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  1. Yes he celebrated with the fans and yes it’s the letter of the law but we see this all the time and the refs just get the players back up the pitch. It’s not so much what he did that’s the issue for me but expecting consistency and proportionality, which disappears when Nando is concerned.
  2. No 2 is r nilsson

    Man of the match & scores Birmingham (h)

    It’s a huge credit to Bullen that Hutch, Palmer and Boyd are all contenders for mom. Add to this full backs are now getting cover, Hector looks like a great ch at the side of Tom Lees and Matias is like a different player. I hope Bruce finds a space for him as a coach.
  3. No 2 is r nilsson

    That Goal

    F.ck off pig tw.t.
  4. No 2 is r nilsson

    I hope we do it.

    Has he really been rubbish? He’s invested £70m of his own money and we’ve had our best 2 seasons in decades. He’s certainly been badly advised and he appointed a terrible couch in Jos but does that make him rubbish and why want him gone? Do we really expect someone else to come in with the kind of money DC has put in? I think we need to put this in perspective.
  5. This clown was brought in because he had a reputation for this. Goals against speaks for itself. I’m sick of analysing the games - it’s beyond analysis now. We need to f.ck him off quickly and get someone in who knows how to properly coach and set the team up.
  6. No 2 is r nilsson

    Problem with sacking a manager

    That defence. Westwood, Lees, Loovens, and Hutch (when fit). 3 out of those 4 could play on Tues. I think a new manager might find this a simple choice and a simple solution.
  7. No 2 is r nilsson

    A little persective on the Derby match.

    Agree with this. With Matias or Nando fit we have the players who can counter, which showed when Matias came on. João when firing can be unplayable but he’s more often anonymous. With the players we had available the tactics were probably about right. Hopefully a different story at our place.
  8. No 2 is r nilsson

    This side after international break

    The difference on Friday when Matias came on was from a team hanging on to a team with balance (an attacking option as well as a string defence). Throw Nando into that mix and we should start picking up points after the break. Jos can’t play a counter attacking game without players that can counter attack. I don’t trust him not to tinker with the defence, but hopefully Norwich was a lesson and Hector stays in the centre and he leaves it alone now. I’d have Penney at lwb, he’s showed what he can do when he settles, and Reach further forward, but the OP still makes a good point about the pieces we’ve badly missed.
  9. No 2 is r nilsson

    Grow some cajones

    As a defensive coach there are probably few better in the Champioship.
  10. No 2 is r nilsson

    Grow some cajones

    Agree with this. I’m not sure about bringing the old crocks back, but I have some big question over his suicidal defensive formations. Too many times he’a just not seen it coming - wings back caught up the pitch v Wigan away, flat 4 with no cover v Norwich etc etc. Yesterday the result was ok but we really shouldn’t have to play with effectively a back 6. He can have the biggest b.llocks in the world but until we get a proper defensive coach we’re going nowhere.
  11. No 2 is r nilsson

    So what is the way forward?

    Agree with all of this. We need a decent coach in to work with Jos to sort out the defence (playing a flat 4 with no cover v Norwich was suicide yesterday) and up front we play anyone except Niuhui in the no 10 position behind Fletch, and we don’t panic. We’ll get over the line this year and as long as they’re not under too much pressure the crop of fantastic kids of various ages will come good in the New Year ready for a push next season.
  12. No 2 is r nilsson


    Pessy did his job. Last night too many of the others didn’t perform and we didn’t move, pass or close down well enough. It’s a simple game. Palmer tries but lacks that bit of ability to make a difference. Penney looked like a kid in a man’s game. Jaoa never got going. I don’t have to mention Tom Lees. I’m not a fan of Fletch but he had a go. I agree midfield is the problem and we missed Matias or Nando running at them with the ball on the ground - something a bit different. I don’t think we can blame Pessy.
  13. No 2 is r nilsson

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    Whether it’s a beast or just better in midfield I don’t know but we have to be winning the 2nd balls and keeping more than 40% possession. I don’t know if Hutch is the answer any more. Perhaps Joey will grow into the player we need.
  14. No 2 is r nilsson

    A Bristol City view....

    Thanks, always enjoyed Bristol, some great music (I’m old enough to remember the Dugout!). We owed you one after you battered us last year. No it’s not blue - I know a few Rovers fans but even they think they’re an endangered species. One result we can both laugh at most weeks is Cardiff losing. We have a bit of a love hate thing with Colin. Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season.
  15. No 2 is r nilsson

    Hector and Joao

    Respect your views mate. I could name a few more games (Arsenal and Wolves at home in that first year spring to mind, and Derby at home last year) but agree he’s not the finished article and if we could get Hooper fit he’d play every game for me with Nando and Reach working behind.