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  1. Our last away win at Arsenal. I’m pleased to say I was there for the only previous post war win at Highbury - the opening day of the 1959/60 season with Fantham scoring the winner. I have a feeling that was also televised but I’ve never seen it.
  2. Not wishing to speak ill of the dead & obviously a terrific manager in more or less a field of two north of the border but I wasn’t best pleased when after he’d spoken to both Richards & Kenwright Smith remarked “I’ve chosen Everton - I think that speaks volumes”. For old timers like me the curse of Everton had struck again. He was a failure at Goodison though. Irrelevant now 20 years on as we prepare for a “tricky” game at Cheltenham Town(they’re good at home!).
  3. Why would he want to? The team he’s built is going great guns.
  4. Dry impressive tonight - pace & power + his first Wednesday goal! Should have won though!
  5. The euphoria of August has turned into the gloom of October. We’re playing opposition that were imploding not so long ago but that was then. Be very pleasantly surprised to win this game & will be relieved if we don’t lose. The great days seem further away than ever.
  6. Of course Wednesday must win matches in League One(or any league) with regularity but we seem at last under DM to be a competent football club again. He’s recruited skilfully & people seem to like him & more importantly want to play for him. After 65 years + of supporting & wondering whether we were going to be Sheffield’s equivalent of Notts County a mere two months ago I never thought I’d be optimistic about the future again but I am. Wednesday daft I suppose but it never really leaves you!
  7. My oldest friend is a Barnet supporter who was not happy!
  8. Brilliant business by Moore in August but along with others we’re short of fire power. Defence & midfield sorted but I think we need another striker but doesn’t everyone?
  9. I think many would agree that the loss of both Dom & Luongo for months was probably the difference when it came to staying or being relegated from the Championship. One of the decent things Bruce managed (apart from signing Borner at least initially) was getting Iorfa signed for 250,000 from Wolves. What a player!
  10. Thank you frastheowl for the in-depth analysis. I live too far away to go to Hillsborough very often & your player summing is most welcome! Fair & honest.
  11. It’s a long time ago but it seemed certain Peter Reid was on his way from Bolton. I remember thinking “what about his knees!” but JC knows what he’s doing. Sadly Howard Kendall trumped us & Everton had their last period of success.
  12. That performance - wow! Never to be seen again I’m afraid!
  13. On reflection Mobley’s injury at Villa Park was crucial. I used to think Mobley would have stopped Trebilcock at Wembley but Hickton’s experience might well have been critical too.
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