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  1. Tickets

    Thanks everyone for your info very much appreciated
  2. Tickets

    Thanks for the info pal much appreciated
  3. Looks like highlights if you look at the other stuff they have on the page lasting only a few mins
  4. Tickets

    Be visiting my family for two and half weeks in August so was wondering whether I could get a few tickets easily enough ? My dads a season ticket holder with no spare seats around him and don't know if you need a membership card to actually get a few tickets for the Forest game at Hillsborough . Anyone know ?
  5. Portugal roll call

    Well seen he's in Portugal I will end the speculation
  6. Where's Westwood ?

    Two friendly games with no sign of him , anyone know why ?
  7. Rhodes smashes 2 goals in 2 minutes.

    The newborn will take some of his energy out of him unless Jordan and his wife have a good babysitter to take care of their new arrival. So in some games may look tired with sleepless nights , one thing for sure he will save energy with no more baby making for a few months
  8. Forestieri

    He would probably be in Spain for his knee like he was before

    Could be true if the star says so , then gain the star could be reading owls talk from everyone talking about the rumours .. Also Grant Hanley
  10. new shirt

    This could be the new kit for the season coming
  11. Burnley

    Sell him for 50 million that would be a good offer
  12. A House Divided Cannot Stand

    A tent is even worse and worse than that a park bench
  13. Play offs - yes or no?

    I would keep the playoffs but get rid of the penalties altogether, after extra time , just keep playing till someone scores with the team who does wins ..
  14. Things are happening

    Did Ronaldo turn up to offer his services after he felt sorry for his best buddy ?
  15. Things are happening

    Don't tell us someone locked the Huddersfield team in the changing room and gassed them