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  1. The TV version of am “Im proper fumming babes” Facebook post.
  2. @@owlstalk If you look at the site I sent you the other day, which uses the same forum software as here, they have a subscription system built in. Might be worth looking in the settings and seeing how easy it is to do.
  3. That's amazing... your desktop setup looks exactly like mine...
  4. There was definitely one that worked for the full season, as I got one (cost £10/15 if I remember rightly) and used it a few times. I believe it was run by the same people who ran Wednesday Player, as I know they were available at other grounds as well - I sometimes watch Burnley when I'm visiting my parents, and Clarets Player were doing the same thing. I'd assume that for ease of production that they all ran off the same frequency, so could be used interchangeably, but I never got to try it out at Turf Moor. In any case, they'll not work now as iFollow took over and I'm guessing all the kit will have been replaced. Apparently the ones you get at the Test matches allow you to switch between BBC and Sky commentary, so it's different kit.
  5. Just popping in for 6 jumbos with everything on for breakfast before popping into the office.
  6. Well, the one they dropped on Nagasaki was called Fat Man...
  7. https://twitter.com/swfcnews/status/1150811879960391682?s=21
  8. You've subscribed to a different calendar, not this one. I'd suggest adding this one as per the instructions, then deleting the incomplete one.
  9. Bumping this as a few people seem to be asking about it in other threads. Fixtures were added to the calendar this morning.
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