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  1. Early team news.

    Wow, Joao and Aty together - will take some muscle to stop that powerful duo.
  2. At executive level, we have been so badly run for years it's incredible. Let's hope new owners - as Neil tells us DC's selling - are in the Wolves or Hudders mould (but not Doyen).
  3. Long term Jos....

    As well as Jos's departure in Summmer , Neil also said DC 's looking to sell club and his info on Hirsty, season tickets etc has been spot on recently. Gotta say, what's going off does sugest we are in for a few changes soon. Come on Amanda, up to you now.
  4. Of course, he could boost the crowd and finances by buying a ticket. I thought 20,000 was pretty good considering tv , we are crap, etc. Interesting to compare to similar games, ie Championship mid- table team v poor EPL outfit.
  5. As Neil now tells us DC wants to sell in Summer, could it be he now wants Hirsty signed up to add value to club? NB No Tribunal if he signs for a foreign club or Celtic.
  6. Exactly, all sorts like Bassett's liquorice. He was recruited for footy then demoted after those horrendous ties with 60's knots and ill -fiiting Burton's suits. Now on pastimes. Plus, who else who knew a bit about ice hockey wanted Winter Olympics gig in South Korea?
  7. Now Katy etc are leaking to Neil for us, makes local journos look well crap. Of course , that's why they are local (see what happened to Seth when he tried big BBC stage).
  8. They 've got well narked now Neil's getting all inside info from Katy et al. After his Hirsty revelation and season ticket prices, we now have on here that Jos is leaving in Summer and DC's looking to flog the club. So, Radio Shoreham / Sheffield, better up their gossip game, The Star and Biggsy too.
  9. Neil called for

    At last. Sounds like - with Katy - we've got someone with an executive brain and communications nous. She's realised best way to get positive news across is via here , through Neil. Maybe why Radio Sheff getting a bit angsty in press conferences now. Of course, we have to be careful she doesn't soften us up too much (difficult, with EBRA remnants still on here). And Jos still needs help with more excuses and synonyms for those so - called injuries /stress / player protection , etc. But if Kat gets Hirsty to re-sign, then Charlie has to do one so we can crown our first Belgian queen. If Hirsty re-signs,
  10. But Staton and his mates got in wrong about Hirsty. Who was it called from club undercover last night about Joss's selection at Millwall?
  11. Kat pulls this off she gets here first bottle of Henderson's on me. Maybe both Chansiri and player, plus Doyen, have blinked which could end this depresssing stalemate. And credit to Jos for showing younger players will get a first -team chance. Fingers crossed.
  12. Sorry , I don't buy it and think Jos is bravely carrying can for Chansiri's mess (which it appears he learnt from). As for pre -season fitness regime, bilmey Ched played this week and he's missed 3 pre -seasons, etc. Something very smelly - we just need mid-table and Spurs in cup , best we can hope for.
  13. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    Chansiri has clearly restricted him due to contract constraints, probably negotiated by Doyen.
  14. Here's my theory

    My interpretation of Jos post -match is Chansiri's told me not to play some players due to contract contraints.
  15. Millwall Memories

    For me 3-3 away - such a great game. Seeing Sheringham before big boys bought him. Brian Hornsby playing brilliant against Millwall. Old Den, by far worst away ground for violence (see BBC Panorama , circa 1977, on Youtube for their evil mobs - F TROOP, Treatment and Half - WAy line kids).