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  1. I wasn't there but I've watched most of the footage & what a victory that was! I've been following the Owls since the days of Froggatt & Quixall and let's be honest the last 20 years have been horrendous but it's 72 hours since the final whistle blew at Elland Road & I'm still on a high and feel about 12 years old again! Several things strike me 1. Monk's tactics 2. The absolute delight shared between the players & fans(I'll never forget the Fox Dawson embrace - two players who've had to win over the doubters. 3. The "love-in" bubble by the southern media for all things Bielsa & Leeds was well and truly pricked by our lads. Wonderful & to be honest almost as unexpected as that extraordinary F.A. Cup replay win in 1969. Another false dawn - who knows? Blackburn Rovers at Hillsborough on Saturday won't be easy but I'm savouring the moment because I think beating Brighton's "reserves" was one thing but January 11th 2020 was arguably the best result this century!
  2. Always thought our first serious cup run for 18 years or so would mean Wembley. Devastating result. Blackhall's injury the week before crucial - the way United played in the first Final at Wembley made me think we could have won at the first time of asking as Brighton should have done. Mirocevic played his first games for weeks and scored! Awful day!
  3. I have a feeling this is actually the first time ever that we've won AWAY in the F.A. Cup against a 1st or Premier Division club. Historically, we were usually in the top division of course! Alan Irvine is the only Wednesday manager to achieve an away win against a team in a higher league(Bristol City 0 Wednesday 3) but of course. We were. league One and City were in the Championship.
  4. Brilliant summing up of what's happened & where we are now. Patience required - for Wednesday fans isn't that always the case!
  5. I know Wednesday fans will understand me when I say 20 years out of the Premier League these last two week-ends have been depressingly familiar! We know that in the context of the 21st century Wednesday are in a better place than usual but if we'd taken four points(or even six) from the last two matches we'd be either fourth or second. And then there's Vardy's exploits at Leicester managed by Nigel Worthington's nephew(I believe) who though allegedly a Wednesday fan will never take over the rains at Hillsborough. On top of that who can deny that Wilder is doing a fantastic job in S2 - no away defeat since January for goodness sake! After 60 years plus of supporting the Owls will this torment ever end?
  6. We've been on the wrong end of some pastings up at Middlesbrough in the past(8-0 when Jack Charlton was their manager springs humiliatingly to mind) so today was a bit special. Our best ever away win against them! Made my week-end! An early "first" record for Monk - fingers crossed the first of many. I'm glossing over the 3-0 away F.A. Cup win at Bristol City under Alan Irvine!
  7. That would be of interest Bearwood! I remember Des Lynam on Sports Report saying "sympathy wells up for Sheffield Wednesday after today's result( a home defeat to Hereford perhaps - can't quite remember). Those car crash days do bring back memories I agree(when were we going to turn things round? - let's be honest Wednesday's 9 years in Division 3 were unifirmly pretty grim despite three promotions) - after the Catterick & Buckingham days of ten years earlier I couldn't believe we could sink so low!!!
  8. Awful times for the club - the worst in fact! Looking back on it the club just disintegrated - crazy decision to appoint him in the first place! After survival by the narrowest of margins in 1974 the following two seasons were a complete nightmare - thought we'd never come back to be honest(a bit like now I suppose!).
  9. Of course Wednesday were one of five or six clubs who didn't enter to begin with - in fact their first League Cup tie(1967 I think) was a 1-0 home defeat to Rotherham! Can't disagree with the posts in this thread but at least I can say I saw Wednesday win a major trophy! It's likely to be the only one!
  10. With Cardiff's relegation I just don't understand why we managed to get him for nothing. Bizarre! But what a coup! Involved in both goals yesterday and he tracks back too. Extraordinary free signing.
  11. After 60 years plus of supporting the Wednesday all of the above! But 1966 & 1993 F.A.Cup finals must take preference not to mention the 1983 Highbury semi! I never thought we’d lose that one & the way United played in the first game at Wembley we really could have been the last 2nd Division team to win the Cup. Let’s face it the Cup has given us all some horrendous memories!
  12. Now that the dust has settled a bit and my disappointment and anger has subsided after a very gutsy display on Saturday, I have to say Bruce has brought in three very good acquisitions(the Brentford boy needs a bit more time to fit in). Why did Warnock let Harris go? Bizarre! Iorfa was a snip at £ 200,000 and he also brought a highly esteemed fitness coach on board. It’s so frustrating that Bruce quickly realised what improvements were needed and planned accordingly - he could have been a real Hillsborough hero. Why he wanted the grief of the Newcastle fans & work for Ashley despite his boyhood allegiance, I can’t understand! 95% of managers are sacked anyway (which is why I don’t really want loyal servant Bullen to get the job) and the build up to Bruce’s demise at Gallowgate will be messy and toxic. After a 40 year career in football he surely didn’t need the money or the hassle. Awaking the still let’s be honest sleeping giant that is Wednesday could have crowned his career!
  13. Apologies - finger trouble and actually Bannan was the pick in a very good display!
  14. Sorry omitted Palmer & Hutchinson - both excellent today!
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