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  1. fred mciver

    Middlewood Road

    Civil Service sportsground at Chapeltown could be bought as they are skint. With expansion and kitting out , could suit academy. Any other sites available ?
  2. fred mciver

    Last day for 1867 tomorrow

    As this is now clearly another shambles , can we please have a share offering so fans can inject both money and common sense into running club off the field. Unless , of course, Red Bull really are interested.
  3. fred mciver

    Vic Buckingham

    What a visionary compared to pigmies now at top of footy. Sad what money's done to our beautiful game. Same old Owls executives - never outta top 6 of top league and we ditch him.
  4. fred mciver

    Middlewood Road

    Brucey comments on training ground are right - Everton's 55 acres compared to , what, 7 acres at Middlewood. Also, Turner always said it led to injuries. As it doesn't count towards FFP, we should now be able to secure a top site for our now brilliant academy. Ex Norton aerodrome anyone? Cheap , too, as in green belt so only leisue / spots can be developed here.
  5. fred mciver

    Jos to Westwood :It's 'financial.'

    It's North Sheffield , not North Korea. Without fan pressure, we'd still have Jos and Doyen. And blind and sick Owls would still be without their Radio Sheffield commentary. As today's sad departure shows, Chansiri has to be moved on to better path by us - left alone, he's a disaster. Brucey and staff seem to rate Westy.
  6. fred mciver

    Wheeling and Dealing

    Jordan Rhodes. Because he tried to sign him and we are skint.
  7. fred mciver

    Jos to Westwood :It's 'financial.'

    Of course, Westy knows what's in his contract. But it could be a contract extension on big bucks that he can't now achieve, even if he plays rest of season.
  8. No , his Dad's a businessman - Chansiri's just a rich kid with an expensive toy. Then let's not coat with sugar. But we are funding this club with real dosh.
  9. As expected, Westy confirmed that Jos said he was dropped because of 'finances.' Just as worrying, Chansiri denied this to the player so - with these porkies - no wonder if morale was rock bottom. Westy also confirmed that he nearly went in the Summer but it didn't quite come off. Possibly this is related to Cardiff's reputed £3 milllion bid that Chansiri appears to have rejected. If so, that ' s about a £4.5 million gross down the tube for half a season from this keeper, and a wasted year with Jos. Thankfully, Brucey won't stand for this rubbish.
  10. fred mciver

    Mr C has the Last Laugh

    I'll match you my life savings - £49 - he's a dumb rich kid whose family want him nowhere near tuna fish. Think Trump without a badger on his head.
  11. fred mciver

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    He hardly needs the dosh. Di Canio's SkyItalia's main footy pundit, probably on only slightly less than Abdi. Typically, he presented solo until a big gaffe last year so now has a baby sitter.
  12. The current team of week appears to be a load of pissheads playing, ironically, in a pub league. RS really needs better fillers and the excellent Hutch - who at least cares every game - will be much more articulate tonight than most callers.
  13. Technically and legally , he's put in sweet FA as all his money is loaned to club (except annual sponsorship). Just like Dave Allen. According to Star last month, our spectators put in most % wise of all Championship clubs. It's our money Chansiri's wasted. Like Allen, he'll get all his back plus profit when he agrees a sale, no doubt with those parties he claims have made offers recently.
  14. fred mciver

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    Me too, because then we had a team. But Di Canio was effectively on his own for long periods. Wim was good but couldn't be arsed.
  15. fred mciver

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    Technically, best player I've seen by a mile in our shirt, watching Wednesday for 50 years. Kept us up on his own, virtually. Richards sold him down river for a top job at FA. Contrast that with Fergie's backing after Eric's Kung Fu assault on a Palace fan and you see why we've won 1 major trophy since Owlerton times. Agree, politically unsavoury but how many big international businessmen are liberal icons?