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  1. AJW

    Team for Saturday?

    Wildsmith Palmer Venancio Thorniley Reach Pelupessy Boyd Joao Matias Nuhiu Rhodes
  2. Has anyone else noticed the freaky similarities to Leeds v Cardiff atm??
  3. Atdhe is a goal-scoring machine.
  4. AJW


    I hope you mean Kosovo? Yeah, he made a big impact on that game.
  5. Westwood Palmer Van Aken Venancio Pudil Wallace Lee Bannan Reach Hooper Nuhiu. Very unimpressed with the back row atm. Time to shake it up.
  6. On a bad day he's very average. On a good day, he's one of the best players in the league.
  7. Many have said that our goals weren't as stunning as last season, but I reckon there are a fair few crackers in there.
  8. AJW

    manager for next season

    Let's do away with a manager and just crowd source all managerial decisions through owlstalk. Seem to have a fair few experts kicking about that reckon they should be in charge of recruitment, team selection and tactics.
  9. AJW

    Loan Watch

    Joao just scored a double against Norwich.
  10. Play well and beat Udders in the semi. Wood gets decked against Reading and can't feature at Wembley. We grind out an ugly 1-nil win against filthy Weeds. Fairy tale ending. Can't wait.
  11. AJW

    Has Carlos found his best team

    I think it's worth noting that Carlos started with the same line up in our 3-0 win over Birmingham too. Might be a winning formula.
  12. AJW

    Team for Forest

    Crossbar Hunt Loovens Rhodes Reach Wallace Abdi Bannan Nando Sasso Hutch Now there's a pair of strikers that know how to score.