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  1. Mike Ihiekwe He runs that-a-way Mike Ihiekwe My oh my! To the tune of the Wizbit song
  2. Because the keeper is behind him relative to the movement of play, he heeds to have two outfield players ahead of him.
  3. At least she had the class not to tell everyone to **** off, like Twin did at Hillsborough.
  4. My sister’s then boyfriend convinced her that Arsenal were sponsored by a local firm called John’s Video Company.
  5. OP is proper looking forward to his train ride.
  6. Don’t think you’re allowed more than 2 stadia in the same city.
  7. He’s gone to Kyiv to fight the Russians.
  8. Oh, I didn’t think about that!
  9. Just trying to figure out if Chelsea fans will be able to attend away matches? Presumably they will for league matches, where the gate receipts go to the hosting club, but not cup matches where they are split?
  10. Thousands of kids outside the shop crying because they can’t get the Pat Nevin toby jug they really wanted.
  11. Club shop closed as well. Probably won’t even be able to buy a pie and a pint at half time.
  12. That’s the icing on the cake.
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