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  1. No 2 is r nilsson

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    Whether it’s a beast or just better in midfield I don’t know but we have to be winning the 2nd balls and keeping more than 40% possession. I don’t know if Hutch is the answer any more. Perhaps Joey will grow into the player we need.
  2. No 2 is r nilsson

    A Bristol City view....

    Thanks, always enjoyed Bristol, some great music (I’m old enough to remember the Dugout!). We owed you one after you battered us last year. No it’s not blue - I know a few Rovers fans but even they think they’re an endangered species. One result we can both laugh at most weeks is Cardiff losing. We have a bit of a love hate thing with Colin. Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season.
  3. No 2 is r nilsson

    Hector and Joao

    Respect your views mate. I could name a few more games (Arsenal and Wolves at home in that first year spring to mind, and Derby at home last year) but agree he’s not the finished article and if we could get Hooper fit he’d play every game for me with Nando and Reach working behind.
  4. No 2 is r nilsson

    Hector and Joao

    Can’t agree with this. João has pace and is good running with the ball from deep. Fighting for a long ball against 2 or 3 strong defenders isn’t his game, and he looked poor when he came on, but wouldn’t most strikers given that kind of role and service.
  5. No 2 is r nilsson

    When and how do we......Go for it?

    Is this a tactic or just that we’re not good enough in the middle. On Wednesday we had 40% possession, barely won a second ball and struggled to string passes together or simply passed through the middle straight to WBA’s midfield. It was worse second half against Leeds. I’m delighted that we’re still in the mix and enjoying the kids coming through but like you say we have to do more than scrap for points and try to play football and keep the initiative.
  6. No 2 is r nilsson

    Leeds fan in peace

    Agree with this. Long ball into the channel with full backs overlapping. It’s effective but not enough to get an automatic spot, as we found in the first 2 CC seasons. I don’t know why Jaoa or Matias didn’t start to exploit the holes created every time they attacked. The way our midfield played i’m not sure we would have made the pass anyway, but I see them taking some hammerings in the second half of the season. It’s always fun watching the scum fall apart again!
  7. No 2 is r nilsson

    Doing it the right way

    You might be right in part but Baker has been played ahead of Palmer, Penney ahead of Fox, Preston ahead of Nando, Thorniley ahead of Pudil etc. which to me points to a plan to bring the youth through. We’re in touch now (just) and if we can maintain this I’m really looking forward to seeing these lads mature in the New Year and make a push for the play offs.
  8. No 2 is r nilsson

    Match reports in the Sunday papers

    I’m very happy to move under the radar. The more the papers focus on every other team the easier it will be for us to climb the league unnoticed.
  9. No 2 is r nilsson

    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

    Can’t tell if this is a joke. Reach was great today.
  10. No 2 is r nilsson

    Tom Lees

    This seemed to be the difference today. Second half Hector was playing further forwards in a sort of deep holding role and gave the kind of protection Hutch used to give a couple of seasons back.
  11. No 2 is r nilsson

    Blame for their goals

    I think there’s a bit of truth in this. Palmer did ok yesterday. Any full back good or bad has to take instruction from the CHs in those defensive situations and I question whether we have the right kind of leadership in there now Loovens has gone, especially with such a young keeper. There’s way too much confusion at the back. If Tom Lees is captain he has to take some responsibility for the organisation in the last third.
  12. No 2 is r nilsson

    Blame for their goals

    This is how we saw it as well. It’s happened a few times when Reach doesn’t drop in to support. Pelupessy and Bazza were then 2 on 3 and with the quality Stoke had, especially Woods, they couldn’t cope. It also took us until late in the first half to realise that we can send balls long to Matias or Jaoa if we need to to turn their defence.
  13. No 2 is r nilsson

    Adam Reach

    Spot on for me. He has to be running at players from deep through the channels. He can’t play with his back to goal. If he’d played deeper today closing down the spaces around Bazza and Pelupessy they wouldn’t have had a near free run of the midfield for 30 minutes. Jos said in his interview it was about too much respect but I thought it was much more simple - an extra man in the middle that wasn’t shut down. That surely has to be where Reach needs to be.
  14. No 2 is r nilsson

    Matt Penney

    To make that run towards the end after being up against it for a lot of the game shows this lad has something special.
  15. No 2 is r nilsson

    song for sammy hutchinson

    Changing the subject here a bit but does anyone know what happened to Sammy. I don’t know him but I went all over the place in the late 70s and Sammy was a regular figure.