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  1. Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not......
  2. I recently went on the Royal British Legion website to buy a SWFC poppy badge. Neither Sheffield are available to buy so I emailed the RBL to ask if they could manufacture one for me, and I didn’t mind paying for any extra costs. They responded saying that SWFC had refused permission for their badge to be used for their charity. Very disappointing that the club we all love won’t allow their name to help the poppy appeal.
  3. Pod9

    We are also guilty.

    Yes, I can see it’s my fault now. Paying huge ST ticket prices, fleeced for Fruit Of The Loom replica shirts, following them all over the country. The last time I checked, the chairman put out a survey asking if we wanted to continue with investing in quality players but we pay through the nose. I’m still paying the same to watch our U23s and Morgan Fox!!!!
  4. I would love it if we did that, love it................
  5. That’s what Jos has just said after the match when quizzes on the fans chanting his name. Does he think that ANYONE is going to buy that excuse???
  6. Spare for Brum tomorrow. Adult ticket, face value. Going to match myself so can meet at the ground.
  7. Pod9

    Biggs - Good Point?

    Hmmmm. Spent loads of money on international footballers, then get face on as they are tried from playing international football...... Its like when PL clubs sign Africa players for big fees only to forget they disappear for 2 months in January to play in ACON.
  8. Pod9

    Last season's away shirt

    Im getting the word...........
  9. Pod9

    New song.

    Isn’t this an old song with Hector and Fletcher added?
  10. Pod9

    Half time track

    Great band. Great song.
  11. Pod9


    Great flags lads. Seen Leeroy trying to put the Chap Owls flag up at Villa and the steward making him take it down. Where you get get them from and how much?
  12. Pod9

    Holte End

    Although they have spent millions and tried to spend their way back up, I can’t help but like Villa. In on my eyes they are a class club. The ground is the best in the league, their kit is always really smart and they are a proper traditional club like ourselves. Fantastic atmosphere inside the ground yesterday with great banter between the fans. Wednesday fans singing “Just like Sheffield, your city is blue!” Personally I cant stand Birmingham. Just scrubbers, plain and simple, but the Villa fans know that. Just like we know it about Pigs. Yesterday was a great advert for The Championship. End to end footy, two massive clubs, 35,000+ in the stadium. Then you put MOTD on this morning to watch Cardiff, Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Watford.