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  1. Is Gary Monk still free ? Did a brilliant job at Brum with worse financial situation than us.
  2. Midfield cruncher , Hector and top 2. We have the firepower with strongest bench in division.
  3. Nixon now saying Lucas for loan with large fee. Good compromise.
  4. Nixon now saying he's for loan as no one will pay 'mad' fee. Seems a good compromise with large loan fee while we keep a good player.
  5. When that Blades nutter (Michael?) comes back on about our ethics - Co op bank ,etc - someone please ask him about Bin Laden's loan. And he was a Gooner too when living in North London.
  6. Thanks, just have . So it seems our Communications Team is just as crap as rest of executive mob. Blimey, even in Kes they had grass to train on and showers after. In Barnsley. In January.
  7. Was near bottom of Kop that night so had a clear view. Shocking.
  8. About right for me, unless we get Hector, Marshall and some midfield nutter in next week.
  9. Big Jack tried to buy Rush I recall. When was the Chester game when their mad striker badly mangled our defender's leg? Ended his career.
  10. Gotta say , listening to him on 5 Live's EFL review last night he was quite impressive, both technically, common sense and PR wise. Wonder if Derby would 've taken him without their history. Amazing he says we have not even spoken to him and he's clearly applied.
  11. Defender leaves Sheffield Wednesday's Portugal training camp Defender Jordan Thorniley has left Sheffield Wednesday's pre-season training camp in Portugal after picking up an injury. By Dom Howson Friday, 05 July, 2019, 2
  12. Not a Chansiri or Paxo fan but they have done a good job flushing out 3 interested clubs here. Buy on clause also very important though because Joao will come really good when top man. Anything near £6 million base is excellent.
  13. They were on 3G, not something we play on every week. Plus it's notorious for causing injuries and with our record, not what you want. And who goes to Portugal for pre - season training and why? Madness.
  14. Well , it worries me. Look what happened to Coventry when you separate ground from club.
  15. Derby went Dutch because this lot are crap, save Hughton. Lets see if John Terry would prefer to be no 1 here.
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