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  1. Poll: Should Carlos Stay?

    I am saying he is a good manager..we have been frought with injury...main players were out and yet we got to playoff position..yes we wanted promotion but look at Brighton..this happened to them last season and did this fans slate Hughton like the idiots on here slating Carlos NO..they stood by him and the team and they have got promoted now. We need unity and we need Carlos because he started our journey and he needs to see it through. Carlos to stay ❤
  2. Poll: Should Carlos Stay?

    Carlos to stay...he has got us to the playoffs twice back to back.I know we didn't get the result that we wanted but ..he loves the team and the players love him...Hutch wouldnt be playing if it wasnt for him also he loves the fans.
  3. The legend that is Carlos Carvalhal!

    How much do I love Carlos..he really is a top man x
  4. What a return for Mr Lee

    Ban an is good but Hutch and Lee awesome combination.
  5. What a return for Mr Lee

    Yes he is like a little terrier getting stuck in..has lots of movement in play, and gets balls in the right area.
  6. What a return to the pitch for Mr Lee. Looked like he needed it...keen and got stuck in wish he had scored though would have been icing on cake.
  7. Writing us off again on the telly.

    It does keep us under the radar but it comes across like it's blasphemy to ever say we are good and contenders.
  8. Why do the tv pundits/presenters ex footballers always write us off..It's annoying.
  9. Goal Celebration Picture

    Owls taking flight brilliant picture just look at the synchronicity .
  10. STILL not even considered for promotion

    Silently and stealthily we shall pop up to the top of the table .
  11. Carlos the wise owl

    Here is a drawing of Carlos as an Owl by Alan Hartley.
  12. Contract news

    Yes it was announced under Breaking News from Hillsborough...only finalised in the early hours of this morning.
  13. Contract news

    Just heard on radio Fernando Forestieri has signed a new contract this morning to stay with us until 2020.
  14. WAWAW - Or are we?

    The answer to this as in Carlos' own words "We Are Sheffield Wednesday" ..If you are a true Wednesdayite then the words ring true if not, then you best get down to the pigsty .