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  1. There are alot of people that understand changing the manager isnt the answer. A large majority of the issues at Sheffield Wednesday were well rooted before Monk Bruce left because the place was a mess. Have you ever thought that this might be the best those players can produce? i.e. They are proven failures, not technically good, loan, youth and crocks who come here to get fit. How many windows has he had the ability to sign his own players in? He will be blamed for breaching FFP next.
  2. I am not a fan of people using stats in order to illustrate a particular leaning because at best they can act as pointers No season is the same, conditions behind the scenes are constantly changing.. the world as a whole is changing.. so when people reference (2nd worst half season stat) they dont have comparable backgrounds or situations so they are all separate entities that shouldn't be compared together in that manner in my opinion. Surely some fans must understand the concept that most complex jobs (projects) are going to take time to identify the issues, have time to evaluate, plan, change etc.. etc.. add to that you are working with tools that arent yours on a job that many people before you have f**ked up. The FFP situation can NOT be a positive factor - in any way shape or form. Mentally its on everyone's minds and in the real world we have lost our (arguably) best player and top scorer because of it. His interview today was exactly what I was thinking personally. Monk didnt put in a poor goal keeping performance, he didnt give away a penalty, he didnt get caught out of position. The players did that. Average to poor championship quality players. Not to add that if Wickham, Windass and Da cruz hadnt re-signed for an extra month.. we would of been well and truly f**ked. Just let that sink in properly. To me personally thats a clear sign of the job in front of us. Any manager could get a few more decent performances out of the these players because thats what a change in scenery can do for you. But your lying to yourself if you believe they are anything but average, mentally weak, and have "are we going to get relegated or not" hanging over them, filled with loans, inexperience and players with extensive injury records.
  3. Just stop please Drama Queen.. There are multiple games were monk has used substitutes to influence the result.. We were 3rd, 5 weeks ago for gods sake with one of the best defenses in the league, had one of top scorers in the league bang in form and scoring away from home for fun. Considering what was going on behind the scenes Monk has done well with no resources.. the players have let him down recently. Badly. He has had his say, signed some decent players and today was defiantly an improvement on Wigan (I was there and today was good in comparison) Its part of football (ups and downs) ... stop looking for stuff that isnt there just to suit your attention seeking. While Monk will always be accountable... multiple managers have failed with this bunch.. we should be showing support for Monk not hunting for his head
  4. Would be gutted if Joao goes.. He has something the others don't.. scored some cracking goals as well. That goal at forest away on boxing day where he rolls his foot over the ball was delicious. Much rather Rhodes, Nuhui or Winnall went first. As other have said; if he went elsewhere and became a star you wouldn't be surprised.
  5. Awful football at times .. BUT.. Some of them away days.. and i mean the day with the addition of wednesday, will always be something i look back on fondly. Great times looking back. That was pre success wednesday. Wins felt different back then. I felt more connected to other fans back then as well.
  6. Nice that your using my video. It actually is ha!
  7. Why do people who dont have disposable income think they have a right to watch things that cost money? It costs a certain price, if you cant afford it im sorry then it really is tough luck. You can try and argue the throw about low income or whatever but that in itself is a fact of life. People who focus on what it costs elsewhere (france) is just another smokescreen for a moan. A tenner is alot less than travel and ticket prices so its a brilliant option. If you struggle to pay a tenner to watch your team play live, then in my opinion it is down to life choices and money management. If you dont have the money you cant watch it end of. I dont stand outside a ferarri garage moaning at the price. I know what im worth and know where i stand so i dont and cant buy it. I would never come onto a forum having a moan hoping to find people with a similar mindset to make me feel justified and pass the buck - i would put a plan together on how i could make it possible. I focus on what i can do to ensure i get paid the money I need in order to pay for things like this. Others dont look at themselves.. they want the world to accommodate them and their situation which is quite an unproductive way of looking at things.
  8. What an absolute load of nonense. The same Sam Winnall who has scored more goals in this division since 2015 than ANY other striker??? Same Steven Fletcher who stepped up and scored in some big games last year, his goal nearly took us to wembley and he was quite clearly half of the best strikeforce we have at the moment with hooper.
  9. Gotta love owlstalk... Sat at their keyboards while deep inside they are skilled enough to claim the game has moved on since he was good. Seriously just stop.. Everything such a drama. Get crosses into him all game and he will score. Only Wednesday fans can strip the best goalscorer EVER in championship history and talk him down. He is low on confidence. end of. If he went to Leeds (or similar) he would bang 25 plus for fun.
  10. I really dont understand why people keep resetting and going over the same ground after every performance. For clarity - This season is gone. You can not judge someone with so many out. Replacements have fitness and confidence issues. We judge at the start of next season. Anything else is madness or a pure lack of understanding of the mess we have been left with. Its that simple.
  11. Opinions should be based on facts. Facts are Ross Wallace has performed at a high level up until last 12 months which has coincided with the rest of the team. He has also scored important goals for us. Very important. Arsenal. Both play off semis. And he has scored some of most amazing long range goals you will ever see. He is also looking a bit leggy and may not be the winger we need moving forward
  12. He scored in BOTH semi finals. His contribution helped us experience one of the best days some owls fans have ever experienced. Why aim a comment at one player? Whats funny is he isn't even the worst!
  13. Its comments like this, (against someone who has been such a good servant to the club) that makes me hate the internet.
  14. I dont know where you got that from because i didnt say that at all
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