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  1. I'm an Essex Owl

    Was Carlos this bad

    At the end of his tenure, yes Carlos was definitely as bad. Next question...
  2. I'm an Essex Owl

    Westwood injured

    Is this like that Tonya Harding thing? Jos has paid a couple of goons to whack Westwood on the knee with a metal bar...
  3. I'm an Essex Owl


    He was anonymous today in the first half and whether it was because we appeared to be playing a christmas pudding of a formation in the second half or whether it was because he is genuinely nowhere near good enough things didn't improve for him... Our midfield will get completely overrun on Friday - absolutely dreading it...
  4. I'm an Essex Owl

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    Don't agree at all with the Westwood chants (even if they were I feel aimed at the manager\) Dawson should in my view have been rested a few weeks back. I think he clearly has potential (and made two very good saves after his mistake for the fourth otherwise it would have been 6-0. The issue re his kicking I am less sure about but as others have said Westwood isn't that great at kicking(and I think Westwood would also suffer from Jos clear instruction to pass it out from the back instead of going long) TBH it is entirely Jos' fault for adopting the modern day de riguer and frankly tiresome obsession of playing it from the back and passing it around even under a constant press from the other side. Fine if you have the players to do it (Liverpool/ Man City etc) but f u c k i n lunacy if you have Lees Palmer and Pudil/Fox/any of our other defenders...
  5. I'm an Essex Owl

    We’ve Had Enough Playing For You

    This! Was thinking I hadn't see us look so hopeless since the Burton game. I am sorry I just don't see what Jos was trying to acheive today given the players he has at his disposal. The second half was clueless...
  6. I'm an Essex Owl

    Total Football.....Jos Style.

    Total football could still work - if only we can just uncover the equivalent of Haan, Krol, Van Hanegan, Neeskens and Cruyff....
  7. I'm an Essex Owl

    That Referee

    "By the letter of the law" their lad should have had a straight red for the two footed studs raised challenge on Omomah at the end. "By the letter of the law" he should either have stopped the game immediately for the head injury to their lad or having played on for 2 and a half minuted to enable their attack to complete (and presumably having concluded it was not a serious head injury) he should have allowed us to play on when we counter attacked. And the "by the letter of the law" re time added on it I really struggle to see hoew this can be the letter of the law as no referee ever applies that consistently in any match I see. Out of interest (and my ignorance) which Law sets out the time that must be added on or is it really just a discretionary thing? I think the point is that the ref (like all of them pretty much) played the "letter of the law" sometimes and not others. He was wildly inconsistent and thus crap.
  8. I'm an Essex Owl


    And here was me thinking it was A Clockwork Orange. Viddy mi drood...
  9. I'm an Essex Owl

    A Bristol City view....

    Your City is blue Your City is blue Just like Sheffield Your City is blue
  10. I'm an Essex Owl


    Immense today
  11. I'm an Essex Owl


    Did exactly what you want your front man to do today. He is a massive confidence player. Should be getting more game time in my view...
  12. I'm an Essex Owl

    That Referee

    He was crap. Summed up at end where he had booked at least 3 of our players for trivial issues yet theri right at the end their lad launches a clearly uncontrolled two footed challenge at Onomah in our box and he took no action
  13. I'm an Essex Owl

    Why do refs hate us?

    Most refs are t w a t s. This one was as welI. I bet all fans moan about refs. Mind you we do seem to get our share of the worst ones. The type who "won't be swayed by noisy support. Unbelievably at the end Johnson was in the refs ear after the match. God knows what he was complaining about given he give a dodgy penalty, played on for 8 and a half minutes when 5 or 6 would easily have sufficed, booked our players every time they committed an infringement in the last 20 minutes, gave us nothing and denied us a clear chance when we broke away with their lad injured (although he had ignored that injury for at least 2 minutes when they were attacking us) Maybe Johnson was complaining that if he paid a bung he expects results...
  14. I'm an Essex Owl

    Shocking but happy

    Albeit based on that admittedly odd camerawork via the red button I thought we looked pretty decent in the second half after being at bit all at see in first half. At 2-0 they looked utterly bewildered given how strongly they started and we should never have let them back in. Individual errors can't be blamed on Jos but we still do not look like a confident cohesive defensive unit. Always hard to tell when you are watching on telly rather than live but Onomah looked very strong and Hector was exactly what we need Ref looked shybo as well!
  15. I'm an Essex Owl

    When and how do we......Go for it?

    I love the ambition here but not confident it works with Palmer and Fox...