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  1. Reasonable chance that Bruce will have been sacked before the compensation has been agreed!
  2. Picture on BBC just now of Bruce about to hold a Wednesday scarf up last February! It just makes you sick. The Newcastle fans in Shanghai had a lot to say about him as you can imagine!
  3. Not a word about us on Sky just what a good appointment he’ll be for Newcastle! I’m seething about his disgraceful behaviour and the extraordinary thing is that the Toon fans, virtually to a man, don’t want him & Ashley & Bruce must know how toxic this appointment is!
  4. I think his management days are over but of one thing you can be certain; his loyalty would never be an issue and he’d never walk out of the Wednesday to manage his “boyhood” club!
  5. Alan Brown bought him from Chelsea for £37,500(!) I remember. The most expensive teenage signing at the time. Good player who quickly seemed to lose interest after 1967. He scored at Wembley when Scotland beat us 3-2 a year after the World Cup. I found it bizarre and slightly annoying that then years on from 1966 Peter Rodrigues lifted the Cup for Southampton and McCalliog starred in midfield!
  6. I attended that 1-0 defeat to Chester. We were shocking I’m afraid - never knew about the “fake news” the following day!
  7. Every aspect of that final few weeks of the 1992/93 season is heartbreaking to this day - arguably beginning with Steve Bruce and “Fergie Time!” And it didn’t stop there(& probably never will). Six months or so later I had the misfortunate to be walking through Victoria Station where hundreds of Gooners we’re heading off to Highbury for a Cup Winners Cup tie. It should have been us!!! The misery of those two lost finals after such a tremendous season stays with me still. All I ever wanted was for Wednesday to win the F.A. Cup once in my lifetime but a. The trophy’s been down valued now & b. We’re obviously not going to manage it while the likes of Manchester City & others put out there A team and still get through to the later stages.
  8. Perhaps unfairly I always blame Bright for his miss 18 minutes from time just as much as the Woods howler. If we'd lost a Cup Final on penalties it would have been devastating so best not to go there!
  9. This was news to me I admit. Another "what if" example that have littered my 60+ years of supporting the Owls particularly before 2000. He wasn't everyone's cup of tea but he would have ensured we would have stayed at the top of the English game. Sadly, we've not really been relevant since Atkinson's removal in May 1998. Having said that I do believe Bruce's appointment could be a game changer for the club.
  10. I had the pleasure of meeting Don at a book signing in the Sheridan Suite a few years ago & I was able to thank him for the 1966 Cup run. Completely reliable week after week. When you're young you expect your heroes to play well in every game; they don't of course but Megson came close because I don't really recall him having a bad game. Consummate professional. No surprise that he & Pearson were the club captains in Wednesday's best post war periods.
  11. In extra time Bright was roaring down the right wing with DH bursting through to hopefully scoring the winner! Adams ensured he was standing outside the penalty area and stopped the cross with his hand. A free kick that came to nothing resulted. The moment as far as I was concerned. We’ll draw a veil over Bright’s miss in the replay. Never really forgiven though!
  12. Further to my original post that may be the only favour we’ve had from Everton! Think of Catterick, 1966, Peter Reid(a done deal from what I read - he was supposed to have dodgy knees after all!) until Kendall stepped in. Plus several other disappointments too numerous to mention.
  13. In the desperate days in the 1970’s I started to watch Barnet(I lived close by in those days)in the Southern League(they played some terrific football although a tad inconsistent at times). The whole Wednesday meltdown in those days was so horrendous that watching the “Bees” was something of an antidote. No one can replace the Owls of course but you can imagine who I was supporting at Bramall Lane in January!
  14. Amazed that Everton let him go. Colossal player for us!
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