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  1. I'm an Essex Owl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Well yes we may have talent coming up but none of them will get the opportunity to regularly play at the top level here. As you indeed say our young talent has to go to an inferior league to avoid sitting on the bench. Yes Sessegnon looks a prospect (as does Loftus Cheek) but so did Ox and Walcott and Dier... Are we saying Germany Spain Italy France Portugal don't have talent comng through? I hope we do build on this world cup. But I fear we will always be a second rate international side whilst the Premier League rules the roost and the FA cant organise a drinks do in the proverbial... Hope I am wrong but I don't think it will be coning home any time soon...
  2. I'm an Essex Owl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Any England team that has Jones Delph and Dier in it is second tier. This is why people are deluded if they think we are going to build on this world cup. We simply do not have the talent - and if we had beaten Belgium in the group game we would already be home. We massively overperformed in an easy draw. It was brilliant fun while it lasted and the players have been great and have helped connect us all back to the national team But let's face it our success has been like Wigan getting to the cup final that time (except they won )
  3. We got out of jail tonight. Should have won comfortably. Southgate has wildly exceeded my expectation as manager but he dropped a massive b o ll o c k bringing on Dier IMO (yes he got the winning penalty but he was dogger during the game - should have been bold an replaced like for like with Loftus Cheek for Delle Ali. it was a backward step shoring up against a side who hadn't remotely threatened us. So glad (and utterly amazed) we won the shoot out. Referee bottled it massively - should have sent at least 2 of theirs off. Maguire and Trippier were awesome. Kane is a superstar. VAR will only be used to cheat a team out of the competition.If you cannot rectify a headbutt to the face as a red card then we should just give up And Colombia were a disgrace. Again FIFA should act in respect of their cheating and attempted intimidation of the ref. Still onwards and upwards until the psychodrama of Saturday puts us through the wringer again...
  4. Keepers Kit looks like Boca Juniors! Maybe we are getting Maradona on a season long lone to bulk up the midfield... Glad stripes are back though (even with a solid back)
  5. Yeah but we are dominating them in the yellow card count...
  6. So what have we learnt? Dier Delph and Jones are nowhere near good enough. Any of the decent teams will get chances against us. Trippier is better with a dead ball than Terrence Trent Alexander Darby-Arnold (who has in all other aspects looked decent) If Loftus-Cheek is the answer, what is the question. Rose must play ahead of Young Pray to God that Kane is fit and raring to go...
  7. FFS Stuff like this does my bloody head in. Obviously all of the England line up were products of migration - be that modern or ancient, Scandinavian, French, Celtic, German, Icelandic, Roman etc. Why do we have to make such a big deal about it. All England aren't we. Black white big small straight gay man woman. No need to make such a song and dance about it...
  8. No because it would be like weeing in the wind for all the good it would do and we should not have to bail out s h i t e decisions taken on player recruitment.
  9. I'm an Essex Owl

    Chris Waddle - Coolest #SWFC Player Ever

    He was totally cool the other night on that World cup documentary where Lineker Butcher and Parker revisit Turin 28 years on. Briliant and funny recollections of how Gazza behaved around the squad "7 weeks with Gazza over there seemed like 7 years" ... How that shot he hit in extra time rebounded out from the post instead of going in off I will never know...
  10. I caught a ball once. It was back in the late eighties. May have been 87 or 88. I was by Wadsley Bridge and a ball came out of nowhere and landed in my arms. I couldn't get to the game that day. Think we were playing Luton at home...
  11. I'm an Essex Owl

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    Hillsborough. My uncle Steven who was born in the 1930's used to refer to it as "International Park" (for some obscure reason - presumably cos of the World Cup in '66) He also never ate bacon on the day after Wednesday lost and would so I am told habitually refused to allow one of my other uncles (his brother in law Bert - who was a Blade) to come into his house - making him wait outside on the doorstep until my Aunt shouted at him not to "be so bloody stupid" and to "let Bert in"
  12. I'm an Essex Owl

    Let's celebrate with a coke...

    Nah. Bit too much of a big time Charlie...
  13. I'm an Essex Owl

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    FC Clunge?
  14. I'm an Essex Owl

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    if you are going to knock down or rebuild one of the most iconic and architecturally renowned stands in British Football then we may as well move to a soul-less bowl somewhere