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  1. Flint would be brilliant. If only a million more than Van the man, that's a steal.
  2. On stoppers, Boro bidding for Bristol's Flint, yet another kid we rejected. Exactly what we need now.
  3. Not if we are still losing £20 million a year. If we neither buy nor sell, we need to flog 40,000 season tickets to be ok this season, FFP -wise.
  4. Fulham are all over wires today. With present squad minus Fessi, mid - table max.
  5. fred mciver

    Our fire sale

    Phew, at last an EPL club's in with Fulham said to be keen today, joining Stoke and Boro. If he has to go, let's get this above £15 million mark. Seems like the club's attempt to start an auction has worked.
  6. Can't see Bielsa staying long at Leeds. Not if he buys those sleeping pods he had in France last season so players can stay on training ground from 9am to 6pm. Plus he's now after an Argentine stopper.
  7. fred mciver

    Brum in for Bannan?

    But Carlos accepted those conditions, for £15,000 per week, and helped ditch Roeder which was bad. Blaming Rhodes publicly for Hudders can't have helped morale.
  8. fred mciver

    Our fire sale

    Fessi's another Di Canio. Like last season, without him we'll be well ordinary.
  9. It seems that Steve and all at the Academy are doing a really amazing job. Let's hope we can but Niagra for them to take to another level.
  10. fred mciver

    Andy rhodes

    Chris Kirkland said Andy was really fantastic coach and credited him with extending his career. Very best wishes.
  11. It maybe DC doesn't have a choice this time, with FFP constraints.
  12. fred mciver

    Our fire sale

    Way too low for Fessi. Last month The Star said that best bid had been £13 million. And he recovered from injury really well, scoring also.
  13. fred mciver

    Our fire sale

    Will be really surprised if no EPL club comes in for Fessi. But maybe Stoke would be next best thing and splurge parachutes, like Boro last year.
  14. fred mciver

    Our fire sale

    For a club not selling players, there's a lotta transfer talk today about Stoke in for Fessi and Boro for Bannon. Next couple of weeks should show what state we're in as Fessi shouldn't be sold unless mega bid.
  15. fred mciver

    Our fire sale

    No, also another thread quoting / copying a paper in Portugal - more difficult to edit.