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  1. Tank_owl


    Boyd might be classed as a "managers player", i.e. does the things none of the rest of the team want to do! No really. Cant think of much he did that much of an influence on the game other than leave Fox with few options. Since JL left I think Fox has been satisfactory and even decent in some games. Time will tell if the loanee will take his place. As for Boyd something will need to change if he is to get a new contract.
  2. Tank_owl

    Bruce Recruitment

    We already have some if not all of that list, but he has said he will be looking at the situation re injuries, medical etc. However, I suspect, from what he has said it will be the summer before any big changes are made, so that it doesnt create any more change.
  3. Tank_owl

    Lucas - Goal Machine

    I a way not surprised yesterday when he came on, when he has played this season hes (90% of the time) looked sharp, including when he came on against Chelsea, lets hope Bruce can find the best way to use him.
  4. Tank_owl

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    Positive thoughts are good, but play offs, really. I'll be happy if we can get top 10
  5. Yes we are a long way off Chelsea. However, there are 2/3rds of the PL that could get turned over 3-0 like we did. So really don't think we are 10yrs off PL but potentially that far off playing inEurope unless DC absolutely throws money at it if we get to the PL. It didn't take long for Chelski to start winning things once Abrhamovic took over.
  6. Tank_owl

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Not surprised at the disrespect and Chleski love-in but doesn't make it right. I was hoping for better for Gabby given her connection to SWFC via her Dad. lawrrenson on wasn't much better but did compliment the work rate and mentioned the fans once.
  7. Tank_owl

    Forestierri 14m

    Fake news.
  8. No 14 bus (I think - must be able to check it on google) takes yo across London, used it to get to Fulham last year (?) when we beat em 1-0. It was easy and didn't have the crush of the tube.
  9. Did you not read the owners statement, jeez!
  10. Huge losses to the team from the play off seasons
  11. On the basis that its in the Stir you have to consider the provenance
  12. Tank_owl

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Probably be stupid ticket prices as well.
  13. Nice motor. Nearly as cool as my SLK
  14. Tank_owl

    George Boyd.

    Basically played in his best position and hey presto did really well - what a surprise
  15. Tank_owl

    North Stand Wooden Seats...

    SAG views on max attendance if we still had wooden seats in the North anybody....