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  1. A bit of nob for posting something in my spare 5 mins that I thought would interest people? You called me a nob because I didnt provide the proof you wanted to believe it. I did not think "Before I post this, big lad mark owl might be on the prowl, so better go and investigate and provide proof this ever happened". I was stating facts. I was right. I was telling the truth. You were sat on your couch with your cheeto fingers saying I was an attention seeking nob
  2. I could say you have gone quiet. But no doubt your probably on your rounds "fact checking" and seeking other posts for grammar and factual accuracy. Before you post. Stop. Check. Prove. Sshhh...
  3. I'm at work pal... killing 10 minutes. Not expecting Miss Marple to start investigating the crime
  4. Readily available.. on a public domain. But anyway.. let me get back to lying to random people on a forum
  5. No. I said something that was factual. I don't have a history of coming on here spouting a load a sh#t. In typical owlstalk fashion.. you went down the 'prove it' route. It's factual. End of.
  6. It's happened. I think it's even been tweeted. But if you need some DNA or a deeper analysis then that's your issue.
  7. Was a fantastic podcast... I did find it suprising a current team member would be able to talk so openly about things that could be considered "a bit too much information" in a public forum. But won't be happening again it seems
  8. Early game yes. But so poor this. The attacking intent is awful. Make the change Moore! Jesus
  9. Thanks for that. Your right. I forgot the universe works in patterns. Silly me. Making a load of free signings under a transfer ban(ish), is exactly like what we did getting to the playoffs. I remember the days well when adbi was signing for free and on 3k a week. Just for clarity... there are completely different. Sorry but that's just facts.
  10. This isn't fifa. You cant instantly recover from 2 years of trauma.. simply because a load of loans signings that you most likely had never even heard of prior have walked through the door. There is alot more to football than moving the furniture around. They were cheap and free for a reason. If we are 10th at Xmas.. that would be a good showing for me in reality world. As I clearly recall teams would of killed for Hooper, Fletcher, Joao, Rhodes, forestieri etc.. look were that got us.
  11. I think your in for a rude awakening. Let's get a point after going behind first eh? then let's build from there. Bipolar on this forum sometimes. This will take time.
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