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  1. They weren't there before because I was having a lie-in! 😀
  2. It’s that time again... What is it? A calendar for your phone, tablet, computer, etc. featuring all the Owls' fixtures for the 2020/21 season. How does it work? Details at http://swfc.me/fixtures - follow the instructions and the fixtures will magically appear on your chosen device. When? Shortly after they are released on 21st August at 9:00am. Will it cost me owt? No. Why not just use the link on the SWFC website to download the fixtures? Because unlike the one on the SWFC website these are updated with fixture changes, results, and have links to maps and ground guides for all matches. Can I subscribe now? Yes. The fixtures for the new season will appear shortly after they are released. Do I need to do anything if I subscribed last season? No. What devices will this work with? Anything which can read .ics calendar files - iPhones/iPads, Android, BlackBerry, Macs, PCs... pretty much anything really.  How will I know it’s worked? Check for a “Fixtures released” appointment at 9am on the 21st – if you can see that, it’s worked! I’m on Android and I'm struggling! You need to sign in to your Google account on a computer and add the calendar there. From previous years’ experience, you might need to wait a while for them to sync, as it sometimes takes Google's cache a while to catch up. You can also try turning if off and turning it back on again, which sometimes seems to help. Help! I'm technically hopeless and have no idea what I'm doing! Follow the instructions for your device at http://swfc.me/fixtures/instructions. If you're still having trouble, post here for help.
  3. Park Ji-Sung (To the tune of The Lord of the Dance): Park, Park, Wherever you may be You eat dogs in your home country But it could be worse You could be Scouse Eating rats in your council house
  4. To be applied next season. Suspended would mean it only got applied if we did another naughty.
  5. That (I fixed the photo for you) looks quite nice apart from the pig badge and sponsor’s logo.
  6. This is my personal favourite.
  7. Is that Barry Bannan’s Nannan’s Vanman Caravan?
  8. Yeah, my dad was a Wednesday fan (hence me being one), but he moved to Burnley when he and my mum got married 50 years ago and we only ever got to a couple of matches per season. Just after he took up early retirement, he gave up playing golf on Saturday afternoons because he wasn’t enjoying it anymore. He started off going on a few of Burnley’s away coach trips with his mates, which eventually led to him becoming a season ticket holder at Turf Moor. He’d describe himself as a Burnley fan now, but when we’ve played them in not-so-recent years, he’s not worn his Burnley colours to the matches, out of respect to his former allegiance. 😂
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