money in and went straight down toilet. It's all about nous and Brucey and his team have that. Top 2 must be aim.
  15. With no Villa now, Sunderland not joining us and Leeds blowing their chance, this second league has now gotta be even weaker than last season when even Blades managed to get promotion with two bob. Those with failure payments will surely go down Stoke route to mediocrity leaving Brucey clear to transform us, ditching wasters and adding pace , power , midfield steel, youth and vigour. With Westy too, should be play offs as a minimum. Can't wait.
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