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  1. Colin Dobson

    Early 90’s Classic SWFC Videos

    If you're of a certain age two Wednesday teams stand out(1958 - 1962/63) and (1990 - 1994). Very little television coverage of the Catterick's and Buckingham's teams but these wonderful VHS's of the early 90's certainly stir the memories. You can convert them and one day I must do so! They were pretty professionally done and John Helm did a good job.
  2. Colin Dobson

    75 Today !

    Happy Birthday Vic. A worthy successor after Peter Swan was banned. There was a wonderful picture on the back page of the Sunday Express the next day of a little boy(he could've have been more than 6 or 7) running into Vic's arms at the final whistle. Always wondered what happened to him! As Ibbo48 has mentioned the way that Final played out I really feel Wednesday would have been celebrating a 4th FA Cup win. I remember Eric Taylor brought together as many of the 1935 winners as he could muster.
  3. Colin Dobson

    Premier League here we come

    Very impressed with the two loan signings and the contributions they’re making. We’ve chucked a few home points away admittedly but I think we’re improving all the time. Perhaps we haven’t got out of 2nd gear yet but I believe we can and then we’ll definitely be in the mix. Never forget a good coach improves players and in Jo’s we have one!
  4. Colin Dobson

    #OnThisDay in 1977

    Desperate days but Len Ashurst deserves an honourable mention for bringing in better players & saving us from the 4th Division. Afterwards he took Newport County into Europe! He might have been a good Division 2 manager given the chance.
  5. Colin Dobson

    Biased pundits etc

    If the media can find a way to not mention us they will - the Sunday papers today are full of Bruce's problems. 'Twas ever thus. The only thing that matters is that Wednesday played really well and won!!!!
  6. Colin Dobson

    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

    Last season's win at Villa Park was CC's last hurrah before everything started to go pear shaped. Surely today was JL's best result so far. Fantastic win - now all we need(what every team needs(!) is consistency!!!
  7. Surely we can't win at the City Ground for the fifth time in a row? Fingers crossed that we can!
  8. Colin Dobson

    Stoke were quite good

    Tremendously pleasing to gain a point today. The lads showed plenty of guts & character. Stoke could have had 5 or 6 but we stuck at it. Really happy with that result against a team who have spent millions.
  9. Colin Dobson

    Bronco Layne

    Gerry Young got a cap and might have had more but he was injured. Unfortunately, both Ramsey & Alan Brown decided wingers were an unnecessary luxury otherwise Colin Dobson might well have stepped up after 2 U/23 caps!
  10. Colin Dobson

    Ian Cranson??

    HW leaving was to me one of the worst days ever while supporting Wednesday. Memories of the signings that was forced on him(Sterland playing as a No. 9!) reminds me of how it all came about. Remember Wednesday were 7th in the First Division when left to join Leeds(22nd of 24 at the time) in Division 2. Devastating and somehow worse than Catterick walking out on us because. I believed that HW was a Wednesdayite through and through.
  11. I'm very much in the Owlsbury category. In the autumn of 1954 when I started noticing league tables printed in newspapers, all my friends were interested in Wolves & Manchester United as they were top of the Division 1 listings. Nestling at the bottom at that time(by quite a way) was a club I took an immediate shine to, possibly because of it's unusual name. Anyway, promotion followed the inevitable relegation(the 2nd of the three yo-yo relegations & promotions) and then I persuaded my father to take me to my first professional football match in September 1957 when I was just coming up to 10 years old. It was at White Hart Lane and Wednesday lost 4-2(I believe they scored first and may have led at half-time) on the way to that 3rd 1950's relegation. What I loved were the blue and white stripes and black shorts and the players having a real go in the last 10 minutes, pulling one goal back(Ellis I seem to remember) and trying to score another. I was hooked! And then of course with the Catterick years I thought I'd backed a winner after all! Despite all the disappointments the love goes on more than 60 years later! And may I also say that when I do make the occasional trip to Hillsborough the Wednesday fans are always very welcoming despite my funny accent!
  12. Colin Dobson

    Happy 80th Milan Mandarić.

    Roy of the Roasters puts it's perfectly. Without MM a famous name in football would, by now, probably be needing another four or five promotions to get back into the Football League. I'm sure 10,000(probably more) Wednesday fans would have re-formed the club but they were desperate days before Milan decided to help us out. For long standing supporters Wednesday's post war history has been, apart from the early 60's & 90's, one "darn thing after another"! Perhaps it's our turn for a prolonged period of good luck!
  13. Colin Dobson

    Happy 151st to the Wednesday

    As always thanks for the memories Dunsby but can you answer this question? The Pathe News report of the 1935 final is a bit of a mess and seems to only show 3 of Wednesday's goals. Is there any other film "out there" which gives a more coherent account of our third Cup Final win and if so where can one get hold of it? Needless to say 1966 & 1993 don't quite do it for me!
  14. Colin Dobson


    Fantastic servant to the club. I was there when he stroked home the winner at Highbury on the opening day of the season in 1959/60. Older Owls will remember his fantastic burst through the Everton defence, West spilling his shot & David Ford putting us two up in the Cup Final. Underrated “down south” and should have won many more than his one cap v. Luxemburg(?).
  15. Colin Dobson

    You don't mess with Gerry

    Yes Gerry did win one England cap in the build up to the 1966 World Cup finals. Great servant - desperate for him that his slip let Temple in for the Everton winner. Saw his final game at White Hart Lane - knew then it would be a long road back.