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  1. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Caught by the spelling pollise. .
  2. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Stood on the cop with loads of mates. I've been home and away for years and years, to cup finals and play offs and the 93 semi and nothing will ever beat that day.
  3. Colin's Comments

    I'm reluctant to give him any credit but to be fair the Championship is a good League now and he's got Cardiff up there. I don't see them being there after 46 games but you can be sure they'll be fighting for it. Yes let's hope Carlos has his chance. Technically I think he's a good coach, albeit a bit cautious, and this will show. I know there's a few who disagree.
  4. Colin's Comments

    I agree, CC has yet to prove himself in the Premier League. I think he'll succeed because he's a footballing coach but I accept he still has to do it. When I talk about top level I mean other countries as well - Germany, Spain, Turkey all have good leagues and teams that get to the last 8 or 16 of the Champions League. CC did ok in Turkey, maybe not brilliant. Warnock was never even close to this level of coaching. Championship is better now, and is more technical - and as it has improved Warnock has struggled.
  5. Colin's Comments

    If his aspiration is being ok at a mediocre level then fine but the test of a coach is in the top league and he's consistently failed. Combine that with his obsession with himself and his thuggish approach to football generally he doesn't paint a good picture.
  6. Cardiff ratings

    Fair assessment. Like you say if we're going to drop deep to play a game out we need to be able to spring the counter and we need pace in one of the channels to do this - Jaoa or Matias.
  7. Owt more depressing...

    Big Dave has a good record of defending corners and free kicks and he can hold the ball up. It was an ok substitution. It you really want a list of things more depressing than a decent away point then I could really start a long list. For now I'll focus on Hooper, Joost and a squad good enough to win the title.
  8. Colin's Comments

    I respect your view but clapping feels a lot like condoning to me.
  9. Colin's Comments

    Spot on. Failed badly every time he's had to coach properly at a good level. After he applauded the scum a few years ago for ripping up seats and punching the keeper I'd say he also finds it difficult to see past his attention seeking personality. Certainly not a pantomime villain as some would think. He's a proper d.ck. I celebrated Nando's header last season more than any other goal (except maybe Fletch's header v udders).
  10. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Totally agree. He did the same last year as well and scored that vital goal v Cardiff. The fact that he's injured may also go some way to explaining his reaction at the training ground.
  11. Early Favourites

    My prediction before the season started and still my prediction is that we'll win the title. Unfortunately I think the scum will be runners up (hope I'm wrong with this second prediction).
  12. Owls - Forest - Tactical Review

    Great OP. My eye sight isn't great so I drive my lad nuts with the who's out left, are we 3 up top, who's that behind Hoops etc comments so it's great to have it all in one thread. I think Carlos (or was it Bullen?) got the changes right all evening. It makes a difference when we take our chances. Without that CC gets criticised even though he's done his job.
  13. Hutch

    F off pig.
  14. Current Form Table

    Boro maybe. Can't see the scum being anywhere near. With the squad we have plus Nando back in the New Year we'll be up there. We're probably a quality right mid / right winger short.
  15. Current Form Table

    Add to this the perfectly good tackle at Preston given as a pen and the challenge on Westy at Burton that should have been a sending off and the picture doesn't seem so bad.