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  1. Most teams know they have to man mark Bannan out of the game or he’ll run it in the middle. He’s not given any space. Rather than drop him we need other players to pick up some of the creativity that Bannan offers.
  2. I agree with all of this, so imagine what a threat we’d be if our fullbacks could deliver great crosses. This is so often a frustration for me. They seem to get forward well enough but I think they could deliver much better the final third.
  3. I agree, but it goes further for me. I think Reach needs too much space and lacks the killer aggression and pace that an attacking winger needs. The difference when Murphy came on as an attacking threat changed the game imo. Murphy is far from having the energy or running or covering that Reach has but Fulham couldn’t then just double up on Harris and give Reach 10 yards. This isn’t a have a go at Reach post, and I don’t know what other position we play him, but there’s work to be done there.
  4. This is exactly what we were saying until probably the later part of the 2nd half. The midfield couldn’t keep the ball. The difference then imo was Murphy. They doubled up on Harris but Reach needs 10 yards around him. He runs hard but he’s not a threat as a forward. When Murphy came on we had a threat on both sides, so the whole game opened for us. I know he drifts out of the game sometimes but he’s class and we have to try to get him fully fit and focussed.
  5. I like Hutch, Bazza and KL but today in my view in the middle we weren’t getting close enough to the ball, we weren’t aggressive enough and we weren’t getting the ball forwards fast enough to the wide players. Hutch seemed sluggish - if he wasn’t well then that explains it. I can excuse KL if he’s just getting up to speed again but for such a gifted player Bazza can be too easily marked out of the game. Didn’t stop me going mental after our goal though.
  6. That was me mate. If you’re not a pig then I apologise. I agree, being labelled as one of them is as bad as it gets. I think Monk will do well but like you say we’re all entitled to an opinion on here. I’ve had plenty of abuse on here but thankfully never been called a blunt. That would hurt!
  7. This is where we need to invest properly in some quality. Monk can’t do it all by himself. I remember how much Hirst improved when he started working with Francis. Would Warhurst have had that magic spell without quality coaches around him? It doesn’t matter how good your players are, if full backs and centre halves are coached to just lump it forwards, or forward players aren’t shown how to find space and run behind we’ll not win enough games. Any manager needs a good team around him.
  8. Great summary. Many of the supporters on here were happy to give Bullen a go and then moan that Monk is accepting mediocrity! Does anyone know if he’s bringing his coaching staff with him because that would make a big difference.
  9. I don’t think they’ll look on with envy but they’ll have to defend well. Fulham have a great attacking line up. I thought Sessegnon was the best player on the pitch when I went down a couple of years ago and he can’t have been much older than 17 but I think he’s gone to Spurs.
  10. What is pathetic is the rediculous misplaced sentimentalism about Bullen. So what - he stood in as caretaker a few times and when tested was out of his depth. Only on this site do you get abuse for seeing it for what it is.
  11. We’ve been crying out for wingers with out and out pace for years, and Fletch holds the ball up and distributes as good as most in this league. I’m obviously not comparing to Man City or Liverpool but in this league we have a great front 3. Not sure why that’s rediculous. Knocking long balls down the middle and not using our width on the other hand is.
  12. I don’t think we’re going to agree on this. I accept that Bullen inherited a disaster after Jos and steadied the ship for a while. First time round I thought Bullen was possibly worse than Carlos. I think Bruce did build a 433 team - not in the past but this time round with Harris, Fletch, Reach / Murphy. We now have a front 3 as good as any team, and I think if the full backs could be sorted out and Hitch kept fit (big ifs) we could challenge. My disappointment is then the failure in the games Bullen has managed to use the width and just playing it long to Fletch with big gaps in the middle. This is down to Bullen. I thought even Barnsley outplayed us through the middle at times.
  13. No it doesn’t. Bruce built the team that Bullen inherited. Bruce had to work with a broken team for much of his time but apart from full back positions we finally now have what we need. I’ve seen all the games this season and it’s clear that Bullen has no clue how to play the high pressing 433 that Bruce set this team up to play. In my view Bullen lost the game against QPR playing a 442 with no one seeming to have any idea where they were playing. Even when we’ve won Bullen’s tactics have been dubious, and everyone could see the Preston and QPR defeats coming. Using win rate after 6 bang average performances to justify Bullen doesn’t wash.
  14. I can’t see why he’s respected by supporters so much either. This season Bullen has taken a very good squad, set us up badly, panicked if we’ve gone behind and made us look ordinary. What is there to respect? He’s probably good with the players but in truth he’s a poor coach and needs replacing with someone with the right qualities to take us up.
  15. I wondered how long before some pig c.nt would turn up.
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