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  1. Tank_owl

    Contract clauses.....

    Whether there are extension clauses or not, I can see why the club might not want to trigger them if they felt they weren't the right players for the future. So why come out and say that? Or if it was FFP related, again why not say it. As per the post above showing the random number of appearances, I just thinking they are foundless rumours. I think that JL has decided certain players dont fit with what he wants and so are outcast. You dont have to look to far back to see the same under Carlos.
  2. Tank_owl

    We’re on our way

    That chant definitely feels like it's become a curse and when it was been sung at the start of last season was just cringe worthy.
  3. Tank_owl

    Team for Blackburn?

    It's anyone's guess. possibly this ------------Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Fox Matias Pessy Bannan Penney Reach Fletcher
  4. Tank_owl


    Good performance tonight and generally does. Some great crunching tackles. I'd rather have him at left back than our other options. btw I have no idea what Penney was doing tonight, neither did he.
  5. I'm going. Unless we get Matias, FF or Winnall back I can't see us getting anything. Probably another Wigan on the cards I'm afraid. Obviously hope not.
  6. Tank_owl

    Bannan last niight

    Not one of his better performances. However he didn't have much to work with around him. Reach and Fletcher were the only outlets when the game was 100mph. Quite a few of his passes went to the Blunts but as I say he was surrounded most of the time with not much on other than often tricky passes to Reach or Fletcher. Pelupessy was doing the holding role and I thought for the most part did ok, got some crunching tackles in, but Penney was anonymous for most the game and the so called wing backs didn't offer Bannan much.
  7. Tank_owl

    The City Is Theirs

    What on earth were them Blunts on about singing 'mind the gap'? If we were in L1 and they were in the Championship or we were in the Championship and they were in the Prem then yes but otherwise they just sound like the fuckwits they are.
  8. Tank_owl

    Fernando and Marco

    I'd love FF to make the bench have say 20mins but not if it means he's out for 6months again. Some people have short memories about CC playing him when he wasn't 100%
  9. Tank_owl

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    It's well known DC was in for CR7 but Jos said he's too old.
  10. Tank_owl


    Said plenty of times he doesn't want to mange us.
  11. Tank_owl

    Jones and Boyd

    I thought Jones did ok last season at the sty
  12. Tank_owl

    Fernando and Marco.

    Extremely unlikely. If JL sticks with his principles, he'll want them to play in the U23s first.
  13. Tank_owl

    Last minute opportunity

    Think you're been harsh on Lees. Boro showed why they've conceded so few this season.
  14. Neither , Winnall and Westwood
  15. Why was Brunt wearing 11 on his shirt and 10 on his shorts.