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  1. This! I would be absolutely delighted with this draw if we were allowed into grounds.
  2. Booked my digs in Wembley already.
  3. Chippy at Wadsley Bridge. Dunno it’s name but it’s lovely. What id give to be walking down to a match with a fish cake butty.
  4. I’m sure that was because Burnley were awarded a pen, which they missed, only for the ref to make them take it again and score.
  5. Good Afternoon and Happy New Year I have joined the group and will try and think of a few items that I feel could help the club move forward. I’ll send them via email. Have you had an acknowledgment from the chairman that he has received the fans letter? Keep up the good work
  6. I’ll be honest, I would take just feeling appreciated by the club at the moment. We are the fans (or supporters according to DC) yet I have never felt as disconnected with the club as I do now. Everything the owner has done to try and “cheat” his way to the PL and avoid FFP has ripped the heart out of our club. Things like manufacturing our own shirt then ripping the fans off, the terrible food on match days, the complete lack of sponsorship/executive boxes sales as DC has set the prices too high. The club should be plastered with local businesses and sp
  7. Good response to today’s comments. I may have misread, but didn’t DC say some of the things said by the supporters club are false?
  8. He will say he is willing to sell for the right amount of money. Obviously seen on social media that the want aren’t happy so will try and call our bluff. He can’t use fans not been allowed into the ground as an excuse, as he said that our money doesn’t keep SWFC afloat. He will introduce the new advisory team like they are the answer to all our problem. To summarise, I will be very surprised if we actually get a straight honest answer to any proper questions.
  9. He’s great but gets a bit excited and carried away
  10. I’m quite confused about all this. 1) TP isn’t going to go into the dressing room and say “Stop trying to play football from now on. We’re going route one with every pass/touch we get!” 2) Even if he did say that. If I had to pick any player in the Champ to get the ball from the defenders and launch it up to the forwards, Bannan would be my ideal choice. 3) ANYTHING is better than the absolute dross we have endured over the past six months under Monk. We have been dreadful! Time to try a different approach.
  11. I know a close family friend to Pearson. Messaged him last night asking if Nigel was in for the job. His responses was “I can tell you for one, there’s no chance of that happening!”
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