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  1. Spot on. No team can play without the right quality up front or in the middle. Monk is trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear with most of this lot. It’s a credit to him that we’re still in the mix, but until we sort out key positions we’ll have a lot more of what we saw today. Now is the right time for a result like this because if any player won’t play or train for Monk then let’s get the tw.t out of the club now and rebuild on players with some quality and hunger.
  2. We can’t blame Monk for that. Without Fletch we don’t have anything up front. When Bannan gets man marked, instead of battling it out he drops so deep that today he looked as though he was playing left back at one point. Monk didn’t tell him to do that. So the opposition just press higher and with no one to play out to it just gets worse. Then when we can break no one’s busting a gut to get forwards? And it’s not Monk’s fault that we’re so short on quality all over the pitch. He’s right, the players panic and turn backwards. Everyone sees that we need a striker in urgently, but we really need some creativity sat behind, so when Bannan next gets man marked we don’t capitulate like we did today.
  3. There isn’t a player at the club who someone on here hasn’t said ‘get rid’ at some point, not least the 2 goal scorers yesterday. Monk has proved how he can get the best out of players and rotate a squad for a particular game. If he can get Nuhiu to steal a yard in the box and clip one in first time with his left foot and Rhodes can get a first half hat-trick then he can lift arguably our most skilful player when we need him in the run in.
  4. They really are f.cking idiots. How many people have lost their jobs because of cuts but they can waste money and time on a fiasco like this.
  5. Spot on. This is why the shape worked today. Reach given some freedom, Lee and Luongo add some quality with room to play and both overlap, and Fletch plays that central role as well as anyone with the right players around him. Bazza in a 3 is also a better player and he doesn’t ruin the shape. I don’t understand the clamour for a 442 unless it’s a team like Boro that can’t defend crosses. Most teams in the championship have 2 thugs at ch so the trick is to use the channels
  6. I think it’s simply that we’re short on leadership and quality. Nothing to do with the threat of a points deduction. Yesterday we had chances to be 2 or 3 ahead by half time and didn’t have the quality in front of goal. Against Cardiff we gave them a 2 goal start because of a lack of organisation at the back. It was the same in the last 5 minutes v Stoke. Let’s give Monk the chance to put this right. Bazza is trying to do it by himself in the middle at times and we need some quality in there with him. Someone who can create something different (a younger Keiren Lee). And we obviously need some pace and guile next to Fletch. Monk sees this just like we do. Let’s give him a chance.
  7. I think we’d solve the problem if we got the ball out wide faster and further up the pitch, put cross in earlier and got full backs overlapping with some belief. The whole team could learn from watching how we used Wallace in Carlos’ first season - not the fastest but lethal on his day.
  8. I’m sure you have the stats but do they tell the whole story? Surely it depends on how he’s used. Carlos used to mix it up, and in his 2nd season when we went on that run to finish 4th he was used as sub and a couple of times turned the game.
  9. I know there’s a debate about FF in a 2 or a 3 but that misses the point. He’s a class player and we need class players on the pitch in a team that’s paper thin. I agree by the way, when he played in a 3 he came alive but I don’t know if we have that luxury.
  10. Pairing Fletch with a fully fit Rhodes (I still think he can get back somewhere like he was) or FF in the run in should give us something like the firepower we need, and it won’t cost us a penny in Jan. I think people are still fond of FF because on form he’s one of the best forwards we’ve had for years. FF and Hooper were unplayable at times. I don’t give a f.ck what happened at Norwich, I want to get our best team out and go up.
  11. £10 each POTG for my 2 daughters. Great offer from the club. The only problem is that we can’t all sit in the North where I have my season ticket so I have to move to the South to sit with them. The club can’t be blamed for that stupidity though.
  12. On today’s performances I’m more than happy to have been left with Liam Palmer out of the 2 of them. I wasn’t thinking that 2 seasons ago when Bristol came in for Hunt.
  13. I agree. The actual pen wasn’t a pen so I think the ref gave it because he knew he’d made a mistake refusing the Rhodes pen appeal which should have been given.
  14. I don’t know if Murphy can operate through the centre but if he can this would be it for me. At times we need pace to run behind to provide another option.
  15. Or the winner away at the scum in the last minute.
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