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  1. Let’s be honest. what else is there to do on a Saturday afternoon? Walk around Meadowhall with our lass and kids? I don’t think so! With Wednesday fans it’s all or nothing. Only in December we are singing “the Wednesdays going up!” 6 weeks later it’s the end of the chuffing world! Get a grip people and stop wetting your pants. In football, you have good runs and bad runs. At present, we are on a bad run. It will end and we win again. With the finances, whatever happens - happens. If we get a points deduction and get relegated, so what. In truth the club probably deserve it for how we have been run. We have been in L1 before and the world didn’t end. The fans are the cornerstone of any club. Most of us go because it’s what we do and what we know. If you don’t want to go, please make sure our lass isn’t spending too much at Meadowhall on Saturdays..........
  2. To be fair, I shouldn't have posted it. It is bang out of order what the copper has done but I'm sure that good old SYP will reprimand him accordingly!
  3. To be fair, your right pal. Asked for it to be removed.
  4. He ran BACK towards the firing to try and save his colleague. Idiot
  5. I used to play football with his brother Jon. I’m sure he is OT but can’t remember his username. Liam was a couple of years younger than us but remember him playing in goal for us once when our keeper didn’t turn up. They were proper brothers and I always think of them at this time of year. Honoured to have know a Liam, if only for a short time. Their dad was a character too. It does put things in perspective! A few bad results seem the end of the world at times. Never forget - We’re All Wednesday Aren’t We?
  6. I’m sure that an club can request a number of clubs to not have Saturday 3pm KO at their ground. We haven’t played QPR on a Saturday 3pm for years now. Think it’s been twice Easter Monday and twice mid week the last four years.
  7. I reckon Bournemouth will come in during January. They have a massive injury problem at the back and Eddie Howe has a good record of getting good Championship players. Plus he’s young and English.
  8. As per title. A spare kids ticket would be much appreciate thanks
  9. I think you’ll find the phrase is “Lump on!”
  10. Remember when he didn’t have a shot on target in October 2018?
  11. 3x Adult Huddersfield tickets. Cant go as our lass has booked our sons bday party for that Sunday. Would prefer to sell them altogether Face value £30 per ticket
  12. Full list of the 2019/20 Championship teams. What games you looking forward to? Which ones will you avoid? Guaranteed to get Millwall, QPR and Swansea away mid week! **Apologies. Still Villa vs Derby tomorrow.
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