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  1. If the imbecile has copyrighted the WAWAW logo he want hounding out not only SWFC but the city, flipping chancers like that deserve what they get.
  2. Noticeable that until the start of the Bruce reign there were hardly any goals from free kicks / corners. Maybe next season we can improve on that as we'll a season scoring from open play. Will probably need to if we are to get a sniff of a top 6 finish.
  3. Hughton to Albion means trouble next season.
  4. Matt Ritchie from the Barcodes, apparently available. He's 29 but if he could do what Wallace did in his first two seasons he'd be good. Might also be a good replacement if Reach goes.
  5. If we get 5 or 6 in the SB wants I'm sure we will stand a good chance. However, although we might want a roaring start, we have to remember it will substantially be a new team and might take time to fine tune. I recall when CC took over it took 8-10 games to really start firing. Anyway there are reasons to be optimistic.
  6. Dawson. penney will need to show a lot more to SB to get anywhere near the 1st 11 next season
  7. My son in law raves about him but I think I hes a bit injury prone. He's a Cov fan.
  8. Shame but on balance is the right decision along with the other big earners. Hoopers injury in our last play off season probably cost us promotion, that's how influential I think he was.
  9. Can't see them signing Rhodes.
  10. We'll have to add it to our honours board and have a fly past.
  11. I hope to be proven wrong but I think he will have made enough of an impression to be signed by a lower Prem or Championship team with cash.
  12. No one is above being sold, particularly given the predicted constraints. However, as others have said I somehow think it unlikely bids will come in for despite his performances this season. If we can keep him fit he can be a real asset next season.
  13. Bonus based contract, i.e. Play certain number of games and .....
  14. Conspiracy theories, maybe he was just injured
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