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  1. SmokieOwl36-0

    1st February

    Sky sports said that they will reveal why in the next hour.
  2. SmokieOwl36-0


    People that run Ifollow have caught the person providing it to iptv apparently so that’s why it’s been sacked off.
  3. SmokieOwl36-0


    Bristol City Rotherham game is being showing on ESPN+ and beIN sport so that’ll be only game available today
  4. SmokieOwl36-0


    No idea. I’ll try and get some information off of him about it.
  5. SmokieOwl36-0


    My provider for Ifollow confirmed that from today they won’t be showing any games on Ifollow because it has become to risky, that’s also on all iptv platforms. He has said though he’s hoping it’ll be back in time for next week.
  6. That was a fantastic team performance from the lads. Everyone playing for the shirt and worked hard for each other. 2 clean sheets from Westwood too. 6 points from 2 games f**k off Jos. Onwards and upwards.
  7. Next 10-15 minutes is going to be Middlesbrough applying the pressure. Few weeks ago I wouldn’t of been confidant but today I am as we’ve been superb at the back. Come on lads!!!
  8. Hutchinson not injured just starting to cramp up. Fantastic to have sammy back in the team.
  9. Hutchinson waving to dug out don’t know if he’s got a problem with cramp or needing new boots
  10. Fantastic tackle. Tbf we’ve made great tackles all game
  11. Had a great chance there if only Matias first touch was better he would of been through on goal with another 2 players up with him. Where has this been Morgan Fox been, fantastic today along with Liam Palmer
  12. Middlesbrough sub Striker on for a defender
  13. Good solid first half performance by ourselves and very organised on the park. Bravo lads!