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  1. Colin Dobson

    Colin Dobson

    My favourite Wednesday player back in the day obviously! Very disappointed Alan Brown felt he was surplus to requirements but he did well at Huddersfield. I feel he should really have had a much more stellar career than he did. After a few U/23 performances one paper(I think it was the Daily Express) picked him to play in a full international but I forget who it would have been against. Judging from Don Megson autobiography he and Colin were good mates. Hope he's well and thriving.
  2. One of the really critical "what ifs" was Howard Kendall pinching Peter Reid off us after it seemed JC had done the deal with Bolton. He was considered a good player with dodgy knees which is why it looked as though no top club would buy him. Always wondered how far we might have gone with him in mid-field.
  3. Colin Dobson

    #OnThis Day in 1966

    Yes Nev I too wasn't a great Alan Brown fan(even less so after he walked out on us and left for Sunderland) but a Cup Final is a Cup Final and the players seem to really respond to him for a time(the beginning of 1967-68 springs to mind). However, he froze out my favourite player(and one of yours it seems) even though Colin Dobson scored at Newcastle in the 4th Round!!!
  4. Colin Dobson

    #OnThis Day in 1966

    Hi Braddo In answer to your question - we played brilliantly until we went 2-0 up and then after a disastrous quarter of an hour had a real go in the last ten minutes after the players had recovered from the shock! Nothing against Sam Ellis(18) but if Mobley hadn't been injured in the Semi-Final I think we would have won. In my opinion history repeated itself in 1993. The Blackburn League Semi was the best ever performance I've ever seen from a Wednesday team but people tend to forget that mid-way through the second half Nigel Pearson came on and broke his leg within 90 seconds! Pretty sure he hardly played again before heading for Middlesbrough. No Shirtliff in the final either I seem to recall - what a pairing those two made. No one in the football world seemed to recognise them but they were an ace combination.
  5. Colin Dobson

    #OnThis Day in 1966

    Desperate day! We held that 2-0 lead for just under three minutes and immediately after Ford's goal we went up field and very nearly scored again with the Everton defence all over the place. I remember Kenneth Wolstenholme saying that "it looks as though the cup is coming home to Sheffield!" In March 1967 Geoffrey Green,quite a doyen of football writing in the 50's & 60's, said on Sports Report on the Light(!) Programme "Wednesday for the cup" a week before the 6th Round tie at Stamford Bridge. We all know what happened that day and we're still waiting! Don't think I shall live to see it!
  6. Excellent interview. I know one shouldn't romanticise about players playing for the Owls too much but Atdhe really does seem the real deal - absolutely committed to the cause, a genuinely nice guy and suddenly those little pieces of brilliance are flowering over prolonged periods in games + the goals(tap ins, headers & worldies). I think he has such a lot to his game and his height is such a bonus!
  7. Colin Dobson

    ffs Wednesday

    My 5 worst on-field moments:- 1. 1960 semi-final - my first serious disappointment as an Owls fan. Probably had a perfectly good equaliser chalked off too. 74,000 at Maine Road! 2. 1966 cup final - apart from a desperate quarter of an hour we were so good that day. 3. 1970 relegation - Manchester City did everything they could for us - it was obvious we were going to be away from the top division for quite a while. 4. 1983 semi-final -really expected to win that game - it was our first meaningful cup run since 1967. Highbury curse + Blackhall's broken leg at Bolton the Saturday before - heartbreaking! 5. 1993 cup final replay - Bright's miss & Woods' flap - there was so much at stake(European football and continuing the two year momentum - if you include a Charity Shield victory in 1935 that would have been our 10th major trophy). I think we ran out of centre halves which didn't help. Took months to get over the disappointment - guessed it was the end of the best times. My worst 5 off-field moments:- 1. Wilkinson walking out to go to Leeds(we were 7th in the First Division - Leeds 22nd out of 24 in Division 2!) 2. Catterick leaving for Everton 3. Atkinson leaving for Aston Villa 4. The ignominy of the "bribes scandal" 5. The real worry that the club might fold or at best go into administration before Milan saved us. I think that's my 60 year supporting of Wednesday in a nutshell but I shall never forget the "thud" when Sheridan scored the winner in the 1991 League Cup Final! Fantastic!
  8. Colin Dobson

    Ray Blackhall

    I think he was injured( a broken leg?) the week before the 1983 semi final at Highbury. He was never the same player after that and we were really playing well at the time - really thought after 16 years and only 1 or 2 5th Round appearances between 1967 & 1983 Brighton were there for the taking!
  9. Colin Dobson

    60 years ago today

    My memory must be playing tricks! I must be one of the few Wednesday fans who have actually seen us win at Arsenal(only twice post war ) I missed the 61-62 2-1 win but was there for the August 1959 game. I thought we played in all white that day - I can still picture Fantham side footing the winner! However, it was an extremely sunny day I remember and the F.A. Yearbook seems to confirm it. Can you confirm please Dunsby?
  10. Thanks for all the trips down memory lane! The Froggatt father and son connection reminds me of those yo-yo years in the 50's. It's a shame the Hirst connection seems likely to be broken but then I suppose that's the way the world is now.
  11. Colin Dobson

    #OnThisDay in 1966

    It was a great day and very unexpected but thoroughly deserved. Wonderful picture in the Sunday Express the following day of a little four year old boy jumping into Vic Mobley's arms at the final whistle. Who was that little lad I wonder? If only that injury hadn't happened. Always thought Mobley would have made all the difference at Wembley.
  12. Yes Lopez looked a very good player but was overwhelmed in the 2nd leg at Brighton. His first really ineffectual game. With hindsight you wonder if he might have made a difference at Wembley but probably not.
  13. Colin Dobson

    Was last night really that bad?!

    What DJ Mortimer has said about the Arsenal game is so true. With 18 minutes to go it was 1-1 and I genuinely thought we could go on to win!
  14. Colin Dobson

    Brian Hornsby

    Unfortunately, there was a paper strike during the Arsenal sequence. It meant that typically we never received the accolades we should have done. It was one of the last of the Cup replay marathons - Brady equalised in the last minute in the Highbury game - Wednesday held on in extra time. Then came the three games at Filbert Street!
  15. Colin Dobson

    57 Today - Shirty!

    Yes I agree. 1993 was all about us running out of centre halfs culminating in the Francis/Warhurst spat on Cup Final day. Like many others have said the Blackburn semi was Wednesday’s best ever TV appearance but people forget Pearson broke his leg after coming on for an extremely brief substitute appearance. Shirtliff & Pearson among Wednesday’s best ever pairings in my opinion. Completely underrated but Atkinson got that bit of team selection right in spades!