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  1. Neither , Winnall and Westwood
  2. Why was Brunt wearing 11 on his shirt and 10 on his shorts.
  3. Tank_owl

    Marco Matias

    He's done ok this season but wasn't impressed with his application on Wednesday so slightly surprised to see him start.
  4. If there is a bar then that's a step forward because previously there wasn't.
  5. Jeez if it's not one excuse it's another. Fair enough if you can afford it but, it was suggested to the club and they have listened.
  6. Struggling to think of any. I did miss the Cardiff play off final but I didn't have a ticket because I was going on holiday. Theonly one I can think of is the one Birley mentions v Burnley, I had a ST but was on holiday. Looked to have been a really good Wednesday performance. I did go to Turf Moor later that season when Clarke and Tudgay played well and we beat them 4-2.
  7. Given the number of strikers we have I'd not bother with a striker, e.g. Dooley, Hirst etc. ita needs to be a Defender or may be winger given the lack of strength in the current squad. in which case as others have suggested either Mr Michael Lyons, may be Des Walker and potentially a Peter Swan at his peak which unfortunately I suspect we never saw (I never saw him play, too young - don't get to say that many times these days!) Wingers, well his holiness Chris Waddle, or may be Brian Marwood, Mark Chamberlain but probably not Willie Henderson.
  8. Tank_owl

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    With it still being school summer hols the attendance can be a bit down on what it will /would be in say September. Not sure Dull will bring many anyway im going for 25,766
  9. Tank_owl

    Fans ripped off

    We have sort of signed one player on a new contract, cmon surely no one has forgotten already?!
  10. I'm in. Really hoping we don't perform like the PNE game like lt year.
  11. Btw it's the Premier League (not Premiership - that's what the egg chasers league is called or Teresa May)!
  12. Some people showing that not only do they know naff all about football but they also know naff all about music. last night tramlines was superb, Millburn, Everything Everything and Stereophonis were spot on. today promises to be as good if not better, looking forward to Reverend, Coasts and Noel Gallagher.
  13. Tank_owl

    The Wednesday Tap

    Yes it's open
  14. No chance him going to Leeds. ifFulham get promoted I can see FF fancying that (and possibly more importantly his missus would), I could see that scenario leading to him leaving but we would want £20m no danger, particularly given the length of his current contract etc. However, wasn't it the same manager at Watford that let him go or have I got my wires crossed. i wouldn't want FFto leave but for the right offer with a selection of good additions coming in it might be the right thing. Particularly if Jos is thinking two big lads up top with Hooper/ FF playing in behind.
  15. Based on what we saw last week (with the exception of the lad that went off injured - can't recall his name) I wasn't particularly interested in any of their players!