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  1. My sister’s then boyfriend convinced her that Arsenal were sponsored by a local firm called John’s Video Company.
  2. OP is proper looking forward to his train ride.
  3. Don’t think you’re allowed more than 2 stadia in the same city.
  4. He’s gone to Kyiv to fight the Russians.
  5. Oh, I didn’t think about that!
  6. Just trying to figure out if Chelsea fans will be able to attend away matches? Presumably they will for league matches, where the gate receipts go to the hosting club, but not cup matches where they are split?
  7. Thousands of kids outside the shop crying because they can’t get the Pat Nevin toby jug they really wanted.
  8. Club shop closed as well. Probably won’t even be able to buy a pie and a pint at half time.
  9. That’s the icing on the cake.
  10. I've got a mate called George Hurst (with a "u" rather than an "i"). My next door neighbour is called Briana Barry-Murphy. (only one of these is true).
  11. Depends what he gets when he goes out robbing tonight.
  12. It sounds like you tried a duff pair. All the reviews I've read have raved about the sound quality and say that the noise cancelling is the best on the market. Unfortunately... I also got a duff pair. The sound quality was great, but the noise cancelling was non-existent. Switching between NC on and off made no difference. I spoke to Apple tech support - updated the firmware, did a full reset, but no joy. They said I could take them in to one of their stores to get them looked at, but I was going round in circles trying to book an appointment, so I rang Amazon who offered me a refund. So they're going back. Can't get a replacement pair at the moment as the silver ones are out of stock. So I'm going to have a think about whether or not I want to reorder.
  13. Sonically speaking, they don’t put a foot wrong – these are hands-down the best wireless noise-cancellers you can buy. Not my words, the words of "What Hi-Fi?" magazine. https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/apple-airpods-max
  14. I’ve just taken the plunge and bought a pair of AirPods Max. £399 on Amazon for the silver model… £150 cheaper than buying direct from Apple. I’d been rounding up all my transactions in my bank account this year into a separate saving space - had just shy of the cost - and I wanted to spend the money I’d saved on something frivolous.
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