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  1. Rocket science..

    It happened on Saturday, Reach and Wallace swapped a couple of times, but granted it doesn't happen often
  2. If you are going to do this at least wait until the end of the game
  3. How about Westwood Lees Loovens Van Aken Hunt Lee Bannan Reach Hooper Rhodes. Joao Subs: D Jones, Palmer, Fox, Fletcher...........
  4. No, Tuesday isn't make or break.
  5. Wouldn't listen to a word he says, haven't previously and don't intend to start now.
  6. Craig Shakespeare

    Err no. Never managed at this level. No track record to really speak of and his last 3 months doesn't exactly feel me with confidence
  7. I've been trying to figure out why we are so inconsistent, I know I'm over thinking it. However, it seems it could be we're neither so gung-ho that we try and outscore the 'opposites' as we seemed to be in CCs first season and we just aren't tight and compact enough as we were last season. FF played a big part in his first season after the turning point at Burnley, but he's not been available very much this season. I think Loovens and Westwood have either been injured or not up to the usual standards this season (that they were last) which has made us look vulnerable, particularly without Hutchs energy to screen the defence (although to be fair to Jones he's not done a bad job in some games). im guessing many would like to see the CC team of his first season again but I'm not sure we have the fit personnel to do that, i.e. Missing FF and Matias not match fit etc. Discuss.
  8. I completely understand the question, but I'm thinking it's a shirt, I'll survive without one, I can still support the team without a shirt. It's just a feckin shirt. Ask me about how the team are playing and our results - now that's a different matter
  9. Statistics certainly don't tell the whole story do they. It shows most managers for a club like ours will have difficult patches.
  10. Penalty

    I don't think Lee dived and I certainly wouldn't class him as a diver. Indeed didn't he score from a similar position against Brizzle, so I doubt it was even in his head. As for the blatant hand ball I don't know if the double 'penalty' applies given we scored anyway, it's probably a grey area. I suspect the rule was based on the scenario where there's a hand ball and a penalty given, not as happened on Saturday, but happy to be corrected. As others have said we shouldn't have had to rely on refereeing decisions but those two poor decisions surely changed the face of the game given the onslaught we made on the Bolton goal in the second half. Given were still only 4 points off the playoffs and not really that far of the top 2 (with so many points left to win) I'm still not sure sacking Carlos is the answer, unless we get someone else in that has similar ideas on how to play the game but is going to get more out these players. Otherwise, a new manager/ coach would quite likely want to change the playing staff. I still think we have a good squad, good enough to at least get in the playoffs, notwithstanding we need pace in the team. Having said that if we can keep Hutch fit and find a way to make use of Joao's pace maybe we can get by until January. Finally, for me, CCs probably got until the next international break to convince me one way or the other (as have the players) that they deserve to keep my support. Although hasn't he done enough in the last 2 years to have time to get through a sticky patch? Time will tell I suppose.
  11. Tough times. 77 was probably my first season of going regularly with my Grandad and Uncle after a few years of going say 50% of home games. All I'd known was struggling teams and small attendances, with the exception of the games v Bolton & Southend in the last game escapes. As others have said it was slightly unbelievable that Big Jack was coming to our club, when you think he had no real affinity with us and given the situation as we're in. Not taking anything away from the other top managers we have had but for me Big Jack stands out from the rest (in the period I have followed the club) because of his commitment to us at a time when most others would have turned away. Let's not forget, not only was he a big name in football but he had already done great things in management re his time at Boro. I think it's a huge shame he never had a chance to manage England, I doubt he would have stood for some of the lackluster performance s we've seen or the antics of the PL clubs. Finally I'm pretty sure if he'd stayed another year he would have got us promoted to Div 1. Wilko did a great job but it was made so much easier by the foundation built by Big Jack.
  12. How the hell is Hooper not in that team.
  13. Tbf not many would willingly head the ball back in those days so 'foot'ball was the name of the game.