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  1. Colin Dobson

    Vic Buckingham

    You're quite right Owlerton Ghost! Dobson was quite a star at Huddersfield & helped them to a League Cup semi(lost to Arsenal!) & then helped his great friend Don Megson at Bristol Rovers(that's mentioned in Megson autobiography). Good player!
  2. Colin Dobson

    Vic Buckingham

    He was my favourite - so yes you're right!
  3. Colin Dobson

    Vic Buckingham

    And Brown dropped Colin Dobson when he stopped playing out and out wingers. Despite the Cup Final season(& Colin scored at Newcastle in the 4th Round!) I was not really a fan!!!
  4. Colin Dobson

    Bruce on........AWAY FOLLOWING

    Yes I thought he did a good job - he saved us from relegation with something to spare + he also bought 3 very good players in my opinion -Alexanderson, Thome & Hinchcliffe(injured a lot it's true but he scored a few and was Wednesday's last England international. As many have said not "renewing his contract" was a catastrophic mistake.
  5. Colin Dobson

    Danny Murphy

    Roger I think the "secret footballer" is Kitson - always insightful on EFL matters when he occasionally appears on Sky.
  6. Colin Dobson

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Superb Snoots - quite brilliant summing up of today’s game & I fondly recall the Catterick + Atkinson/Francis days do it has particular resonance with me.
  7. Colin Dobson

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    Our first proper Cup run for 16 years & we had made the semi's without having to play a really difficult tie. Saw the Burnley replay - I was herded into the crow's nest quadrant and missed our first goal and really wondered if this was going to be our year as Brighton were struggling in the First Division. Couldn't watch the highlights, too depressing, but saw them a couple of years ago and we never really got going. The Highbury hoodoo! The Blackhall injury was crucial to everything - we'd been playing so well. I honestly feel the way the first game at Wembley went with United having an off day that Wednesday could have won because Brighton nearly did("& Smith must score") McCullough, Bannister & co. with winners medals - now that would have been something. Always hoped I would see us win the cup a fourth time but it's been a heartbreaker for Wednesday fans since 1935.
  8. Epic performances by the boys during a newspaper strike so actually we didn’t get the publicity we deserved! Brady’s equaliser was a sickener but don’t forget we then survived half an hour’s extra time. Always felt that cup marathon was the beginning of better times after a horrendous decade.
  9. Colin Dobson

    Mel Sterland, underrated?

    A real hero 100% Wednesday. Began as a midfielder but really blossomed as a full back. I seem to recall Dave Sexton(England’s U/23 manager)thought he was the best young player he’d ever worked with. The amazing goal against Arsenal was not filmed(the cameraman wasn’t ready apparently!) He was Wednesday’s first full international(against Saudi Arabia) for nearly 20 years. I think mixing with other Division 1 players unsettled him & I was disappointed he left(I think Wilkinson picked him as centre forward to show the board they needed to invest & he left soon afterwards - along with Catterick’s leaving among the two worst days in my supporting life). A real force of nature & he saved our bacon in the 4-4 League Cup draw with Chelsea. Loved the guy!
  10. Colin Dobson


    For the first time in 10 years all the players mentioned in that side were heroes even if it was Division 3. JC did such a great job when recruiting although I know some originally came to the club under Len "the Unlucky" Ashurst's tenure.
  11. Colin Dobson

    Andy McCulloch

    It's all been said. A Londoner, like myself who really got what Wednesday were about. Loved the guy!
  12. Colin Dobson

    Born #OnThisDay in 1897

    I seem to recall from a recent Daily Mail that Walker's achievements are unique.
  13. Colin Dobson

    Early 90’s Classic SWFC Videos

    If you're of a certain age two Wednesday teams stand out(1958 - 1962/63) and (1990 - 1994). Very little television coverage of the Catterick's and Buckingham's teams but these wonderful VHS's of the early 90's certainly stir the memories. You can convert them and one day I must do so! They were pretty professionally done and John Helm did a good job.
  14. Colin Dobson

    75 Today !

    Happy Birthday Vic. A worthy successor after Peter Swan was banned. There was a wonderful picture on the back page of the Sunday Express the next day of a little boy(he could've have been more than 6 or 7) running into Vic's arms at the final whistle. Always wondered what happened to him! As Ibbo48 has mentioned the way that Final played out I really feel Wednesday would have been celebrating a 4th FA Cup win. I remember Eric Taylor brought together as many of the 1935 winners as he could muster.
  15. Colin Dobson

    Premier League here we come

    Very impressed with the two loan signings and the contributions they’re making. We’ve chucked a few home points away admittedly but I think we’re improving all the time. Perhaps we haven’t got out of 2nd gear yet but I believe we can and then we’ll definitely be in the mix. Never forget a good coach improves players and in Jo’s we have one!