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  1. Just a thought

    Mike Bassett is said to be interested in the job.
  2. Relegation run ins

    I'm not taking anything for granted, we can be relegated. However, it's an old adage but I'd rather have the points on the board that we have compared to that of those below us. Sunderlands confidence must be rock bottom after tonight They have some tough games to come like us but they might be lucky if Wolves are promoted and have their flip flops by the time they play them. They also have us at home! Burtons next few run of games looks fearsome, but then again the pressure will now start cranking up on the likes of Brizzle and the Blunts. Brums fixtures aren't the most fearsome and they have a new manager which might give them a lift. Reading have a tough run in but they are relatively close to us and given our run rate at the moment they may not need much to overtake us. There are quite a few games where these teams play each other. In summary I can see 45 points potentially being enough, but that's still 8points away, how dearly we could do with a win on Saturday.
  3. It's nonsensical for the club not to let players train. I can see the arguments about not playing certain players because of appearance money etc, but given our position in the league surely you'd want the ability to call on these players if we need to get a few results. I think Jos has looked at the situation and decided let's get players fit for the start of next season to give it a real go and have them fit if it's necessary sell any players before the window closes. That's at least partly why players aren't being rushed back, he wants to make sure they are fit. If we had a fully fit squad we shouldn't need to rush players back.
  4. FAO Katrien Meire and SWFC

    Not sure we would. The POTG would be minimal on a day like today, why not play on a better day/ evening when you might get more, should be the same for them.
  5. Non thread, Jos said he's training.
  6. Watching it back there are clear examples where one of our players is fouled, e.g. Clare at the beginning, Reach tackled from behind However, despite the continuing feeling that he wasn't entirely "fair" I think the really controversial decisions are less clear cut than I for one initially thought: - the foul for the cross that lead to the first goal I still think was harsh for a free kick - the cross from snideygrass for Whelan is difficult to tell, only someone directly inline could see that but looks mighty close and possibly still in - the Terry challenge on Nuhui look like he got the ball but questionable if it was from behind, you've seen them given - the corner for the 3rd, never a corner - Pudil definitely went in hard on snideygrass and I suppose others may have given penalties but it strikes me the ball had been passed and it was more like the two collided as opposed to Pudil fouling him with the ball
  7. The championship on ch5

    Don't watch it because it's poo , as you have illuminated
  8. If true, anyone that saw it should complain to the club and syp, surely they couldn't ignore that!?
  9. I wonder what their average is and what they have had in the last 6. Anyone taking a bet it's higher than 1 and some. flipping Snidegrass probably won half of their fouls. The stinky flaps fell to the ground one time even before our player got to him
  10. I'm guessing Derbys interest in Winnall will depend which league they're in.
  11. Fun things from last night

    There's some pretty desperate "honours" on there.
  12. Totally appropriate conditions in my view if you are going to get a refund. I'm with DC on this.
  13. Don't get me wrong I don't want us to lose on Friday like the next Owl. However, if whatever team gets picked puts a shift in and to an extent has a go then I'll not complain too much given the recent performances etc and therefore I'd still contemplate going to the replay IF we lose against the blunts
  14. Calm

    The way it all happened makes me think CC decided he wanted to go when an offer was on the table from Swansea and DC couldn't say no given the recent performances and the increasing discontent among fans (or the so called fans). You would have thought DC wouldn't have sacked CC until he'd got a replacement lined up. Or is this evidence of his naivety in running a football club.