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  1. Any Wednesday Historians There

    I was there in the perishing cold & for the re-run at the end of the season. I think we played Arsenal in successive matches in April/May and lost the game at Highbury 3-2. Remember having a bad feeling about the following season after that game and I wasn’t wrong. All that promise at the beginning of the decade with Catterick as manager.
  2. Player ratings

    O'Grady's performance at Cambridge United in last season's was very good. He was very composed against experienced League 2 players. A last minute worldy forced extra time and he tired a little in ET. Short for a CB but definitely one for the future.
  3. OP was an excellent summing up of CC’s reign and the current situation. Thank you my Lord! Bullen has always been a bit of a hero so delighted he added Head Coach to his list of Wednesday achievements - classy about CC and modest about yesterday’s tactics. Love the guy but in a way I don’t want him to get the job because then the clock will start ticking and we’ll lose him to the sack eventually(we may still in a January shake-up). I know we must live in the here and now but Bullen leaving would be a serious loss to this football club.
  4. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    What a day that was for you lucky fans! Wish I'd been there but I was working in pantomime in Salisbury. There were three shows that day in the morning afternoon and evening and I got back to my digs in time before the afternoon show to hear a very straight BBC voice telling me the final score. Unbelievable! Totally agree it was a seminal moment - it had taken a bit of time but JC had finally got us heading in the right direction. Let's face it the 70's were absolutely shocking but on that Boxing Day that dreadful decade was coming to an end and we were on our way!
  5. Big John Holsgrove

    Actually saw him score at Craven Cottage in February 1975 - one of three Wednesday scored in the final 19 games that season and the last one until Joicey's last minute equaliser ten games later! The game at Fulham(lost 2-1) was a horrendous performance in the freezing cold. Bernard Joy once quite a famous journalist with the London Evening Standard wrote the next day that it was sad to see this "once great club" in such dire circumstances. Little did he know we hadn't even started yet!
  6. Did any team ever play as well as Wednesday did that day and lose. Still breaks my heart. I couldn't watch highlights of the game for many years. But Brian Labone was on Sky more than 25 years later to discuss it and out of interest I timed it from Ford's goal to Trebilcock's first - it was 2 minutes 58 seconds and immediately after we'd gone 2-0 we went upfield again with the Everton defence all over the place and missed a very good chance to score a third! If only Mobley had been fit! All I've wanted is Wednesday to win the FA Cup for a fourth time and the years are running out! Is there any better film than Pathe's of that game in 1935 - one of our goals seems to be missing! I always felt so sorry for Gerry Young in 1966 but I never felt the same about Chris Woods' wee wee tail up in 1993. It seemed inevitable somehow but another heartbreaker!
  7. Match abandoned vs Arsenal!

    I was there for both games at Highbury that season and it was obvious Wednesday were in serious decline. Seem to recall in the snowed off game Whitham was at centre forward and I couldn't understand after we were relegated why Danny Williams transferred him to Liverpool. I'm sure we would have done much better in the 2nd Division with him instead of the likes of Warboys etc.
  8. A little perspective

    The semi-final and cup final defeats(since 1960 in my case - Blackburn at Maine Road particularly) rank pretty high and the Manchester City(1970) and Forest games(1990) as well of course. The Wigan Cup defeat under JC + Wednesday 0 Rushden & Diamonds 0 - they're all up there. But the one that really made me suicidal - I was driving round London's North Circular at the time - was the 3-1 home defeat to Chesterfield in late March 1976(Wednesday's 4th in a row). Was certain 4th Division was coming to Hillsborough 5 years after the City debacle. 10 games left and doomed because we hadn't won away all season(& didn't). This was followed by FOUR 1-0 homes wins, two unlikely draws at Shrewsbury & Brighton(thank you for the goal that day Eric Potts - the only Wednesday player who's received Player of the Year award 2 years in a row!) and then the Southend decider where the gate almost trebled to 25,000! If you're an old timer like me life under CC & DC is a breeze I can assure you!
  9. Some great memories posted but as a few have said those 20 minutes at Blackburn were the best I've ever seen Wednesday play. Warhurst simply fantastic! Sadly in the 2nd half Pearson came on and broke his leg within 90 seconds. I've always thought 1966(Mobley) & 1993(Pearson) would have turned out differently if we'd had those two playing at Wembley.
  10. Big Ron coming to Hillsborough

    Message to Lord Snooty - perfect summing up of a very exciting time!
  11. your 1st game you went to

    September 1957 White Hart Lane Lost 4-2 but I think Wednesday(bottom of the First Division & stayed there!) went ahead and maybe led at half-time. Abiding memory is of the classic stripes(red numbers on the back) + black shorts and the final 5 minutes or so when Wednesday scored their second and really finished strongly!