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  1. In extra time Bright was roaring down the right wing with DH bursting through to hopefully scoring the winner! Adams ensured he was standing outside the penalty area and stopped the cross with his hand. A free kick that came to nothing resulted. The moment as far as I was concerned. We’ll draw a veil over Bright’s miss in the replay. Never really forgiven though!
  2. Further to my original post that may be the only favour we’ve had from Everton! Think of Catterick, 1966, Peter Reid(a done deal from what I read - he was supposed to have dodgy knees after all!) until Kendall stepped in. Plus several other disappointments too numerous to mention.
  3. In the desperate days in the 1970’s I started to watch Barnet(I lived close by in those days)in the Southern League(they played some terrific football although a tad inconsistent at times). The whole Wednesday meltdown in those days was so horrendous that watching the “Bees” was something of an antidote. No one can replace the Owls of course but you can imagine who I was supporting at Bramall Lane in January!
  4. Amazed that Everton let him go. Colossal player for us!
  5. McCalliog & Craig just played the one game together against Tottenham in that final game of the season. Crying shame that they didn’t form a partnership. Hate to remind everyone but Craig was the shining light in a desperate period for us. It all went wrong after his arrival. Amazed he stayed with us as long as he did. Excellent player.
  6. Some terrific goals against Cardiff & Leeds - on his day he was a very clever player but too many missed matches due to injury and when he’d been out for a bit he always seemed to need at least two or three matches to get back up to speed.
  7. It surely has to be Peter Swan with his 19 international caps and he gets my vote. But there have been quite a few really good centre halfs in my 60+ years of supporting Wednesday. Pearson & Shirtliffe were incredibly successful as a pair but Mobley, Lyons & Walker all deserve more than honourable mentions. Not in the same league of course but a centre half in the dark days of the 70's that I had a lot of time for was Jimmy Mullen 100% effort every time he donned the blue & white shirt.
  8. All good things must come to an end. He always gave 100% & it's unfortunate time has caught up with him. Won't forget the cutback for Wallace to score against Ardenal + his goal to steady the nerves against Cardiff. For his families sake I hope he'll find a suitable club in the area.
  9. When Mel played as a striker in the early 88/89 season I always felt it was a serious hint to the board from Howard that they had to spend some money! Two months later Howard had gone - a 100% Wednesdayite leaving for Leeds! Actually along with Catterick & Atkinson leaving - one of the worst days I remember following the Owls. Incidentally, although times are different I really feel Bruce could be the answer! Has to Roland but we all loved Mel - he lived the dream we all aspired to!
  10. Ah yes! My memory didn't serve me well there! There's nothing sweeter than a last minute winner at home though, even if he had had a few previous attempts!
  11. Last minute winner against Barnsley at the Leppings Lane end springs to mind. Fierce free kick that brought the house down. I think it may have been our first win of the season back in the Championship? He and Whelan were the bright spots at a pretty desperate time. Turner's tenure was a disaster(loved him as a player) but he brought in some good players who helped us gain promotion under King Paul.
  12. Quick, skilful & prolific. More or less the complete package. Possibly Charlton’s best purchase.
  13. Sorry Minton but this is a definite fact from my son who knows I’ve been Wednesday fan since 1955 & works for a National Daily.
  14. Apparently there’s an article in tomorrow’s papers stating Derby, Villa & ourselves will receive a similar deduction to Birmingham. Apologies for being the bearer of bad news.
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