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  1. Formation

    It’s the only way we’d stop him chasing round the pitch! Can’t fault him for effort - if we could get him to put his foot in a bit harder we’d have a tremendous player there.
  2. Formation

    Tough one this - Bazza great with possession but doesn’t press high or hard enough. I thought Joey was the opposite. To be fair to Bazza he’s always looking for the ball all over the pitch and he put some killer balls through today.
  3. Formation

    Reach. He had a good game overall but looked a bit awkward at right wing back.
  4. Another Reach Thread

    Agree with this. We felt sorry for Reach yesterday. He seemed to be trying hard in a position that doesn’t suit him (attacking centre mid) - and it wasn’t working, but who else? There’s been criticism of him playing wide but in the away game Reach put the ball in for our goal and him and Boyd doubled up on their wide men left and right to stop their threat. Yesterday their wingers ran riot. I think he’d work well as a wing back, so my view is he pays wide and like you say we sort the middle out in the Summer. I don’t like criticising anyone who pulls on the shirt but Butterfield and Jones are not good enough for a promotion chasing team imo.
  5. hirst to united

    If this is true, and given who Man U have in their first team and youth team it looks as though George Hirst’s career will start when he’s about 22 after Man U have released him. It’s a shame. We saw yesterday how a young lad should develop his career. I think he was still 17, having fought to hold down a first team place in a good footballing team, at the right level, and now probably the best young left winger i’ve seen in years. I don’t know the background so I can’t comment, but my sense is that George won’t thank his dad for all the terrible advice he’s received.
  6. End of the road for Rhodes?

    We might find Rhodes finds an extra yard with Bazza and Nando on the pitch. It was a pleasure to watch the effect they have on the team today. I’m sure both Nuhiu and Joao will want to start, and I agree they’ve both earned it. I just don’t know if any forward can play 3 90 minutes games in 8 days and stay fresh - especially the way Nuhiu plays, a lot of which is more like a resting match. I’m not slagging him here he took both goals well today, especially the 2nd, and the winner v Leeds showed what he can do by his sheer effort.
  7. End of the road for Rhodes?

    Both Jaoa and Nuhiu have played their way back into form. I’d expect Rhodes to start on Monday and see no reason why he can’t do the same between now and the end of the season. It’s not really a problem is it when you can introduce an £8m striker with fresh legs against the bottom of the league.
  8. Sam Hutchinson "Other stuff has gone on"

    Slow day for the Star then! Anyone would think there’s an international break.
  9. What does Jos have to do...

    I think that’s it - 4 or 5 wins, but more importantly blending these guys in a system that works, plus Hoops, Joao and Reach, with full backs that can get up and down, put in a decent cross and defend.
  10. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Which then allows Reach to play left wing back, where we’ve struggled. The problem here is keeping Hutch fit. I don’t think Pelupessy is in the same class as Hutch. I heard KL was finished. I really hope this was wrong and he’s given the time to heal properly this time.
  11. Hypothetically...

    After today’s performance would you rather have Big Dave or Gary Madine? After today (and assuming he can play this well every week) I’d say Big Dave, so if you accept Madine’s price tag this values Big Dave.
  12. Matias, FF, Van Aken and Thornily

    Him and Hoops. At least we had our bo..ocks back in the pitch for most of the game today, and in Bazza we had some brains.
  13. Feeding on scraps....

    This is one of the reasons I try to get to the games. Hugging grown men that I don’t know when we score is bad enough at my age, but it’s probably slightly better than dancing round the front room punching the air shouting get the f.ck in with my two young daughters telling me off.
  14. Player rating from today

    Can’t really argue with this. We’re not getting results because most of the players aren’t very good. We get outplayed and out fought even by teams at the bottom. Yesterday we barely won a second ball not for lack of effort but because the players don’t anticipate and are slower to the ball. Many of the players can’t pass or control and other than Jaoa and Clare we have no pace. You’d probably keep Jaoa, Reach, Tom Lees and Joe. Clare has some energy and is certainly one for the future but defensively he loses his man and has to learn from this runnin the team. I like Jack Hunt and he’s improved but he gets beat too often when it matters. We’ll get over the line with a couple of results but i’d feel a lot better if we could bring some of the footballers back soon.
  15. Is there an easy way to renew current seats on line? Thanks.