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  1. It's not a big deal, it's a MASSIVE deal. I would be as gutted if we lost on Sunday as I was Vs Hull and Hudds in play offs.
  2. Ive got a 17 year old apprentice working with me. He is a blade. Typical piggy idiot. Wants to mention every played that USED to play for them, Kyle Walker, Phil Jags, Gary Cahill etc etc. When I questioned him about OUR past players, his response was "who". CHRIS WADDLE "who?" DAVID HIRST "who?" He had honestly never heard of them!!! I promptly stopped after those two as it was apparent where this conversation was going. I'm all for a bit of work banter but he was deadly serious that they have had and now have better players than us. Saying how they were the last Sheffield team to play in the PL. Anyways, I cannot wait until Sunday till we absolutely hammer them!
  3. Leeds Allocation

    Correct, however Sunday is really only a one off. Bar playoffs off course. For the 95% Of home games this season, we wouldn't be able to sell out. And as a football fan, I like bums on seats. I dont have have a problem giving the away fans tickets, if we aren't going to sell them ourselves. We usually play better IMO when there are more Away fans.
  4. Leeds Allocation

    I'm sure Leeds Away sold out on the day last year. It definitely made it to general sale. Its just a horrible place to go and they are just full on idiots! I would gladly sacrifice us only have 1000 tickets if it meant Leeds only got the same. I think it's a good idea to only give what we are likely to receive. Sick of giving other teams 4000 plus if required only for us to get 1800 if we are lucky.
  5. Leeds Allocation

    It popped up on someone's twitter account. Quoted a Leeds fanzine website. Out of all the teams we play, id give Leeds the least allocation. Horrendous fans.
  6. Apologies if this has already been discussed but I've just read Leeds have been given 4600 tickets at Hillsbrough. Surely this is incorrect?
  7. I was in the toilets at Q on North Stand just as we kicked off. There was a few lads in there all swapping clothes. When we came out there was two stewards waiting for them outside.
  8. Fantastic news. Hopefully he isn't been rushed back like before but this has give me a right pick me up.
  9. Derby ticket raffle

    Great idea pal and applaud you for not just selling to the highest bidder. You could always do the raffle but put in the description "You will 100%, definitely, positively, "not" be winning 2 tickets for the SWFC V SUFC game. You will "not" be sat on the Noth Stand Row 26 band on the half way line". Think people would get the idea.
  10. Hi everyone

    It would be perfect if we gave they a right hiding in a few week, then you could have the score and date in the middle. Like a modern day Boxing Day. Although a probable 0-0 draw doesn't have the same effect!
  11. Hi everyone

    Well done mate. For a great cause. Are you you planning on keeping it forever or will you get it covered in the future?
  12. Dead proud of SWFC

    You see I like a daft bet on a Saturday afternoon. £2 accumulator to win you £10k. Only for Exeter to not score against bleeding Newport County at home for it not to come in!! My my dad is very anti gambling due to a few of his friends getting into a bit of bother in the 90s. To betting sponsor wouldn't bother me too much
  13. He came to our school, Ecclesfield Comp. Honestly, it was like Ronaldo was there. It was mayhem. He he must have signed about 1000 autographs that day. I was a ball boy on South Stand when he score THAT goal.
  14. United

    Can see them been taken off Jon if I'm honest. Feel like I've been to cash machine, withdrawn a tenner but been given a twenty!
  15. United

    Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone......