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  1. If anyone has a hack of how to turn Peter Beagrie off . . .
  2. Check out a bloke called 'KittedOut' on eBay pal. He was flogging a few of them on there the other night.
  3. I agree. Its VERY easy for me to say I would have stayed. Mainly because I am a good person, and . . . well . . . . would have stayed.
  4. Attacking Midfielder = Michael Schofield. Skills.
  5. Post of the decade. You sound sweet. I want to take you home, braid your hair whilst we both read extracts from The secret Seven infront of an open fire of dreams.
  6. Will Kim Olsen be number 8? Lordy Lordington i do hope so.
  7. I agree that Leon would have done a decent job in the Poo-Poo league (as I heard it described by a passer by last night) Still . . . . . . . all is not lost. FJ9.
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