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  1. Just wear a Jamiroquai hat and keep your stuff underneath it.
  2. £5 to take an infant

    TBH, you should be reported to social services for trying to introduce your kid to the club.
  3. Thailand

  4. Dingle derby ont telly

    It's on Sky Sports SixFingers
  5. I ripped it trying it on, so it went in the bin.
  6. As soon as I can find somebody to zip me up.
  7. I once got sent a naughty nurses outfit from eBay due to "an order mix-up". Unfortunately it was a size 8, so it didn't quite fit.
  8. I'm willing to black up and take the job, if that helps.
  9. SWFC Celebrity XI

    Michael Palin could play one half for us then change his mind about who he supports at half time.
  10. I have it on good authority that Carlos went straight from the press conference to the pub to drown his sorrows.
  11. I remember the time I went to Meadowhall and rearranged the calendars...