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  1. The stat that matters is in May not November!
  2. I think it’s another pig post mate. They’re a bit like the scum posts last year. Funny how they stopped so abruptly.
  3. Change your approach Carlos please

    They always do mate - just wait.
  4. SWFC Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    Thanks for all these updates mate. Great effort.
  5. Change your approach Carlos please

    I think rather than worry about us, where do you think all the pigs are going to hide when the wheels come off? Do you think it might be where the scum hid last year? Or maybe where the pigs hid last time, or the time before that? Thought it might be something you could shed some light on.
  6. Tempo

    I wondered about fitness today. They seemed to be first to all the second balls.
  7. Pace

    If they’ve got pace they’re certainly worth sticking on the bench. Hopefully we’ll get a weaker team in the FA cup so they can get a chance. I read the report on Clare, he sounds like he could be close.
  8. Pace

    Totally agree. If every time we attack we need 2 or 3 players up in passing positions when closed down then the attack slows or becomes predictable. Fast passing is great and often effective (not arguing with that) but if a player can beat his man for pace the whole shape of the defence gets disrupted and gives other options.
  9. Pace

    I’ve not seen our u23s, just heard good reports. Are they really good enough for the 1st team? I know Jaoa has took the p.ss a few times in the u23s but today he showed why he struggles for a 1st team place.
  10. Barry Bannan too deep

    We’ve said this a few times when we’ve played the diamond but I wonder about the balance and whether he offers enough cover to the left back. Would you drop Adam Reach for Bazza as well. Reach has improved loads and is starting to look like a threat.
  11. Barry Bannan too deep

    Totally agree. A couple of times Bannan pushed on and ran at the defence and opened them up - and should have been awarded a pen. Butterfield is a far better holding player and good enough on the ball to play the deep role picking up from the CHs. Not a dig a Bazza, he’s one of our best players this year - he just can’t do what he does getting under Looven’s feet.
  12. Pace

    I know I posted this before, and I risk sounding like a broken record, and it’s obvious, but until we have a player capable of or prepared to beat a full back, then we won’t beat teams like Bristol City (or Barnsley or Bolton). I’m happy with passing football and i’d love us to play like Man City but when you don’t find a way through there has to be another option. A fast wide man makes their full backs think twice before pushing on, it means we don’t get outrun in midfield because they have to drop someone in to double up, it means when they get a foot in because they’re well drilled or win everything in the air because they’re ten feet tall we have another option, and the players don’t go into their shells shortly after half time because what they’ve been coached isn’t opening up the defence and they don’t know what to do. I know there were other problems today and the substitutions baffled me, especially Butterfield who I thought was at least winning some of the second balls, but we’re saying the same thing week in week out I’m at a loss to understand why this hasn’t been addressed.
  13. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    Absolutely right. Butters was mom for me at Villa and Bazza has been great all season so centre mid is as good as we’ll get it. Reach has improved and is now a real threat so he shouldn’t give way. We know Wallace isn’t like the Wallace of 2 years ago but until we sign another right mid he has to play. He may not be beating full backs but he knows his position and provides balance and a platform for Jack Hunt to make the runs.
  14. Graham Hyde

    Been told to eat more greens. Thought this would be a good start!
  15. Graham Hyde

    Does anyone remember the yellow and green away kit from the 70s? Someone told me they were Owls official away colours so off I went with a few mates to get yellow and green scarves. I don’t think they’ve played in yellow and green again! Anyway, still my favourite away kit and hoping it comes back so I can eat that scarf back out of the cupboard 40 years on.