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  1. Pod9

    SWFC graffiti

    If that was my son, I’d be so proud!
  2. Pod9

    Lap of honour

    The only player I didn’t see watch Hutch. Was it Pudil that jumped into Block T on the North Stand?
  3. Pod9

    Nice Words

    I was made up for Fred today when he scored. The only thing that could have topped today off would have been Joey to score also. Really hope he stays. And for for anyone who thinks Sheffield is a dump, you are very much mistaken. I’ve worked in almost every town and city in the UK, and Sheffield is up there with the best. You may want to try going abit further afield before you start criticising our home. I wouldnt want to live anywhere else in the world.
  4. Expected Burton to be the lowest. And who are Binners?
  5. My mates firm has a box and he has had priority away tickets for at least two years I believe. I think that’s what caused the stir when Huddersfield away in POs sold out before they were expected. Although if I was paying £27000, I’d want an away ticket too.
  6. Pod9

    Free Wolves Ticket

    Ticket now taken
  7. Morning We have a Wolves ticket spare as someone has dropped out last minute. Free to a good home for any Owls fans travelling down today. We are going down so can meet outside ground prior to kick off.
  8. Pod9

    Adam Reach

    That megs in first half though....
  9. Pod9

    One for the ladies

    Thought it was Val Venis. Hellllooooooooo Ladies....
  10. Agreed. A bloke let a smoke bomb off at the side of me at Barnsley Away. I didn’t mind but wouldn’t have been too impressed if it was a flare. Think they were both smoke bombs on Saturday but some idiots were chucking bangers, which is bang out of order (pardon the pun). Coin throwing should be an instant ban but apart from the smell, the smoke bombs don’t bother me.
  11. Must have been a naughty boy/girl
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/kerryswfcx/status/979840749662621697/video/1 Not the best at copy/paste etc etc. Hope this link works. Was a a brilliant moment.