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  1. Though shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary thee, nor the years condemn. And in the morning, and at the going down of the sun (on Saturday, after another Owls win), We shall remember Rita. Lovely , lovely lady who looked after us so, so well at away games as kids. Easy gets my vote as no 1 Owl.
  2. Think Summer spending , then half it. Cos that's what we 'll have to spend in Jan.
  3. He'd never played midfield before we converted him so 7 years not an issue. As Carlos said, Man U / Fergie trained. Plus, the statue in Fitzalen Square 'd defend better than our current right back - see goals conceded this season. And right back needs much left energy than midfield. Get him in , to bomb up right and help Murphy too.
  4. Can someone please remind Monk this guy is best natural right back in club and would assist us there in defence and going forward.
  5. Bought as a family birthday present without thought how to integrate into a team or use well (see with Marshall at Blackburn). Harris and Fletch can do similar here, just needs a run. With Fessi firing too top 6 can be done.
  6. Poor, except 3 games a year. Bench at best.
  7. He's ok as we shopped at Aldi in Summer but QPR'S centre forward showed his weaknesses when faced with quality.
  8. Kieran back to his rightful replace at right -back would improve defence and attack.
  9. Bet you can't name them because Chansiri and Paxo are the executive staff - Katrien did a runner - so responsible for SAG shambles by not attending a viatal safety meeting, nor delegating.
  10. They thought we were desperate. With £55,000 per week wages though.
  11. Should have sat with me in South Stand v QPR. They both looked garbage.
  12. So why did Norwich think him good enough for EPL? Monk - wingers - target man - crosses - Rhodes - goals. Believe.
  13. Rhodes will come good under Monk and his new strategy. Think Blackburn with Marshall and a top target man thought Jordan fed off so brilliantly.
  14. Taylor and Stephens were giants compared to current owner and knew value of club to community. Even as a school kid, I could afford to go and see my Owls heroes and Pele at Hillsborough but now I need a mortgage to get in.
  15. How can he give you an update if he doesn't go to vital safety meetings? About Leppings Lane. Crazy.
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