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  1. I was astonished to get a useful answer, tbh.
  2. First time at Hillsborough for a while for me on Saturday, so forgive the n00b question. Because one of the mates I'm going with is hopelessly disorganised, we're looking to buy tickets on the day. I presume this is possible? Where do we go to get them? On the gate itself, or at the ticket office? Probably going to be sitting in the Grandstand.
  3. I also got through several rolls of toilet paper when I saw that picture.
  4. I also got through several rolls of toilet paper when I saw that picture.
  5. He did him for Spitting Image, but it’s obviously an exaggerated version.
  6. Comedian and actor Steve Coogan is to play the disgraced late TV personality Jimmy Savile in a new BBC One drama. The Reckoning, a mini-series, will tell the story of the presenter's rise and the sexual abuse scandal that emerged after his death. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-58699058
  7. Oh, and someone on Reddit supposedly leaked the Series 13 line-up (they started filming the studio segments last week). Spoilered if anyone wants to know:
  8. Great first episode. Shame Channel 4 accidentally broadcast the censored version though, the stupid ******** ********.
  9. ABBA are back! Theres a 10 track album coming next year, and a virtual concert with avatars (ABBAtars?) playing the songs. https://apple.news/Ae3prPgxUTkaa68G6vy-XbA The first two tracks have been released:
  10. There's a conspiracy theory going round... The World’s Most Hardcore ‘Ted Lasso’ Conspiracy Theorists Are Now Convinced That Roy Kent Is Entirely CGI
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