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  1. CC v Wilder

    If Wilder does his usual 3 at back routine and only 1 man on each wing , Carlos will kill him via Reach and Wallace cutting in and / or crossing. And how will they cope with Van the Man sweeping majestically into midfeld, then spraying passes around like Beckenbauer? 4- 1 Owls, their goal via some hoof ball or dodgy pen.
  2. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Blimey, Lawrie / Mick, I take your point and Gage is clearly not so bright but, as a delivery driver, have you never broke the speeding laws in- what - a 2 ton truck? Not even 31 mph in built - up urban area? On 72 mph on the M1 down to Nottingham Thursdays? Come on. Cos I'm much more worried about that than 2,000 Blades who must all be registered season ticket holders and can afford these stiff ticket prices. Any trouble will be way away from ground or some of our daft Owls in the highly unlikely even that we lose. Those in glass houses, etc ..........

    I'm now at 4-1 , Hooper brace and Van the man -o-match.
  4. Owl99, Not sure it's choking mate, just reaching our level , ie runner's up at Wembley to Hull and 4th best team in league last season after Hudders. But these and similar are in a different league to Blades who have been assembled for 2 bob and appear to rely mainly on hoof ball and momentum from last year. You can only go so far on this. How are they gonna press Van the Man when he comes out from back like Franz the Kaiser Beckenbuar? No way. Best battle is Carlos v wannabee Sheffielder. 3-1 minimum, Owls.
  5. One of our best signings of recent years. Brilliant. Wished we'd had him 10 years ago.
  6. Joe Palmer should be canned for this debacle. Interesting , Atalanta give every kid born in Bergamo a free new club shirt so he doesn't later support one of the nearby Milan giants. A great way to divert young uns from t'Lane.
  7. Adam Reach again

    For me we need Reach further forward Sunday, both for crossing prowess and and stop their wide man getting in crosses. It's hoof ball to big target men for Blunts so must minimise their headers, and knock offs. 4 -1 Owls.
  8. There can be no draw. Quality tells eventually and we need to be going for top 2. 4-1, Hoops and Rhodes.
  9. We will hammer United

    Brave Blunts Saturday. Attacked a middle -aged Norwich fan - works for Aviva insurance company so hardly a hooly - from BEHIND . No warning, Nowt. Pathetic. 4 - 1 Owls, Hoops and Rhodes .
  10. 8 games in

    Leeds lost, Cardiff 1 point in last 6, Blades bottled it and will get trounced next game while Boro coming up on rails and we have lost once this season. It's starting to fall into place, Teesiders and us for top 2. Most of rest have teams, don't have the squads for automatic promotion - unlike us.
  11. Van aken

    Whoever spied this guy has done an amazing job. Think we have a new defensive coach who may be having a really good influence on buying. Well done to all involved.
  12. Colin's Comments

    He is, however , a top manager. But this has got the feel of us at Fulham recently, Carlos nicking another 1-0 win . JR off bench.
  13. Swfc v cologne

    Wookie, did you see the recent friendly at Burnley, starring a German team?
  14. If he goes to a foreign club , we get nowt. And that includes Scotland - see Celtic nicking Dembele from Fulham , now worth £15 million.
  15. Fernando Forristieri injury

    I think even the dumbest players and agents have got the message by now. You aint gonna mug DC easily, unless you got very deep pockets. Plus a long -injury lay off wont get FF a good move, nor better contract. He could just be really hurt, and back in New Year to help a top 2 finish.