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  1. He definitely hides a bit and doesn’t show for the ball when he thinks he might receive it in a tight area. He also doesn’t seem that confident playing little one twos and getting the team further up pitch. When both him and hutch were playing it was crying out for one of them to get a bit higher up, the two of them were doing what Pearson was doing on his own and led to us being outnumbered in some key areas. Having said that, I think he’s starting to read the game better and make some vital interceptions. He also fills in well when one of the wingbacks are caught up field. Hopefully we’ll discover the championship version of Kante next season, we can only dream!
  2. MightyOwl

    Jack Hunt

    Gets way too much stick for me, always improves us massively when he’s playing, was a big miss when out injured. His crossing let’s him down but still puts a good one in now and then, remember that one for winnall against brum last season. I don’t thing we could improve on his position without spending serious cash. LWB has got to be the priority position for the transfer window.
  3. Dunno what goes through Carlos’ head sometimes. One minute Matias isn’t judged good enough for the bench, the next minute he’s thrown straight into the starting line up. Did he honestly think a guy who’d hardly kicked a ball and didn’t look match fit would make an instant impact. Giving him 20mins against that Bristol City fullback who turned like a JCB would of been a better way to throw him in, can’t of done worse than Joao did!