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  1. Photos of those f.ckin ridiculous elephants in random parts of Sheffield with a note attached. Fantastic.
  2. I think he’s a proud man and targeted social media highlighting his incompetence to anyone close to him will hurt. You’re right, hitting his business will be the quickest way to force a change but I don’t know how we do that. Pointing out that he’s late paying wages and failed to file statutory accounts on time may damage his reputation (assuming he’s not already labelled an idiot in his own country).
  3. Once it’s up on social media and posted on anything close to him he’ll know.
  4. Totally agree with this. Let’s find out what worked for others and co-ordinate some action. Please let’s not be abusive. Simply pointing out his ineptitude and immaturity to his peers in a social media campaign would be a great start. We can’t influence what they do on the pitch but there’s a lot we can do to push this man out.
  5. From what I’ve heard he’s trying to sell and he won’t put a new coach in place for fear of jeopardising the sale. I don’t know how we speed up the sale or get him to write off his debt. Someone suggested taking the protest to his he country where it would properly hurt him. I’d hate having to do that sort of thing and maybe we should rise above it but the way I feel right now like you I just want him out as fast as he’ll go. I just hope we can show NT some respect in the meantime. He’s out of his depth and he probably knows it but this wasn’t his choice.
  6. Hard to see where this team finds 7 wins. It’s possible but it will take something miraculous. If DC appointed a decent coach tomorrow and with a bit of luck then maybe we could scrape it but DC won’t because he’s clueless, lost interest and trying to sell. We’ll be worth a lot less in L1 but this kind of logic doesn’t seem to register with DC.
  7. The quality of coaching has really increased over the past few years and we’ve seen some fantastic attacking and successful footballing teams emerge with young coaches. Experience isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if it comes with a closed mind or fear of open football then it won’t work any more, and it certainly won’t work with us.
  8. I’m sure I used to read the same about Lucas Joao. Maybe he just needs the right coach get him fit and motivated enough to use his talent.
  9. He certainly will if we stay up. He’s been pivotal so far. I think we’ll end up with a few unlikely heroes.
  10. This is embarrassing. Whether or not true DC should not make a statement like this in a public forum.
  11. I think the answer is yes to both. This may be just one of the many rumours flying around but I think it’s no secret that DC is trying to sell or bring in investment. The story I was told (and maybe nothing new in this) was that the first attempt, for which the investor was insisting on Pulis as a safe pair of hands, failed. So now we’re in the middle of the next attempt, and effectively paralysed until this succeeds or, most likely, fails again. There are probably a few variations of this story, but the silence from the top and the lack of any meaningful change makes me think it’s probab
  12. I think the Premier League is a far more popular commercial operation now. Looking back we’d regularly get higher crowds than some big clubs like Spurs and Everton in the early 90s and they too had empty seats. Now they regularly sell out. Time will tell if we ever get back up there but I think Wednesday still has a big enough core of fans to fill the stadium.
  13. This is interesting. When I lived in London all my mates supported Arsenal, when George Graham was the manager, and apart from the 2 cup finals for the time I was there they didn’t seem so far ahead of us. But after the cup finals their focus shifted and they modernised everything, appointed Wenger, new stadium, youth system, some of the best overseas players - and it felt as though in just a few years they were years ahead, and they’ve been up there ever since. I always look back and wonder why not us. It’s more than money, it’s the whole outlook, they had a plan that took ideas from the
  14. The club shop ran out of shirts in 93. We took thousands down to Wembley and Cardiff, I know a few who bought tickets at the pig end because we’d run out in the semi, we had to open the West Stand for the Wickham game, we had the third highest attendance in 92, I think higher than Leeds who won the title. There are so many stats that show that this isn’t true. The support has held up remarkably given our lack of success, all through the years, and when it matters we turn up. That Brighton play off game was a proper sight to see. I’m old enough to remember those games a Filbert St v Arsen
  15. Stevenage was up there, especially at 2.2. I’ll never forget the last 10 minutes of Chelsea v pigs and Everton v Wimbledon when the pigs went down.
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