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  1. Chris Turner bleeds blue & white & I loved him as a player. His managerial career was patchy to say the least & to say Wednesday would be in European Cup in 5 years after he took over was daft(& he almost took us down to the unchartered waters of Division 4)but his recruitment at a time when we were in a shocking state was pretty good. His thoughts on Alan Biggs' show were quite sound.
  2. If I say KL scrapes into my top 30 all time Wednesday players that's only because I've been a fan for over 60 years & I've seen a few SW greats in my time. Absolutely love the guy & if, as seems highly likely, we're playing League One football in a couple of months I'd be very pleased if he helped us out because I'm sure at that level he could still do a job. As for his goals like many on here the BC one was a classic because Wallace supplied a beautiful pass to KL who found all the space he needed - poetry! Goals against Brighton, Forest & Leeds also warm the cockles! If he is on his way - thanks so much Keiron - model professional - terrific player.
  3. What a brilliant summing up of what Atdhe was all about. Always available, never seemed to be injured, cared about who he was playing for & who "was paying his wages". Personal memories include a terrific display by him in a 3-1 win at Millwall but for his goals against Leeds alone he should be fondly remembered by all Wednesday fans. Thanks for your brilliant efforts this season M'lud - almost kept me sane in what has been a season that began with hope(the Reading win seems an awfully long time ago) & could end in catastrophe.
  4. I felt it was a signing that seemed to signify the team that had threatened to bring the glory days back to Hillsborough was on the wane. His speed apart I didn't really rate him to be honest.
  5. Thanks for information Torry Owl. No Colin Dobson never fulfilled that early promise although he did o.k. at Huddersfield (they reached a League Cup Semi) in the 2nd Division. Injuries played a part + despite a vital goal at Newcastle in Round 4 in 1966 Brown, like Ramset, stopped playing out and out wingers. I have the slightly melancholic Megson book and I know he and Dobson were good mates - I must re-read it about the latter's relationship with Brown.
  6. Just can't understand what went on in the Christmas period & the truth about two of my favourites who have got to be playing if they're fit. But 3rd to 15th is shocking and it's obviously not a happy ship and although Monk's been given very little time - the 2020 results have been horrendous and I think he must go. The question though, as always, is who could improve us & would they want the poisoned chalice that is the Wednesday job anyway!
  7. I was at WHL in September 1957 to see Wednesday lose 4-2 with Charlie Pllu in goal(he was tiny). I don't remember seeing any Wednesday fans there at all. We pulled a goal back near the end and were piling on the pressure for a third at the end. I think Keith Ellis and an own goal were the Owls goal scorers. Also I'm one of the lucky Owls who've actually seen us win at Highbury. I went with 2 Arsenal fans to see Fantham pop in the winner in August 1959 & with Catterick in charge the yo-yo days were over! The goal was greeted with almost complete silence though. A few years later when David Ford got a late equaliser I got a nasty kick in the leg when walking back to the tube station - 2 kids ran off very pleased with themselves. They'd seen my rosette! I'm a Londoner so at that age only away games were possible for me but I used to go regularly to London First Division grounds in the 60's.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember he was Kay's replacement. He started well and I'm sure like Warhurst he received an England call up. I think I saw him score a long range winner at Villa a few years later. Anonymous on his return when we poor & a disastrous manager - it seemed he would be an important part of the young Wednesday post 1966 side but nothing really materialised - I admit the Cup Final aside I was never an Alan Brown fan( he dropped Colin Dobson!) but the players responded to him for a while.
  9. It always happens to us it seems where top of the range managers are concerned - Catterick was always going to go if Everton came calling & Atkinson & Bruce left in similar situations. Unfortunately, Wilkinson was one of our own and left us to go to a team near the foot of the 2nd Division! Lack of ambition by the board drove him out - Sterland at centre forward! United have at last find their Messiah - we're still looking I'm afraid.
  10. All of the above particularly the really crucial defeats to Manchester City & Crystal Palace in the League and the F.A. Cup Final & Semi-Final losses. The first major disappointment is the worst though when you realise your heroes fall short and for me it has to be the Blackburn Semi-Final defeat at Maine Road(74,000!) in 1960. Rovers had a shock win at WHL in the 5th Round and then were 3-0 down at half-time at a fog bound Turf Moor before winning the replay but I was confident because Catterick was a maestro and we'd been on a terrific run. Shattered by the result that day but even though I was only 12 I should have known!
  11. It's a pity Pathe didn't show the Wednesday "equaliser" as the referee blew for full time!
  12. I was one of the Owls who turned up at Fulham when Holsgrove managed to force the ball in. A bitterly cold night at Craven Cottage, a 2-1 defeat and I realised then that there was going to be no miracle & Wednesday were definitely heading for Division 3. The following day in the Evening Standard Bernard Joy wrote that it was sad to see such a famous club in such a dire state. I may have dreamt this but did I read that round about this time a Wednesday fan hanged himself?
  13. I thought the 0-0 score line at half-time flattered Orient a bit but the 2nd half was horrendous. Weaver wasn't at his best that day I seem to remember - let me put it this way I enjoyed next season's game at Orient a great deal more and Johnson's winner!
  14. I wasn't there but I've watched most of the footage & what a victory that was! I've been following the Owls since the days of Froggatt & Quixall and let's be honest the last 20 years have been horrendous but it's 72 hours since the final whistle blew at Elland Road & I'm still on a high and feel about 12 years old again! Several things strike me 1. Monk's tactics 2. The absolute delight shared between the players & fans(I'll never forget the Fox Dawson embrace - two players who've had to win over the doubters. 3. The "love-in" bubble by the southern media for all things Bielsa & Leeds was well and truly pricked by our lads. Wonderful & to be honest almost as unexpected as that extraordinary F.A. Cup replay win in 1969. Another false dawn - who knows? Blackburn Rovers at Hillsborough on Saturday won't be easy but I'm savouring the moment because I think beating Brighton's "reserves" was one thing but January 11th 2020 was arguably the best result this century!
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