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  1. Pod9

    Wigan tickets?

    Usually go on sale three weeks before match day. Just checked on last seasons opener at Preston and details didn’t get released until 20th July
  2. Its the Arsenal Off Side trap
  3. Pod9

    Another vacancy at #SWFC

    Cant wait for a student at ask the ticket office “Do you take NUS?”
  4. Pod9

    Possible player exit?

    Hunt is okay. But that is all. Yes he is one of the quicker players but he is also very lightweight. Numerous times I’ve seen him try to shield the ball and swiftly get brushed aside. He has great work rate and always puts a shift in but seems to go down injured in every game. Think we all have to realise that this type of sale is inevitable. Id take losing some of our replaceable starters to keep our irreplaceable ones. Id like to see a good Prem loan come in or a youth player given the chance.
  5. Pod9

    Friendly today

    On our way......
  6. Pod9

    New Kit video

    That video should be on Xhamster
  7. Shame really cos I quite like Frank Lampard. Unfortunately I will be sick to death of him by September with all the love in the press will give him.
  8. If he doesn’t deserve to be hailed as a hero for saving our club because he made a profit, does that mean our past legendary players don’t deserve their accolades as they were paid to play for the club?
  9. As soon as he gave that free kick away I was going ballistic. My wife said “they aren’t going to score from there are they! Calm down.” Nearly slapped her when Kroos scored
  10. Was that the game we conceded in last minute from 60 yards?
  11. Exactly, I had the same thought while watching Peru and again watching Brazil last night.