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  1. Thanks M’Lord as always - so glad that your butler still believes even if you’re understandably wavering. On current form it’s all over & has been probably since the Rotherham debacle if not before but last night’s result at Blackburn opens the door a tiny bit IF for once Wednesday can capitalise. I think we all know the answer but we can still dream can’t we? You never know Nigel might be lenient with us & we’ll stroll to a 2-0 win.
  2. Of course these three games will all have to be won no if’s or but’s. Should that happen we might have a glimmer of hope but the chances of Wednesday achieving that with this set of players seems fanciful.
  3. The top of the Premier is fantasy land - Manchester City’s first XI + bench is usually in the realms of 500 to 700 million in transfer fees. The wages of course, including “loyalty” payments on top are eye watering. Aguerro earns 300k almost certainly topped up to 500k PER WEEK & City don’t want him now & the rumour is he’ll probably have to “slum it” at Chelsea. Abramovic & Abu Dhabi have completed skewed English football & one wonders what the point of it all is. So West Brom & Norwich cope comfortably in the championship & struggle in the Premier. Hard to see how any
  4. Where does one start? Everything that’s happened has been predictable & mostly predicted; we still don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes. I never lost faith in the mid-70’s but now the club seems to have lost it’s soul & appears rudderless. I have a uncomfortable feeling we’ve nowhere near touched bottom. Really hoped we would never experience more humiliation in League One again - far from it - I wonder if League Two beckons & worse. After 65 years of supporting Wednesday(apart that horrendous run in 1975) I’ve never felt so low.
  5. Have to say Hutchinson playing for us in League 1 next season has surely got to be a plus. I’ve always thought he actually cares!
  6. It seemed the good youngsters coming through dried up a bit between Catterick & Charlton so perhaps Burtenshaw did something right.
  7. There was a rumour that when Catterick walked out he took all the files regarding “tomorrow’s stars” with him & Everton(+ Kay briefly of course) benefitted! Was hoping the 1966 Final would bring retribution - some hope!
  8. Thanks as always my Lord. This really is the last chance saloon & I’ve got everything crossed & hoping we could win this one. This would be equalling a club record we really could do without. Older fans lived through the mid-70’s fiasco - we’re not quite there yet - come on the Wednesday boys let’s have a real go tonight. Think DM might turn the “tanker”round if he’s given time.
  9. After all he’s done for them! Relegation has been certain for weeks so why now & he would have given them a great chance of coming back next season. Football’s totally mad!
  10. 6 wins in a row for Bolton & Lee must be helping with that. The likelihood is that we’ll see if “he still got it” before too long. I mentioned a couple of months ago Bolton might make the play-offs; on current form make that automatic promotion! It’s a tricky one because I can see both sides of the argument but the way things have turned out this season we should have kept him & then asked him to stay again for yet another season for our 4th stint in League One! Loved the guy - heartbreaking that injury so debilitated him.
  11. I think he scored one of the goals against Spurs in November 1960 in the famous win. He, Keith Ellis & John Hickton were bit part members when we had an embarrassment of riches. We could do with the scoring prowess of any of those three right now!
  12. As always my noble lord keeps me sane in these utterly shambolic days. Thank you! Extraordinary world old time Wednesday fans live in today. Just read the Peter Swan obituary in The Times - Springett & PS were England ever presents for two years back in the day & I thought what about Kay & Fantham being given a chance. Now we’re facing a disastrous relegation with Hillsborough looking like the castle in Sleeping Beauty! Bournemouth try for Henry + Bristol City go for a tried and tested manager while we expect NT & his team to work miracles after a truly extraordinary January. B
  13. Thanks m’lud as always! Absolutely critical game - but the Bannan news could inspire the boys. 6 successive home wins? That couldn’t happen surely? Perhaps this time it will - fingers & toes crossed.
  14. Interesting comments stating that defensive managers don’t do well at Hillsborough! Catterick, Buckingham & Atkinson believed in letting the opposition worry about you & achieved success. Thompson has expanded attacking horizons(not difficult) & the players are responding.
  15. Just can’t see where the next win is coming from. Dreadful days for all Owls.
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