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  1. Pearson - said he’d never manage us numerous times as he likes living in Sheffield. Just done wonders at Watford to get sacked two games before the end of the season. There will be much better offers than us on his table. Megson - Would never succeed in today’s world. His methods are dated and today’s players wouldn’t respect him.
  2. Once saw her in Scandals down Chap. Had full 2004 away kit singing “Carbone! Carbone!” Think that answers your question...........
  3. I was disappointed listening to the podcast. Tommy is a Wednesday lad and loved playing for the club. If you rated him or not, the way GM treated him was terrible. Football is ruthless and there is no room for sentiment, however there is room to treat everyone with respect. Megson is past it now, he could not manage in the current world.
  4. I am ever the optimist, however even without any points deduction I think we will struggle next year. I cannot see us bring in the quantity of quality players we need. Although we feel the league may be getting worse/easier, I’m not expecting us to be challenging anytime soon.
  5. But the chairman didn’t ask that. He asked if we wanted to continue paying extortionate ticket prices to enable the club attract top players. The answer to this question was a resounding yes, but it turns out the chairman cannot keep his side of the deal. I think what will go down in folklaw will be a chairman that charged the fans for one thing but delivered something entirely different.
  6. I’m sure the chairman asked us this previously and we answered that we would like to continue to pay high ticket prices to see quality player. Now my season ticket price is still £555 for the season, however I don’t think the chairman is going to stick to his side of the bargain........
  7. Looks great that mate. Could your mate do one of a fan leaving at HT with a look of utter disappointment on their face? Asking for a friend.
  8. Don’t understand the negative comments. Surely anything that gives the fans a louder voice is a good thing.
  9. His era was years before my time but still had a profound affect on our football club. RIP Big Jack
  10. I would pay that to watch Accrington and Crewe alone....... Side question - when do the 10 year ST kick in? When we are promoted to the PL?
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