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  1. Just another Reminder

    If that's optimism I'd hate to be you when you feel down
  2. Empty seats

    Wasn't the poster being ironic
  3. Should Jordan Rhodes Start Against Ipswich?

    cant leave Fletcher out . need to keep continuity and the sixth win on the spin
  4. Loovens

    Thought Sasso played well in his place
  5. roll on friday time for hammer time

    Must win game. Still fancy us for play offs but there's a lot of football to be played between now and the end of season hopefully ending at Wembley
  6. Had to choose between Leeds my fathers team and Wednesday the first team I ever saw . No choice really but still follow Leeds Rhinos as he used to take me there. Wawaw
  7. Reach or FF tomorrow night?

    How refreshing the question is being asked. It doesn't seem long since everyone was on Reachs' back. I don't get to see that many games but he always looks good to me. Tomorrow's game at least gives CC a good problem personally I would keep FF in the starting 11 and bring Reach on as an impact player early in second half if required.
  8. Of course we would rather win the premiership. Still think Leicester will be OK and their still in champions league. Even if they are relegated they are financially safe and would go strait back up.
  9. Perm any four from seven

    Reading Wednesday Huddersfield Leeds Wednesday Leeds final Wednesday win
  10. FF Penalty @ Brighton

    I was expecting Fletcher to take it as he has scored from the spot last two penalties we've had
  11. I thought he didn't do the signing.
  12. Chansiri Trade-off 150th Kit

    A seems good. This years kit is smart would like this years with white arms throw back to the sixties. As for the away strip I think DC has the right to do what he likes.
  13. I thought the whole team were poor yesterday. Why you'd pick out Reach a s worse than anyone else is beyond me. Fessi for example was terrible and nothing said.

    Pudil poor in the first half but I thought he improved in second especially as he'd been booked
  15. I still think we should give cc the end of the season to see what happens. The transfer window could change things. If at the season end no promotion a change will be inevitable and what might have been can't be thrown in anyone's face. Still think play offs are on but must win if we do.