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  1. I agree, I won't listen to his bias commentary...Giddings out!
  2. I agree, I know were playing 3 central defenders with two wing backs giving us a stronger defence but it's working all round, we just need to take our chances. The new manager has done the players and club a world of good and I believe given time we will start scoring more.
  3. I think he's okay at left back but we could do with strengthening this position especially when and if we play a 442
  4. Close game, draw is good but a win will hopefully silence the moaning from some of our supporters.
  5. Save the running on the pitch when we win the final at Wembley.
  6. Yes starts for semedo, nuhew, Fox and Palmer. Rests those that need it and protection against injury.
  7. Computer mobile says no. On my android mobile won't let me up load from my gallary for some reason?
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