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  1. What’s the basis for the probably -£25m figure? Neither Jos nor Bruce spent a lot. Surely this isn’t just wages. Do these relate to y/e 17, 18 and 19. I’m assuming ‘20 is ignored due to Covid. If so we probably have some room to spend over the summer.
  2. My thoughts exactly. Proud club with a proud tradition bought by an incompetent arrogant man spending his family’s money like a fool, with no respect for the many thousands of fans, or the generations that went before them. I’d say that our name isn’t mud, but his name is. He needs to step away now and appoint someone to run the club who knows what they’re doing.
  3. We were calling them pigs long before Jack Charlton came. I think this goes way back. My grandad said he wouldn’t eat bacon because it was red and white stripes, but I’ve heard other explanation that date before even this. I thought WAWAW was from that brilliant agent Wilson cartoon. I’m sure someone’s said this already. I have read all the replies.
  4. Thanks. So after all this we probably won’t have much if any headroom and we’re down to a threadbare squad that has shown itself unable to compete. I’m grateful for DC splashing some cash and a couple of good seasons but it’s hard to argue that this is anything other than poor management of the club. It makes you look fondly on the days of Charlton and Wilkinson, and even Atkinson, when we achieved through hard work, some home grown talent and prudent financial management.
  5. So if the sale is allowed (with all the evidence etc) will the 60m reverse in the 2017 accounts be included in our FFP calculations? And if so how much room will we have this summer to put a new squad together? Is it the previous 3 years or is our current calculation on y/e 18, 19 and 20 (in which case a good year in 17 makes no difference, except to remove any embargo). We’re down below the bare bones and will need every penny this summer.
  6. Bang on as I see it. Wigan down, no pts deduction for Owls or Derby that would affect the relegation positions. There’s no time to lodge and hear an appeal and anyway the EFL will have its hands full keeping L1 and L2 alive so won’t want an appeal, either from us or them. I could see 6 pts or a suspended pts deduction. I’m just pleased this season is over. The EFL charge has been a cloud over the second half of the season and the performances since Bristol City at home have reflected this.
  7. I may have read this wrong but I think the EFL statement said 12 pts deduction for Wigan this season automatically and no pts deduction for Owls or Derby this season. This may mean pts deduction next season or suspended or no deduction. I don’t have time but if someone could post the link then this will clarify this. I haven’t read all the posts so I apologise if someone’s done this already.
  8. Spot on. Recruitment, coaching, facilities, academy, as well as building a first team capable of challenging - a comprehensive, properly managed thought through f.cking plan.
  9. Couldn’t agree more. We need to recruit talented coaches almost as much as players. If we’ve learnt anything from the EFL debacle it’s that we can’t just buy our way into the Premier League.
  10. There’s a good shout for Eric Taylor as well. We have 4 sides to the ground so there’s room for both. I’d like to see a bit more respect for the club’s roots and history. The kop will always be Jack’s for me. Never forget the snowballs at the FA Cup tie v Arsenal. Big Jack came out and took a few himself, laughed about it and the game restarted. He knew who we were and restored a pride in the club. BDM goes without saying but I think we would have carried the man back from Blackburn on our shoulders. Good OP. Too many good memories to even start.
  11. I was thinking the same. We’re 10 pts clear so maybe we’d be ok with 9 pt deduction (assuming we pick up a few more pts and Wigan lose 12). With a Covid year and not looking over our shoulder at previous years this might actually be a good result for us.
  12. Or to be on the safe side give us a 6 point deduction if we’re still 10 pts clear with 1 to play.
  13. I remember the end of the 78 / 79 season which ended with a real whimper. The Star printed an article saying that for the first time in years the Owls will start the next season with no false sense of optimism. The next season was one of the best seasons in the clubs history, with the BDM, TC at the sty, opening day at Oakwell, that evening in Blackburn and loads more great memories.
  14. Good post. Jordan was a bit of a leader on the pitch as well, even though still young. I do t think we’ll find out why but we could do with him now.
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