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  1. Apparently didn't train yesterday because of a knock, might have affected his game today.
  2. Hardly pathetic but definitely disappointing. As GM said it was a battle and we nearly / could have easily come away with 3 points. a tail of 2 deflected shots, theirs goes in ours doesn't.
  3. At home watching on Sky with a few tinnies.
  4. Be interesting to know how serious the rumours about a separate EFL deal for TV rights are or indeed the PL 2, which I would surprised to see even with the number of so called big teams in the Championship at the minute. Plus if the darlings of Sky get promoted they will be even more unlikely to listen to a PL2 etc
  5. Talking of 'not liking us', I put RS on the way home and low and behold an interview with Porky Wilder for something like 6mins. Who on earth of a streaky persuasion was going to be listening, but when a texter made the point the presenter defended it - what the f**k. Clearly filling because no one was calling in etc, but if the best they can do is play an interview of a club not even playing... I mean how many Owls would have been listening to RS yesterday hoping to hear Monk etc, I know I wasn't. I've pretty much stopped listening to RS or looking at the Stir, their loss.
  6. He needs to be able to get the support staff he feels he needs. If that is Beattie so be it.
  7. The combination of the Stir and Pork infiltration based on headlines from the stir is laughable.
  8. I think Westwood should take most of the flak for conceding that goal. If you look at Iorfa and Lees (I think) they were with Smith until they saw Westwood coming and so they kept out of the way so he could get the flap/punch away. I suspect there were no defenders on the posts because we'd looked at what they did from set pieces and I suspect Smith wouldnt have got a header if Iorfa and Lees had been left to deal with him. I'm not complaining because as we all know, on balance, KW will save us more points than he will lose us. So hes allowed one mess up now and again. And before you say it, he made one against Reading. That one was down to Odubajo in my book although KW could possibly stayed on hie line and waited to see what happened. However, he need to start payback.
  9. We all want the catering to be bang on in whichever stand we frequent. I go in the North lower half. If you get there before / around 2:30 the queues arent too bad 2-5mins wait max I would guess. Obviously half time is a different matter. Now they have contactless payment they must have an idea what they are selling, ie in terms of pints, bottle, pies etc. When I went to Tramlines this year at some of the bar they had beers already pulled sat at the back of the bar, e.g. Thornbrige and in the VIP area. Now dont get me wrong Id rather have a fresh pint but if it saved 10-15mins in serving time Id be happy with that - provided the beer wasnt totally spoiled which is shouldnt be if they pull a few in the 10mins before half time. The other aspect is the personnel behind the bars in the kiosks, all casual labour. I have noticed a few regulars but some will probably be there as one off. When you think about it, there are only 23+ days a year, hardly a career! One of my daughters did a few stints in the kiosks over a 3months and she said the 2nd time she went they made her a team leader. Now she is probably somebody that should be team leader but I think she was surprised that she was being asked to do that at only her second time there. She also mentioned how many different faces there were each time she went. So, it must be hard for the club and any caterer to manage people without that ongoing commitment. Sounds like excuses but I can see the difficulties the club faces.
  10. What a shambles this is. Some are blaming our stadium for being old etc. Whilst that is a factor it cant be the only one. You only have to look at the other stadia across the country to see our is not massively different from the vast majority. The cost of the policing for the Sheffield derby which has been quoted all over the place should be an embarrassment to SYP, but it seems like its an to them honour. It just doesnt add up. As many of us will have, I have been to Old Trafford, Anfield etc where the stadia are bigger than our and now have significantly more fan moving around and potentially with more 'high spirits', yet they can be policed without the need to insight or impose restrictions of the nature we are seeing. Do they not see if you behave in a particularly way it is responded to. Obviously they need to have the ability to respond if things do escalate but thats not in question. DC must think he is dealing with some right muppets.
  11. Manchester Met the well known experts in stadium design and crowd control DC should get a proper expert to rip the poo out those flipping light weights
  12. Barnsley will be no pushovers. A) its a derby so they will be up for it, B) they are buoyant from promotion and an opening day win and C) they play some good football. Im expecting a tight one and we might need to start as we did at Reading to try and make sure we dont let them control the middle of the pitch.
  13. I was in the Home end at the far end. You (we) werent silent. They were very quiet where I was sat except for a couple of blokes with drums. Definitely on the wind up.
  14. Question is what do we do when Sam gets injured, Pelupessy isnt the answer.
  15. If the imbecile has copyrighted the WAWAW logo he want hounding out not only SWFC but the city, flipping chancers like that deserve what they get.
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