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  1. Why isn’t he going to the actual match?
  2. Afternoon Due to illness, I now have two spare tickets for Forest on Wednesday night. DM if interested. Collection from S35.
  3. Pod9

    Today line up

    It’s funny as a month ago we had a similar line up and OT went into meltdown. What a difference a few games makes.
  4. Pod9

    Away games, a closed shop?

    No disrespect meant, but think that is only a solution to suit your personal needs. Understand it must be frustrating not been able to get to home matches, only to miss out on Away tickets on your doorstep. However if a fan is paying £700+ for a ST, plus £100s follow the teams across the country each week. I feel that person is more deserving than someone who only attends a hand full of matches. Im my experience, there are three types of matches. 1) Villa, Pigs, Forest - Sell our instantly 2) Wigan, Boro, Reading - Will sell out but usually make it to general sale 3) Norwich, Ipswich, Bristol City - Probably won’t sell out. Reckon there is probably 10ish games that will sell out instantly but the remaining 13 won’t. Plenty of opportunity for people to get to watch Wednesday away. Unfortunately everyone wants to go to the good ones..... It doesn’t make anyone more of a SWFC fan the more matches they go to, as WAWAW, but the system is fair. Also I wouldn’t be best chuffed if all my away points Ive accrued were suddenly wiped and I was on zero like our lass would be, to suit an away points scheme.
  5. Pod9

    17 Years ago today

    I was a ball boy on the South.
  6. Pod9

    Away games, a closed shop?

    This is completely a myth. After playing non league for the past 15 years, it’s only the past three seasons that I have began watching Wednesday again. I have had a ST for the past two years but POTG for most of the season before. I went to all the rubbish, mid week games and any games that didn’t sell out. Now I have almost 800TTP. Ive travelled to Ipswich on a Wednesday night. Unfortunately, this is what you have to do if you want to go to Villa, Forest, Pigs etc.
  7. Pod9

    Aston Villa away

    2700ish last season. Reduced our allocation by about 150
  8. Pod9

    Aston Villa away

    Only ever been on lower but been on the upper at QPR. How that concourse is classed as safe is beyond me. It’s an accident waiting to happen
  9. Pod9

    Aston Villa away

    Lower stand. Dont we we usually get some tickets above us also?
  10. Pod9

    FF - potential ban

    I’m sure I read it on here. When it all kicked off, there was a thread about what ban FF may get. Then someone posted a link with the caption “For all those of you who are worried”. I am 75% sure I didn’t dream it.
  11. Pod9

    FF - potential ban

    I’m sure someone posted that you couldn’t get banned in the league from a pre season friendly.
  12. The Horlicks South Stand
  13. Pod9

    Morning all

    Was just about to post this exact response.
  14. Well done, think it’s great what you are doing!