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  1. So...he hasn't ripped the heart of the side after all, then?!
  2. Bothroyd needed games to get himself match fit, and kicked off his Wednesday career with 3 games in 8 days, culminating with him being booed off the pitch against Bolton. I think we saw a much better Bothroyd against Wolves and certainly so against Burnley, and so it could be said he'd reaped the benefits (fitness wise) of those initial three games. Hopefully he's kick on from here. As for Madine, he is, and I'm sure will continue to be, a very important player for us. He's talented, that's for sure, and I'm sure his chance will come this season, but for now, it seems to be Bothroyd that DJ is focussing on. He's hoping he can bring to the team a little of what he brought to his Cardiff team, and surely no-one can begrudge him for trying that, and it has only been 5 games for him so far (and he's showing improvement too, let's not forget). We'll see how long DJ gives Bothroyd in the team before he starts performing. After five games though, I'll keep my faith in DJ's decision to stick by Bothroyd. If he's struggling after 10 games, then I'd expect other strikers (and not just Madine) to be getting a fair crack at it.
  3. Saying the 'heart has been ripped out of the squad' is a very emotive way of putting what has actually happened though. It implies a level of criticism that, in my opinion, seems unjust. He has made changes to the squad, of course, and subsequently some players have left - I'm really not sure if that constitutes the team having had its 'heart ripped out'. After all, Semedo, Antonio, JJ, COG, Llera, Beevers, Madine, Reda, Buxton, and Lines are still either in and around the team or injured.
  4. And furthermore, from this article: http://www.yorkshire...grady-1-4990032 COG talking about DJ: Not even a hint of ill feeling towards DJ from COG there!
  5. Starting from about 1'18 in when asked about the quality of our goals: "The first goal's a good goal". He then goes on to talk about how changing Bothroyd and COG around paid dividends. He then talks about COG generally from 2'00 onwards, praising the quality of his finishing in general, and the quality of his second goal in particular, as well as praising his passion and commitment, before rounding off his comments of COG by praising the level of control he brought to his performance against Burnley, essentially highlighting the improvements in COG's general game from last season.
  6. DJ mentions and praises both of COG's goals. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19709923
  7. The will of some fans to have a go at Jones is truly remarkable; they don't even seem to try to mitigate for him. No faith whatsoever.
  8. Wouldn't it be easier for DJ to just not even pick COG at all then? Some of you guys worry yourselves too much about what DJ says in interviews, when the facts are that COG has played in 10 out of 12 games this season. He's either starting him, or frequently turning to him to bring off the bench ahead of either Rodri or Madine. So, do you really think DJ doesn't rate COG? As for Bothroyd, DJ's trying to get the guy match fit - how does he do it? 20 minutes at the end of games? He'll never get him match fit that way. No, he's starting him because he believes in the player that got himself an England cap not much more than a year ago. Is that really so ridiculous? But having not played all season, he started 3 games in 8 days, and got booed off the pitch at the end of the third game. Granted, up to that point his displays hadn't been great, but his last two have been better - especially the Burnley one. We've got a player who's much fitter now, and I'm sure we'll start to see his quality. He needed games, and now he's got them. He wouldn't have got these games if DJ didn't start him. The fact is we've got 5 strikers to accommodate - at least 60% of which won't be happy.
  9. Are you on the wind-up, or are you really this agitated?
  10. I've already said I disagree with you and why, but beyond that, it's the comically excessive terms with which you state your opinion that amuses me. Give over.
  11. At least you haven't gone OTT in stating your opinion.
  12. Our two right backs are out injured. It's just plain unlucky. Should we really have kept a young central midfielder from going out on loan (which is apparently going very well for him) just in case of an emergency like this one when he can fill in at right back? Dave Jones is not immune from criticism, but it should surely at least be just. We're only two months into a new season and both right backs are injured, we really don't have the resources to plan ahead for such an eventuality, which is hardly Jones' fault.
  13. Aye, we showed a lot of fight and passion, which was the epitome of last season. We had gone 2 goals down though.
  14. But the next game after the Birmingham game was Millwall, and there was only one change - Madine in for O'Grady (old for old). And the next league game after that was Crystal Palace which was the same starting 11 as Birmingham but for Jones coming in at left back for Reda, which was an enforced change due to injury (but in any case, old for old).
  15. I really don't think it's so easy to just go and bring in a new player just like that. After all, neither Lee nor Buxton are far away, so then it's like bringing in a loan player to play perhaps once or twice - it's really not easy to sell that to a player looking to get game time. People talked about putting Semedo there - which, may have been okay had Lines and McCabe been fully fit. The only other option was Mattock at right back and bring Jones back in at left back, which hasn't exactly worked out yet either.
  16. It's one of the problems with the way the transfer windows work though. If DJ didn't bring the new recruits in until AFTER he'd started off with last season's team, then he wouldn't have been able to bring any full transfers to the club until January - by which time a lot of damage could already have been done if last season's team weren't actually up to the task after all. We'd only be able to bring the odd loan player in, which isn't at all ideal. And to be fair to DJ, he HAS given a lot of last season's team a chance - even the likes of Daniel Jones, who hardly featured at all last season. Only Bywater hasn't had his chance in the league yet - and surely no-one's suggesting he'd make all the difference, are they?
  17. Which players haven't been given a chance yet? Incidentally, we did kick off the season at Derby with 7 of last season's team starting (probably would have been 8 but for Lines' injury).
  18. They'll win if they dress like Reda.
  19. Actually, though I put it poorly, what I meant to say was something more like that if you were to ask all the young footballer's just starting out in the game what was their father's profession, I bet that the proportion that would say professional footballer would be higher than the proportion amongst a sample of teenage lads picked at random that would give the same answer. I suppose that this would be true with many professions really though.
  20. ....and I would say that the number of top professional footballer's sons that make it into the game is fairly high. How many of these also reach the top themselves is another issue altogether though.
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