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  1. Very fair point - I was really having a go at Matias for his the first half - he was better after the break - maybe i was a little harsh on him -
  2. My view for what its worth and you will know better than I do how you want to play this but I thought the first half was utter dog s h i t e . Lees was appalling , Dawson gave the back 4 no confidence. Matias and Onomah looked like they had won a competition to play in a match at a Proper Football Stadium. 2-0 and we were lucky to get nil. Second half all change - Bannan suddenly ran the show, Fletch properly up for it, Nando causing problems - even Joey having a decent 30 minutes or so. We get a great goal back - we then press hard before conceding a shocking third (Christ knows
  3. Was a close run thing as to who was the biggest waste of space today. Onomah or Matias. Both were utter s h i t e
  4. That second half made it worthwhile. Been to 2 of the last three at Deepdale (missed the one with Reach's late equaliser) and for 5 out of the 6 halves we have absolutely telephoned in our performance. First half today was disgraceful (even worse than that turgid flaccid display under Carlos 1st game of last season). Second half was great. Brucey definitely got them going. And as he says we probably should have won it at the end...
  5. He was awful. And whilst Iorfa gave him a decision to make he could not wait to get his red card out. Personally seen many worse fouls this season not even get a yellow. For the record I thought it was a yellow (given the conditions and given that their player went down like he had been shot) All in all ref was effing useless
  6. Sorry but that was realIy not anywhere near his best tonight - summed up by that free kick in a really dangerous position 10 yards outside their box by the byline in front of the South in the second half. Great opportunity to swing a decent delivery in and he tries a "cute" (i.e. b l o o d y awful) short ball to Aarons - conceded possession and they broke. Most of his set pieces were poor tonight What concerns me is that it is a bit of a pattern from him in the really big recent season defining games ( eg the last 4 derbies, Hull at Wembley and both legs against Hudds). Talented
  7. Dirty red and white barstewards. The worse thing about the derby is having to let the great unwashed stink out our ground....
  8. Controversial though this will be Paz after tonight's performance Bannan could be overlooked by "someone tearing" up Scottish league 2
  9. It's what I love about football Billy. People see things differently. You thought he was decent I thought he was pretty poor. in my opinion too many soft free kicks and didn't let game flow and was inconsistent with pushing and shoving (for both teams). How Billy Blunt didnt get at least one yellow I'll never know. Mind you even if I felt he was a 3/10 performance that is still better than at least 6 refs I've seen at Hillsborough this season...
  10. Well played Liam Palmer. MoM for me (along with Hutch) ...
  11. He was unplayable tonight. Won every single header. Great goals 10/10 performance imo. Hope to God he repeats that next week...
  12. Ref and lino combo was like watching Zippy and Bungle being in charge. Absolutely clueless
  13. Was immense tonight. The full Hutch - great tackling, excellent passing, tremendous energy and workrate - completely bonkers and pointless yellow card. I and everyone around me was yelling no when he was racing into those potential tackles in the second half - and everyone was laughing about it So relieved SB took him off. First time I ever wanted to see Pelopessy come on - even if it was like replacing a Rolls Royce with a Morris Minor
  14. If we played a weakened side they are liable to stick 4 or 5 past us which may not be the best preparation for next Monday. Can see sense in resting Hutch maybe but no one else. Brentford are a decent side
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