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  1. I know there’s ill feeling towards Carlos on here but tactically the man really knew what he was doing. We had a clear style and identity. We failed because of terrible squad management, signing players on the decline and paying our existing ones a fortune. Still don’t know whether we blame him for this or whether the issues at the club all unfolded well above his head. If it’s the latter we could do worse than giving him another crack (just maybe not in league one haha)
  2. Odubajo just cannot defend. Criminal to drag your man down there
  3. He definitely hides a bit and doesn’t show for the ball when he thinks he might receive it in a tight area. He also doesn’t seem that confident playing little one twos and getting the team further up pitch. When both him and hutch were playing it was crying out for one of them to get a bit higher up, the two of them were doing what Pearson was doing on his own and led to us being outnumbered in some key areas. Having said that, I think he’s starting to read the game better and make some vital interceptions. He also fills in well when one of the wingbacks are caught up field. Hopefu
  4. Gets way too much stick for me, always improves us massively when he’s playing, was a big miss when out injured. His crossing let’s him down but still puts a good one in now and then, remember that one for winnall against brum last season. I don’t thing we could improve on his position without spending serious cash. LWB has got to be the priority position for the transfer window.
  5. Dunno what goes through Carlos’ head sometimes. One minute Matias isn’t judged good enough for the bench, the next minute he’s thrown straight into the starting line up. Did he honestly think a guy who’d hardly kicked a ball and didn’t look match fit would make an instant impact. Giving him 20mins against that Bristol City fullback who turned like a JCB would of been a better way to throw him in, can’t of done worse than Joao did!
  6. Bad news if true, Hooper is so key to how Carlos wants us to play. Its crazy how many injuries we seem to be suffering this season though and weird how so few on them actually happen in matches. Are we simply just rushing players back too quick? Are we training them too hard or is Hutch simply not holding back in training? We just need a consistent team from here on in and doubts like this hanging over the players doesn't help
  7. Love hutch for what he does but I wouldn't put him straight back in the team. Great option to tighten us up in an away leg but I think his presence actually harms the team at home. He's not really got the mind of a midfielder in the sense of thinking what pass he's gonna make before he receives it. He slows the tempo and drops a bit deep meaning we're effectively playing three at the back.
  8. Did anyone else notice the amount of times the ref was letting some of the Brentford players get right in his face last night? The spineless coward lacked any kind of authority over the game and was almost letting their players run it. Felt like kids Sunday league when you have a parent reffing! The ff penalty should of been one of the easiest he's made all year but instead he bottles it, disgraceful decision!
  9. Almost guaranteed Blackburn are gonna try and sit back and frustrate us tomorrow night. Irrespective of form I have far more faith in FF to provide that bit of magic to unlock their packed defence. Feel Reach would be far better utilised off the bench tomorrow night and then to start Saturday against a slightly more offensive forest team.
  10. I was another one with a quid on Rhodes and 3-0 at 60/1. Went a bit barmy when that reach goal went in, just wish I'd had more on
  11. Just don't think he's shown that self belief and perhaps what you could call arrogance that all top players seem to have. There's been games this season where for spells he's looked the best player on the pitch only to then drift out of the game. Just feel he could use his size and ability to scare the opposition a bit more rather than play safe with a sideways pass, it frustrates the hell outta me. Kinda wish the price tag wasn't hanging over him as we'd all be saying how valuable his versatility was to the team and how its improved us. However most fans aren't gonna be happy with
  12. Think we've moved on to more realistic targets with the winnal signing. Outstanding player though, would rip this league apart
  13. I'm just praying this operation has properly sorted the problem and it isn't gonna be something that lingers over him even when he's back. Would love to see him back to his best soon! Its no surprise really with the amount of games he's been playing these past few seasons, injuries normally find a way of catching up with players. Turns out he's not a machine after all. Explains a lot about his dip in form up to and including the wolves game.
  14. Feel people's views on Lee have been skewed by the poor performance he had today. The injury seemed to be really hampering his mobility. When fully fit, which hasn't been for a while, he often carries the team and is centre to lots of the link up play. Of course we could buy another combative midfielder to play alongside hutch and invest in some pacy wingers but who honestly sees Carlos going down this route?
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