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  1. Five wins in seven games

    Hadn't appreciated he was going to be Pep's successor...
  2. When Forestieri gets the ball.....

    WTF and I mean WTF
  3. Then again the price for running on the pitch is a lifetime ban so I was pretty bloody tempted in November and December before Carlos was vanquished...
  4. Rhodes

    Disagree. This was hardly a "decent chance". It was at best a half chance and in truth it would have been remarkable if he had scored it. The cross was too high and slightly behind him and at least 12-14 yards out. Even Andy Mac or Leapy Lee Chapman wouldn't have buried that. Thought Rhodes did ok. He worked his socks off. He is not suited to a lone striker role and plays better off someone else (preferably a target man who can flick on) He looked fitter and won more headers than he had a right to. His lay offs were mostly excellent. We aren't using him right but not sure we are ever going to... Would love him to come good but in hindsight think we probably shouldn't have signed him (that is not what I felt at the time though!)...

    This season has been a giant t u r d and the only bit I have even part enjoyed has been Nando's return. So I'd vote for him but over the season head says Reach heart says Adthe
  6. lets go and pee on wolves celebration

    Like FF would go and play for Carlos Think we are going to get battered on Saturday (most teams would...)
  7. Forestieri appreciation thread

    He is utter class. Can win a game or change a match single handedly. Need a player like that to go up. We are toothless without him and Bannan...
  8. Todays Referee

    They would have to be even more biased than your average Wednesdayite then I am usually the worst at criticising refs and giving them a hard time but I would be amazed if they blamed the ref for today. They should blame their strikers who could not have scored in the proverbial house of ill repute today...
  9. Todays Referee

    Not funny at all. When the ref is decent we usually win. It's the crap ones that cheat us out of points who are the promble. name me one decision he gave our way that he shouldn't?
  10. Pudil

    And got an assist for FF's first goal. Mind you that pass to FF in in the left hand corner by the Kop at the end of the first half. WTF!
  11. Todays Referee

    I didn't notice we had a ref today and never used the C word once. So I reckon that means he was fab. Even got the sending off spot on and didn't bottle it..
  12. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Shame for Jack. Had a decent first half. Haven't we got any of the youngsters who play right back though rather than Palmer?

    In the words of the disgraced Andy Gray... "tek a boo son..."
  14. Adam Reach

    Put a right shift in today and even though the ball didn't run that well for him in the first half he didn't hide away. Was a great piece of skill and excellent cross for Boyd's goal (After FF had chased down a lost cause and kept the ball alive)
  15. Fernando Forestieri

    Funnily enough I agree that his touch and passing in the first half were not up to his usual standard but that still meant he was our most attacking threat and best player. No one else in our squad (or indeed our recent history over the last 30 years -bar the two Italians and Hirst D) could possibly have scored that third. He is simply the most talented skilful brilliant player we have. But obviously should be sold because(1) he hates it here and once refused to play because he wasn't in the right frame of mind and (2) how easy it would be to replace him.