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  1. Jack Hunt "We are in the thick of it"

    Jack Hunt is right, we do need to defend set pieces better, but yesterday the deliveries were superb, especially off their right, and the ref seemed to give a free kick in the 2nd half every time we put a tackle in. Does anyone know when Tom Lees is back? He makes a big difference defending set plays.
  2. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    My eye sight isn’t so great, but that looked like a trip on Boyd in the box when Boyd went through. I was too far away from the foul on Nuhiu, but he was through and was taken from behind so I can’t see how it’s not a foul and at least a booking.
  3. So if Jos gets George fit in a short time then it’s possible he might join a depleted first team squad and actually play more games than Nando or Fletcher this season, in which case perhaps a higher contract is justified, and the problem is solved. I haven’t read all this thread so sorry if this irony has been pointed out.
  4. Let’s keep positive messages going into George. He’s one of us, and if he knows the fans want him as part of a team of home grown talent that will fight to win this league next year it might just influence his decision. I know most of you think this anyway but it does no harm to reinforce the message. He’s a young lad who’s been badly advised and as far as i’m concerned a victim of the sh.t that has influenced a lot of modern day football. It’s great news that he’s back training with the team.
  5. Young George Hirst

    Let’s keep sending positive messages to George. He has a contract dispute (as a result of bad advice) but as far as i’m concerned he has no problem with the fans. If we keep it positive both George and the club might just feel like there’s a benefit in compromise. I want him as a part of our team of young home grown lads that wins this league next year.
  6. Sean Clare

    Totally agree, it made that win so much sweeter to know we’d done it with a bunch of our own. I thought Clare would tire but he seemed to be getting stronger in the last 20 minutes. He must have worked hard while on loan - he should be proud of that performance. I take your point about Bazza and I like a team of athletes and wondering he fits but the great teams have a blend and I wonder if Bazza adds something different - spreading the play and delivering the killer ball when we need it.
  7. Sean Clare

    I think i’d have Bazza in there instead of Clare but agree he looked good in Tues, and makes a more than able deputy. In a team that’s been lacking the running power from the middle you do wonder why Clare’s been overlooked and Reach was played a full back for a number of games.
  8. Should Jos reconsider.......

    Yes I thought Wildsmith had another blinder today, and i’d like to see some more praise on here and elsewhere for the other kids to give them confidence. No one’s a match winner but they’re all putting in solid performances when given a chance.
  9. Should Jos reconsider.......

    Agree with this. The kids have done well. We just need one of Hoops or Nando (or maybe Bazza) to give us some guile in the attacking third. I know it puts us through it when we’re not winning but it gives the kids great experience for these few weeks and we’ll benefit from that a lot more than a bunch of mercenaries who are no better.
  10. The Legacy of Coco

    Good post mate. More or less what I was thinking when walking out on Saturday. I’d add to that picking Loovens, who seems to struggle every game now.
  11. Owls v hull city playoff final 2016

    Quite a few teams have a dip after splay off disappointments - Leicester, Brighton, Derby, Reading etc, but usually bounce back the next year. We’re still in the cup and our players should start to come back over the next few weeks, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Personally i’d love to see us go up next year with a crop of our own. Not saying I wasn’t really down after the last 2 play offs, but seeing home grown lads do it next time will make it all the more sweet.
  12. The Wednesday boo boys?

    I agree til the end of the season but the club then has a big decision. I think i now prefer Wildsmith (excepting yesterday) and Dawson’s performance the other night was superb. Westwood is a great keeper but if he’s having 2 months out every season you wonder if we should cash in now.
  13. The Wednesday boo boys?

    The tone of the cheer, the fact that around me at least he was also receiving a lot of vocal support, the fact that it was clearly delivered as a joke. I don’t know what other parts of the ground were doing but there was no sense of putting pressure on him where I was. I agree with you that sarcastic cheers can be damaging but there is a difference between that and more light hearted banter with the players.
  14. The Wednesday boo boys?

    As I saw it this was just a couple of times and in good humour. There was a long shot just like the one he let through his legs which he held. I gave a light hearted cheer along with those around us. It wasn’t aggressive or twatish and we’ll all be there next match. If anything I thought the ironic cheer helped Wildsmith settle and he pulled off some great saves in the second half. I agree that booing and singling out players doesn’t help. This wasn’t a boo or a jeer.
  15. Jos

    You’re right we’re down to the bare bones but I think I’d rather see the kids playing and getting the experience.