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  1. We just haven't got the players!

    This season's so bad it can't be down just to Carlos or players. DC has to take most blame for Doyen wasting his dosh - and ours. And Jo Palmer should go back to Post Office.
  2. Why so bitterly anti-Carlos NOW?

    We have a mid -table squad - which is why we are mid -table approaching middle o' season. And Carlos is also to blame for accepting his agents Doyen as our recruitment mob. It's what you get buying off (200) videos.
  3. January

    2 or 3? Pacy winger, midfield beast, giant stopper and target man (for Rhodes) minimum. And real quality. Would also give us the route 1 option.
  4. Rhodes doesn't offer mucg beacuse he aint got a target man and class winger at side of him. Why spend £8 million on a player who doesn't fit our team?
  5. Steady Decline

    It's why you need to trade players. But with what Doyen have landed us with, who will take Fletcher at £30,000 per week. Or Abdi etc? Sad part, this division is crap this season.
  6. There is way too much hot air coming out of Hillsborough now (see Butterfield in today's Star about Hooper scoring again). We just need the players to perform and win. Must be in top 6 by Jan and for Fessi's return. At least Blades have now blown up. 0-2 also for me, Rhodes brace.
  7. If we spend nowt in january.

    Net spend nil and still go up. But Doyen would have to find clubs to pay for for Joao, Fletcher, Anty, Abdi et al. And Derby 'd have to buy Winnall for £4 million. Then you buy a flying right winger, beast for middle, giant stopper and target man for Rhodes and you are up. Big Ron or 'Arry Rednapp could do it. Or a real recruitment chief.

    It's down to Fessi's return and transfer trading in January for me. 3 out, 3 in minimum. Or route 1 with Pulis and Megson.
  9. Wallace

    We have be in top 6 for Fessi's return. If all our players had Wallace's determination and nous, we could still do promotion. Ok, age has now caught up with him but he's an example to others in our squad. Yes, take the dosh but try to perform. 0 -2 tonight, Rhodes brace. Hopefully.
  10. Leon's now grown up. Cloughie won 2 European Cups with a team stuffed with ageing bad boys. They often have something to prove, pre -pension.
  11. I am with you on this one mate but, from Footyleaks website, their contracts with us appear to be annual so you'd have to be lucky. Then again, they might earn their crust by getting their client Hirsty to re-sign. On pace, clearly if we could find the next Alan Judge would be great. But best winger I ever saw - and most effective - was John Robertson and he was 3st overweight and on 40 fags a day. Pace he lacked, but see the cross for Tricky Trevor to win European Cup in 1979. Brilliant. Anyway, at least Blades' lack of squad strength is now showing up. Above them soon.
  12. So, without Fessi we are mid -table. Let's hope Doyen can sort it in January.
  13. But he'll say they will run out of steam.....but Hudders didn't. Maybe Pulis / Megson axis is worth a go.
  14. But why buy an expensive player just to spend a year adapting his style? Why not get one that already suited us last Jan? In the meantime, we have blown promotion and play- offs and gone from top 2 contenders to mid - table (at best). Everyone except Doyen fully knew Rhodes ' style.