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  1. I don't think it's a bad thing that DC is reaching out to others for advice; since it does at least suggest he recognizes the need for it. Still, at a time when it's going to become much harder to sign players from the EU, I can't help thinking that unless this guy has a solid base of links to British clubs, we're not going to be getting half as much value from him as we would've done in previous transfer windows. Same as with links to managers that have hitherto been based mostly in the EU really; whatever network of contacts and links they might have, I imagine their reach over here is limited.
  2. Monk loves a good hint. Keeps it nice and vague so that it could mean so many things.
  3. Decent potential for some bad puns. I'm in.
  4. Surprised so many felt he did so poorly in his 20 minutes. I thought he did okay.
  5. We've scored 12 this season. Before today's game Derby had only scored 10. And yet today they score 3 inside 25 minutes. Hope springs eternal...
  6. It's typically only a light training session on the morning of an evening home game though. Thompson was hardly ever going to make sweeping changes. Depends whether he puts Paterson up top or leaves him in midfield, but it could still be a 4-4-2, and besides, we started with two up top in our last home game, so this might have been what Pulis was planning anyway.
  7. But the point remains; however he would try to belittle or dismiss the signatures, we're the ones he's somehow trying to persuade that he'd be quite right to ignore such a letter. If 10% of the signatories were made up (and how could that even be proved one way or another) and there 5000, then it's still 4500 signatories.
  8. It isn't a vote though, and besides, it hardly matters considering we're the only audience he'd be needing to play up to.
  9. Does that matter so long as they take out the ones that obviously aren't?
  10. What difference would that make though? Primarily it's our fans that need to be engaged in getting Chansiri out. If we can't motivate ourselves, then how can we possibly expect those merely looking on to be motivated on our behalf, and for that to make any kind of difference anyway.
  11. We have to play this out now though. There needs to be some kind of end game here. If we can back him into a corner, then let's do it. If he's going to be vindictive about it, then so be it. We might lose the club in so doing, and then it'll be upon us to start again in the 8th or 9th level and perhaps without even a ground. But what of it? It's about time we all remind ourselves not what Sheffield Wednesday is, but who it is. It's us.
  12. A yes-man is precisely what we need. There's no point whatsoever bringing in someone who feels they'll need to take Chansiri on. We saw what happened to Pulis when he tried this in the press over the weekend, and we don't need a repeat of that. But beyond any obsequiousness they need to be a good coach who can make a genuine appraisal of the playing squad and find the best way of playing given what he finds, and certainly not a coach that'll just find some way to play their favoured way of playing no matter what.
  13. If we're to stand any chance of getting through this season without relegation, we first and foremost need a good coach. It doesn't matter whether he's a ‘yes’ man. In fact, it would be a considerable advantage all around if he is. We just need to get through to the summer. So whatever old tat any money DC puts up for transfers this January just has to be accepted for what it is, but most importantly we need a coach that can work with that. Who? I've no idea in all honesty. But putting names forward is a mug's game anyway considering it's DC who's making the decisions.
  14. Agreed. It really was pretty revolting seeing this from fellow Wednesday fans. It's the kind of thing you'd expect for us to stick together about. Show some solidarity about it. I lost a heck of lot of respect for far too many over that. Apparently, it's ‘business’ though.
  15. It's this that makes even talking about DC difficult. There are certain assumptions you have to make when speculating about why someone does what they do. But you have to stretch so far the bounds of what rational behaviour might constitute for DC that it's not long before you have to suspect his most basic competence. And I mean basic.
  16. @Plonk is right though. We do need to consider what we're prepared for in any efforts to get Chansiri out of the club. Are we jointly prepared to see the club go bust in order to win in it back? And when I say win it back, I mean the phoenix version of the club? And one that would no longer play at Hillsborough most probably, and would be playing maybe 8th or 9th tier initially. I'll speak for myself, at least, and say that I am.
  17. Just pass it off as meaning ‘How wealthy are the question marks of Chansiri’. Makes about as much sense as anything else associated with the man anyway.
  18. Wasn't Carvalhal involved in the kit manufacturing too?
  19. I suspect Bullen might be there tonight. What's happened to Gardner by the way? Not seen this mentioned yet.
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