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  1. No one should be going back to any kind of work that involves contact and hundreds of support staff until we have testing. The leagues have the money to commission tests and as long as it doesn’t take them from key workers this is the minimum to ensure safety. The premier league and EFL needs to act responsibly for a change and not simply chase the money, just like the rest of us.
  2. Some videos have been posted in here of us when we were at our best, and there are leaders all over the pitch, Pearson, Viv Anderson, Danny Wilson, Irish - this was a dressing room that supported young lads coming through. Carlos has it for a while with Wallace and Loovens. These players are worth their weight in gold for what they do off the pitch as well as in it. I don’t think we’ll see this kind of leadership again, or play anything like we should, until we’ve cleared out the spoilers and built back that supportive culture.
  3. Didn’t Birmingham get 9, but as a soft punishment because it meant they just finished in a lower mid table position. This seems like a more realistic precedent. The point I’m making is that this doesn’t seem as soft if we’re doing well next year.
  4. I’m not sure if this point has been made but the timing of the hearing makes a huge difference, and has to be taken into account in the punishment given (if any). A 9 pt deduction this season would have made things tight, but we would probably survive. A 9 pt deduction next season could arguably be devastating, and may make the difference between promotion or not, if we’re near the top 6. The only fair punishment in July (assuming the season is over by then) would therefore be a fine. I realise there are lots of permutations, but if the hearing was originally March the punishment should have an equivalent effect.
  5. Both these, Curran’s wonder goal at the sty and Bright in the semi - still celebrating 27 years on.
  6. The great irony after all this is that big benefactors like DC (however chaotic and controversial) will be a Godsend to the EFL and especially smaller clubs. Restrictions will be lifted and the EFL will welcome money into the game however it comes.
  7. Does anyone know whether a points deduction wipes the slate clean or could we end up still under an embargo next year? If it does and we can turn the form round for the run in to pull us out of danger then it may be worth taking.
  8. Did Tom Lees get mugged holding on to the ball too long because he’s downed tools or was it just sh.t defending? Did Harris pass to their player because he’s downed tools? Do we deflect the ball past the keeper because we’ve downed tools. Everyone loves a scapegoat.
  9. This baffles me as well. I can’t work out why Monk tells Bannan to disappear out of the middle when the going gets rough and not track back or why he tells Tom Lees to not jump with his man in the last minute at Brum. There’s a thread on here saying how well Windass played (and he did play well) and another saying they don’t trust Monk to find players on the cheap who can do a job. He needs some time to clear out and rebuild and bring his own team in, them let’s judge him.
  10. Monk doesn’t tell his players to make schoolboy errors. Monk doesn’t tell Bannan not to track his man or Tom Lees (club captain) to get mugged on the ball. It’s too easy to look for a scapegoat. The players on the pitch lost the game and all the others over the past 2 months. The sooner Monk gets half of them out and is given the tools to build a quality team the better.
  11. The poor kid was devastated. He knew what he’d done and the implications of a red. Credit to everyone in the crowd doing what they could to help him through that. He has a long term future with the club and needs to be nurtured as best we can. I’m pleased the crowd played a part in that today.
  12. I know the players have to take a lot of the blame but as someone who’s only missed a couple of game this year I think a lot of the blame lies with Monk. We have no discipline, little organisation and no proper spine to the team. It’s not just losing Fletcher, there just isn’t a pattern to how we attack. Without Luongo we don’t seem to have a proper central midfielder at the club (Bannan was a disgrace again today - left back, playing behind the defence, how does he get away with this), and in defence we have a mess every week when the shape and concentration disappears. Then when we really need Westwood back he’s not in the squad. This is Monk’s to fix and he’s failed to do it.
  13. Totally agree. I’d say we also need some quality in the middle, but when the front 3 get match fit and start to click together (hopefully starting tomorrow) we’ll look better all over the pitch.
  14. Front 3 not played enough and not played enough together and no engine, quality or grit in the middle. It’s no surprise we’re sliding. I can see the front 3 coming good over the next few weeks but I don’t know how he fixes what we have in the middle, it’s a way off being good enough. If he can’t bring Luongo back in then he’ll have to build some bridges with Hutch. Lee and Bazza are not strong enough in this league.
  15. Shall we give him more than a week with the new lads before judging how good he is? Every team knows they just have to close down Bannan and we stop playing. If Windass is the solution by dropping into the space Hooper used to play let’s give Monk a chance to sort this out. Otherwise we’re just going round in circles with a new manager every year.
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