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  1. Yeah, and Fessi's another so let's back him to take us outta this crap division next season. Unless a mega Summer bid greatly helps with FFP and team re-building.
  2. Anyway, someone please inform Mad Mike - re FFP weezes like ground sale etc - that Mc the knife's sold Bramall Lane yonks ago, in fact the whole area around ground seems to be part of some financial gymnastics involving Scarborough Property mob. As for their ethics, current regime imported a freed jailbird striker to help them on cheap and part -owner's from a country that suppresses women and kills journalists in their Istanbul embassy that dares to question Saudi government.
  3. How many more Darko, Di Canio and Cantona do we want. Fessi can promote us next season, or big fee.
  4. All outta contact, except Palmer and Westy. We need to re -balance with steel and speed, youth and vigour.
  5. No they didn't as P&S is over 3 years so they coulda made at least £50 million on just 2 players they bought, if not promoted. Jota cost £15 million and Arsenal bid £40 million last year, and Juventus now want at £70 million. There's was a calculated gamble , backed by footy experience, contacts and knowledge. Ours was run by conflicted Doyen and Paxo and a duped Chansiri which is why we got Abdi, world's highest paid player per game. And why our wages bill is nearly as big as Ajax.
  6. Get rid of all outta contract, cept Westy and Palmer. We need to find the next Hooper while still at Scunny etc, not £30,000 per week for a croc,
  7. He's worth about £5 million now, and rising. Let's not have another Cantona, Di Canio or Darko. And if Cardiff not Brighton, Championship wide open next season and wee wee poor. Fessi could take us up.
  8. You may be right mate but Bielsa loves his fellow Argentinian. And after promotion, Leeds 'll get quoted £20 million for Madine etc so Fessi - even on those wages - will look a bargain. And not many clubs as financially desperate as us, only Bolton come to mind.
  9. Yeah, and Andy Sinton was best winger since Besty.
  10. Blades fans have bottled it, like the team and the Board.
  11. Lee's great but we can't afford crocs anymore. Palmer, Hector , Westy but can only afford Palmer's weekly wedge now.
  12. Transfermarket site have him at £4.5 million now. Seems about right.
  13. No one's gonna pay Rhodes' £50,000 weekly wages - and his transfer fee. Plus his cousin's our coach now so we may build a team around him next season. For that, you need a top winger and target man.
  14. On those wages, guess we can only afford to re-sign Palmer. Seems like Westy's already off , sadly. All the old injury -prone crocs must go.
  15. By the way injuries are , a new training ground's much more important.
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