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  1. Most disappointing thing was definitely the absolute tool who decided to throw a pop bottle at their winger after first goal. We all get frustrated but let’s not loose our class.
  2. I can’t stand the line; ”And if you are a United fan, Surrender or you die”
  3. Rocky 4 is my favourite. I love it when Rocky is training in the snow while Ivan has all the high tech gym stuff
  4. Chuffing Nora! Some proper Mr Sensibles on here. Let your hair down, it’s almost Christmas. We’ve all been to those away games where you’ve thought “lots going up if we score here”. This was one of those moments. People slating the dad with the kid. So what! Ring Childline and see if they care! That little lad will have loved it. A few fans ran of the grass. Big deal. Personally I’m happy that we’ve got something to get excited about after the last 3 years at club.
  5. This is ours. Got it from https://www.footballflags.co.uk Brilliant service. You design your own on their website (it’s pretty simple) or you can pay extra for them to sort it. Think it was about £250.
  6. I could watch the North stand going mad all day. Watched it about 20 times.
  7. Nicked it for your Twitter too I see…….
  8. They have widened pitch so your further away now from scoreboard innit. Der
  9. Love it how Bannan is seen with the new signings. Proper captain. Dennis is the man too
  10. Never understood why we don’t put away fans on the bottom tier. Looks horrendous on TV with no fans behind that goal.
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