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  1. SmokieOwl36-0

    Where Are They Now?

    What’s Sergiu Bus up to these days?
  2. SmokieOwl36-0

    Drawing away in the first leg

    They also claimed the 1986 World Cup as they disqualified Argentina for Maradona's hand of God goal. And also the 1990 World Cup because they said 'They were out of this world' and didn't deserve to lose on penalties in the semi's.
  3. SmokieOwl36-0

    Drawing away in the first leg

    Udders won the 1966 World Cup. Fact!!!
  4. SmokieOwl36-0

    First Game of the Season

    What does it matter if it's someone's first game of the season or first ever match watching the Wednesday? We all had to start somewhere for our first match. My first match was Wembley last season and I bloody loved it, so much infact that I decided to buy a season ticket for this season and I'm hoping to do so again next.
  5. SmokieOwl36-0

    Channel 5 highlights

    Totally opposite of what I thought at first, thought Diame was getting back at Bannan after the Ritchie tackle but watching it back Diame's right leg slipped and caught Bannan in the top of the foot area/ankle.
  6. SmokieOwl36-0

    If Carlos gets sacked in the morning...

    Needs to go while he still has his reputation intact. Fantastic last season but sadly this season has been a complete bore from the start and tonight was the final straw for me. Not the man to take us to the next chapter sadly I really do wish it was him but sadly I don't think he's the right man for the job now.
  7. SmokieOwl36-0

    Norwich fans review of game....

    Few of their fans at the end did clap towards the North stand to ourselves don't know if that was because of we was one of the better sides they played this season or because of the constant signing for Semedo for the last 20 minutes. Whatever reason it was I credit them for it.
  8. SmokieOwl36-0


    Fine performance today and his goal was just a standard Wallace goal. To top it all off he stuck his thumb up Mitchell Dijks backside which had me and others in stitches.
  9. Gave my vote to Semedo just because he's magic you know and without his cameo performance we wouldn't of had that fantastic last 20 minutes of constant singing of his name. The whole team were my MOTM today, after a performance and scoreline like we got today no player should be singelled out and tbf not one player gave a bad performance today everyone gave it there all and it showed. Forestieri btw it's good to have you back playing at your best.
  10. Fessi all night long. Whoever thinks otherwise needs their eyes testing.
  11. SmokieOwl36-0

    Next 6 games

    A team in our position should be getting 18 points from them games.
  12. SmokieOwl36-0

    Live on Sky

    Still have us on on this http://www.live-footballontv.com/
  13. SmokieOwl36-0

    Conor Hourihane

    Would be very surprised if they offload Jordan Ayew in this window considering he's away at the African cup of nations.
  14. SmokieOwl36-0

    Conor Hourihane

    Both of the ugly sisters in Scotland also interested but only one of them I would say has a chance and that would be Celtic. Offer him potential champions league football, guranteed to win titles, working under a very decent manager and also the Irish connection as well.
  15. SmokieOwl36-0

    Sam Winnall

    Just found it hilarious that it was an 'average at best' performance. Just no pleasing some of our fans is there