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  1. Tank_owl

    The Wednesday Tap

    Yes it's open
  2. No chance him going to Leeds. ifFulham get promoted I can see FF fancying that (and possibly more importantly his missus would), I could see that scenario leading to him leaving but we would want £20m no danger, particularly given the length of his current contract etc. However, wasn't it the same manager at Watford that let him go or have I got my wires crossed. i wouldn't want FFto leave but for the right offer with a selection of good additions coming in it might be the right thing. Particularly if Jos is thinking two big lads up top with Hooper/ FF playing in behind.
  3. Based on what we saw last week (with the exception of the lad that went off injured - can't recall his name) I wasn't particularly interested in any of their players!
  4. Tank_owl

    Future managers

    I've a feeling Bannan might go into management and be decent
  5. Tank_owl

    Simple chant for big Dave

    Jeez, it's not that difficult. If you cant pronounce his surname then just say Atty and you'll be close enough. Calling him big Dave is not only disrespectful but the guy doesn't like it. I think he did enough in the 2nd half of last season for us to get his name right for god sake. its not like calling him big Dave is even funny.
  6. Paper speculation, nothing special. I'll believe it when it actually happens. Jos might have other ideas.
  7. Great night that game against Brizzle.
  8. Tank_owl

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    Agree with that.
  9. Who cares, I don't.
  10. Good for DC and why not.
  11. For those of you that park at the dog track, I went by there today and there is a fair on there. So unless it disappears overnight you might need to find somewhere else to park.
  12. Tank_owl

    We will beat Wolves

    Be nice but I can't see it somehow. With all the players we have injured we just don't have sufficient quality, even if we do have a good team togetherness- so do they and they have their tails up. Hoping it's a more open and competitive game though. If FF is up for it like he was against Reading could be interesting. My worry is Prem League clubs will be looking at FF.
  13. Tank_owl

    We got a player on our hands!

    And the good news is he'll get better. Also not bad for a team in the lower levels of the division. Another reason for him being Player of the season.
  14. Tank_owl


    You would hope Jos has started for next season. In fact after we beat Sunderland I would have thought preparations for next season would/should have stepped up a gear re new recruits etc. Unlike some I don't think the squad needs major surgery (unlike many of our players this season), but simply use the fact that some our out of contract to do some upgrading and reinforcing- hopefully a big centre half to replace Loovens and a pacey/ tricky winger (that can cross a ball!!) to, sadly, replace Wallace. The rest I can see reasons to let them go or indeed keep, e.g. adthe. Also now we are free of the Doyen relationship Jos has more of free rein.