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  1. Just need our home fans to believe now, in a similar way to the first 2 seasons of CC.
  2. As ever in the Championship but it will certainly be true of this one, the first goal will be immense particularly for how the home supporters respond
  3. I agree, I've worked for a Consultant that has done this kind of analysis and think it was far from convincing when compared to the techniques and types of analysis that can be undertaken. That's not to say some of the conclusions couldn't stand up but the overwhelming issue for me is the assessment of risk when it comes to games when one man and his dog turn up and are seated in the West. Add to that the totally inconsistent approach at the sty and you have something which smells of impartiality gone wrong.
  4. I mean that's what you do if you're a hoofball team, take your biggest lumbering striker off
  5. Only if they take Rhodes as well as his driver
  6. When they showed the injured Charlton players sat in the stand did anyone else see someone that looked like Lucas Joao sat in front of them?
  7. If we are going to make the Playoffs we need to be in there at the end of that 7 games.
  8. Nuhui does 9 times out of 10 effect the games, but not always leading to a positive result. It generally down to causing the opposites to shuffle or change defensively. I agree FF must be banging on the door to start if not come on as a sub but I personally don't think it's always the right choice to bring FF on in every situation/ game depending on who we already have on the pitch and the opposition. However I would probably be starting FF at home alongside Fletch up top.
  9. He's small and quick, he's not big enough is he? Oh wait, there was that guy called Vardy wasn't there.
  10. Its arguable but we couldnt have got relegated at much worse a time. For those that remember it, not only were we already over reaching our finances we thought there would be a relatively soft landing with ITV Digital, which disappeared. So no parachute payments, no other significant TV money and already burdened financially. Not to mention a squad of players that werent up for a fight to get promoted unlike the previous time. No wonder we have been languishing for so long. Its even more frustrating when you see what Leicester, Soton and Palace have done in the period since we got relegated.
  11. Ken Knighton, that goal that gave us a 1-0 win over Notlob and a further season in Division 2.
  12. Apparently didn't train yesterday because of a knock, might have affected his game today.
  13. Hardly pathetic but definitely disappointing. As GM said it was a battle and we nearly / could have easily come away with 3 points. a tail of 2 deflected shots, theirs goes in ours doesn't.
  14. At home watching on Sky with a few tinnies.
  15. Be interesting to know how serious the rumours about a separate EFL deal for TV rights are or indeed the PL 2, which I would surprised to see even with the number of so called big teams in the Championship at the minute. Plus if the darlings of Sky get promoted they will be even more unlikely to listen to a PL2 etc
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