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  1. Pod9

    Can you justify?

    We need to get those idiots who payed £10m for Jordan Rhodes to buy him.........
  2. Only recently started listening to TWW before Christmas. Its a really good listen if anyone is interested. It gives a really good insight to FFP on Stats About Owls too.
  3. Hector and Hutch returning to The Bridge like.......
  4. FKIN GET IN!!!!! Luton away just got interesting
  5. Pod9

    Luton ticket prices

    I asked a couple of Luton fans how much their tickets was and they told me £12. Think its it’s pretty bad that they are charging almost double for a mid week replay.
  6. Pod9

    Steve Bruce had a dream

    Went to France for Euros in 16 and heard some stoke lads singing this song. “Kenwyn Jones a Stokie he comes from Trinidad. he looks like Whoopie Goldberg And his hair is fkin mad He signed for Stoke from Sunderland and this is what he said....... Steve Bruce is a w@nker with a big fat fkin head!” Thats what im singing on North!
  7. Who says it’s worth 30m? The Wednesite car park across the road is similar size yet nobody has purchased that. Our land is not worth as much as we think.
  8. Thats the only way we can lower the prices.
  9. We aren’t allowed to just make our own T&Cs up. It has to be valued correctly and the rent has to be set similar. The club has to issue their books in March to be fully assessed.
  10. It was about 12 years ago they did it I think, had no affect on their promotion, it was more survival. The only way to ease our FFP is to sell a few players and reduce our wage bill, otherwise we are going to be in this exact same situation next year.
  11. Think the only club that has sold their ground and rented it back was Bournemouth. They have since tried to buy it back but can’t. Now they are stuck with paying rent.
  12. Pod9


    What else is there to do on a Saturday? Stay at at home with our lass and kids? No thanks.
  13. I listened to the TWW FFP podcast over the weekend. Selling the ground would not help our FFP situation massively. If we sell the ground, we still need to rent it back. The rental costs then go against our FFP. Also it has to be valued at a realist price. We cannot just sell the ground for an amount as the FL wouldn’t accept this. The rent also has to be realistic and not just £1 per week for example. Its a great listen for anyone who’s interested