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  1. No 2 is r nilsson


    I agree with this, but then the other irony is that the fear of FFP is driving us to get our house in order, trim the squad and bring through youth, and subject to not having another injury crisis will probably result in us having a great chance of promotion this year.
  2. No 2 is r nilsson

    There won't be a fire sale of players

    My inderstanding is that this isn’t a fire sale, but whatever way you look at it it’s great business. I saw all the home games last and quite a few away, and in all those games I never came away saying Hunt or Rhodes was a match winner. I thought Jack Hunt improved but is easily replaceable. Jordan Rhodes just never made a proper impact. On the other hand at some point most of those who are staying gave a match winning performance, some many times. If we are restricted by FFP then these are the players with value that I’m least upset about losing. If this frees up funds for the wide player with pace and the top class CH we need to partner Tom Lees then it really is good business.
  3. No 2 is r nilsson

    Wow - what a stupid article

    It’s often been argued that the club is in fact the fans, the culture, the history and everything that come with the name, which is famous across the world, not the ownership and players of the past 17 years, in which case by accepting this the writer undermines his argument. Sheffield Wednesday are well below their proper place. Anyone who entertains this thought should have a chat with their dad and grandad, and not be surprised if they get a slap.
  4. I’d say where’s Hooper in your lineups. 2 or 3 up front surely he has to be in there.
  5. Or a desperate agent.
  6. You think it’s more likely that a club aiming for promotion is initiating an auction for it’s top players than agents or press creating wind up stories in the close season, just like they do every close season? Or is this just you creating wind up stories for attention in the same way?
  7. I was just going to ask this question. Does anyone know how much we write back into the stat a/cs to arrive at the FFP figures? We’ve spent quite a bit on pitch, academy, ground improvements etc.
  8. This We may have made losses but if around £20m then our squad is now worth at least this amount more than when DC took over (by reason of being better and the increase in values generally). It’s also good enough for play offs if all fit and arguably better. On this basis we can quite easily steer round FFP and are in better shape than we were 3 years ago.
  9. No 2 is r nilsson

    George Hirst

    No worries. One of the pleasures of a terrible season was seeing the young lads break through. Bit of pride in Sheffield. I remember a couple of the lads from U7s. Worked really hard. Not yet in 1st team yet but there’s a good chance next year.
  10. No 2 is r nilsson

    George Hirst

    I hadn’t realised I was dealing with MI5 here! My lad meets up now and again with some of the older lads who are or were with the academy. Some of the Sheffield area lads grew up through junior football and keep in touch. Nothing more than this.
  11. No 2 is r nilsson

    George Hirst

    Really? I’d like us to sign him and see him silence all the idiot ‘advisers’ and fight for a first team place. If Jos is building a young team to fight for promotion we need the best young talent available. From what I’m told he’s a decent young lad who’s been advised by pack of parasites.
  12. No 2 is r nilsson

    George Hirst

    This is my understanding as well. A few of the younger lads were really fed up about 18 months ago with the club behind the scenes. Nothing to do with contracts but I never got to the bottom of what it was (i was just getting feedback from a couple of their mates). All have now signed (and whatever it was seems to be resolved) except George so maybe his dad’s argument created extra tension for him. From what I was told he had plenty of other idiots giving him ‘advice’ so I don’t think it’s just his dad that keeps turning his head.
  13. Shame. He made a big impact in a short time. Great player. His performance in the 91 final to keep sharp quiet was faultless.
  14. Did we have Sheridan Nilsson Harkes in 90 and 94? Harkes may have joined in the season following 90.
  15. No 2 is r nilsson

    ffs Wednesday

    93 cup final. Lived in North London so made it so much harder. I had the feeling then that Arsenal and us (at the time with more or less equally talented teams) would go in different directions. They went on to win the cup winners cup the next year and then scores of trophies and we went into a slow decline that we still haven’t recovered from. I run their last minute header over in my mind to this day and still feel sick about it. If only....FFS.