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  1. Spot on this. The wrong players were identified and it looks as though Paterson was brought in after they panicked. However you look at it it’s negligent management at every level.
  2. I don’t know if you’re doing this to wind everyone up but I wish you’d stop this Monk bullish.t now. Even if he didn’t directly recruit there is no way a manager doesn’t put his hand up and tell the chairman that a team with no forwards is going to struggle to score. Monk was tactically inept and couldn’t handle big personalities. I was sceptical about Pulis like a lot of others but right now I think he’s one of the few managers who can pull us out of the sh.t Monk left us in.
  3. So who was? If the club sold all the forwards or failed to renew contracts leaving us with what we have and Monk said nothing then for me that’s just as bad.
  4. I’m not disagreeing with you, I was disappointed with Pulis, but I’d be interested to know if you thought the same about Bruce. He did nothing more than get the basics right and got the players fit. The football wasn’t so great but everyone knew their role and it was organised and effective. Will Pulis be so different?
  5. Yes, we see flashes of this, but too rarely without the players around him, and hence the frustration we see.
  6. When Bannan first arrived his game was just as much about his running and interplay around the box and support play as it was about his passing. I think he’s lost this a bit and Pulis might actually do him some good.
  7. Yes can’t argue with this, and I’d far rather go up playing great football, but this squad is p.as poor, even compared to last year, and we can’t spend. It will take some effort to turn this round. That side Wilkinson put together at Leeds when he left us played decent football and won the league. I do t think this is always so black and white.
  8. I do t think anyone much enjoys Pulis’ style of football, but when we look back Big Jack played a basic style, and so did Wilkinson, both with few resources and a small squad, and even Gray is viewed fondly for what he did, but the football was terrible. At the time we needed to steady the ship, and he did that. So now why is it different? Is it because we’re not supposed to like Pulis? I didn’t much enjoy watching us pick the ball out of our net and not sticking it in theirs. We need someone who can keep us up and organise what we have (which is very ordinary) into a team that can challeng
  9. When I worked in the US most of them didn’t know where Canada was so I’m not too surprised by this!
  10. I don’t think any of these have a fan base equal to ours. Even a small success (like the Cardiff and Wembley play off finals) demonstrate how big this club is. Any club shrinks back without success but these 3 would fall way below us.
  11. Never had sky so I can’t answer the question. After all these years I do still f.ckin love it when the pigs lose though. That last minute goal by Everton was probably the best, and the late one for Wigan, but they’re all good. Maybe it’s just me.
  12. Does DC really need to explain - we know he’s an proper idiot (stubborn, running a football club with little understanding of how the business of football works, vain, too proud and arrogant to take advice, etc etc). So there’s enough of a reason. Look no further than squandering his family’s money, the 12 point deduction and getting mugged by a series of football conmen, taking the fan base for granted.... The only question for me is what, if anything, we can do to force him out. One way or another he has to go.
  13. I think it would have to be an action for him not being fit to run a football club. I don’t think he’s dishonest but his incompetence will drive the club into the ground if not stopped.
  14. It’s probably all been said on here, but this club really is in the hands of an idiot. It seems as though he just falls for every fraudster that comes his way. He’s squandered his family money like it’s water and he’d waste more of the EFL hadn’t intervened. The points deduction displayed complete incompetence and his managerial appointments (excepting Bruce) are totally naive. One way or another the supporter base has to work out how to remove him and find an owner who can operate the club properly.
  15. Totally agree. Set up right and played in their proper positions with some organisation at the back we have a group of players who could compete in this league. We don’t need drastic changes we just need a proper footballing coach.
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