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  1. Can't guess how we'll play pal it's never the same twice and that worries me. Hope your right though.
  2. Thought they were coming by wagon train
  3. The major

    Club 1867 / Plaque Membership

    No I don't think I dare risk it. However if I did I wouldn't want a plague I'd feel bloody stupid!
  4. The major


    Said all along he's a conman. His press conferences are utter rubbish. The reason forthat is he doesn't know what he's talking about. I feel the owner he needs someone to advise him on football related matters otherwise the whole project is going go down the pan.
  5. The major

    I'm Colin Murray

    I'm spartacus
  6. Just had a bit on us scoring 4 or more at 9-1. Don't know why just thing we'll get it right today.
  7. The major


    Winnable gone Fletcher injured and Hooper always injured it'll not be long before Carlos is blaming injuries up front for our woes!
  8. I think you'll find the Fulham link is dead in the water!
  9. The major

    Reach at wing back

    Got to agree is game is developing all the time, he sure knows how to find space something I think goes unnoticed with some of our fans.
  10. All it means is you could choose a seat in the West stand bit your season ticket for the Kopp.
  11. The major

    Forestieri Transfer Value

    If we could get 6or7 mill I'd flog him asap. He's too much trouble. gets his share of injuries, can get sent off anytime and is unable or unwilling to play three times a week. If he's someone we cant manage without then we really are in trouble.
  12. The major

    Keiran Lee

    I'm expressing my opinion I don't think lm any different to anyone else. Don't need to swear though.
  13. The major

    Keiran Lee

    Probably got shut of medical team because he went against their advice. However keep your heads buried in the sand and everything will be ok!