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  1. To add, this is players cumulative injuries in days in La Liga in 20/21. Interesting that Barca, Madrid, Valencia are 3 of the top 4 with some of the best facilities etc.
  2. I honestly think the games modern intensity is incompatible with the 46 game season, plus FA, League and Papa Johns cup/trophy. There's an interesting article I read around the time Liverpool had an awful time with injuries (mainly defence), makes you realise how widespread it is. Now i understand these players have internationals to play, but our level have 8 extra regular season games. Players bodies are being pushed to a limit they never were 10/15+ years ago and the volume of games hasn't decreased alongside that. We have had notably 2 horror injury periods, one here and one under Carlos. And then a lot of bad periods. But when i look up and down the league, you see clubs like Liverpool/Chelsea in the Prem who have had awful periods too (with the best facility in the world). Maybe there is something to be said for our training ground etc, I'm sure having to use the dome etc isn't great during bad weather etc too, along with not being able to rotate training pitches as we don't have enough. In summary, we can probably do things better, such as our training ground and facilities, but also football is pushing players bodies to the limit with regards to intensity and not lessening the frequency games happen. It has a breaking point.
  3. Football in general - Too many games players don’t get adequate rest Dilutes the product and quality of games too many players therefore get injured Yes other teams don’t all end up as bad as our squad, but the intensity of the game has moved on so much in 20+ years and the schedule hasn’t changed
  4. Notice how the thread focuses on Andy Carroll and Adam Reach Not players like Sam Johnstone, Townsend, Brereton and co. Also regarding those 2 you mentioned, if you took our best striker in the air, you think he'd be better than Carroll at that? Madness.
  5. Lets see if we actually have the money to spend then
  6. Has Almen Abdi kept himself up to speed since he retired? Get him back - SPENDAGEDDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Don't think he was done any favours in having his position consistently changed his first couple of years. I think the only positions he didnt play for us were GK, RB and CB. Incredible. Never nailed down a role for us, whether thats down to the manager or him, or a mixture of the 2. All in all, a shame how it turned out and it didn't justify the money spent.
  8. Think hes someone whos never going to be good enough to lead the line and bag you 20+ and get you promoted. But he can play that supporting role, score some important goals and contribute with his all round game. He's decent enough, you just need someone who's better alongside him so he can be the second striker.
  9. Yeah and Wallace was a shiiithouse in a funny way and a bit of a class clown, whereas McClean is just a nasty piece of work That said loved it when Hutchinson got in his face after McClean gave that FK away.
  10. Think its just a typical case of fans overreacting tbh. He's a good centre half especially at this level. I'm sure after a win and a clean sheet their fans will be lauding him, thats how fickle the game is
  11. Precisely, thats where i suppose we have to realise its a job like any other to them all with families to support and lives to live. Not going to risk £1-2m over 2 seasons for loyalty to our club are they i guess
  12. Yep, its fairly common knowledge that if a player has uncertainty and knows or thinks theyre gonna be released, if theyre any good and know they have offers out there, theyre not going to jeopardise that by risking a bad injury. You're right, try and remove ourselves from that situation in the first place by extending or moving on if we can.
  13. Yep and knowing you werent getting a new deal, probably not going to risk your house etc by getting a bad injury. As much as i dont like it.
  14. No idea, but if it included the likes of Reach and co it wouldnt surprise me. I'm sure Hutchinson let off in an interview early this season about some players that were coming out of contract and being able to tell they werent going to risk a bad injury so to speak.
  15. Think thats the key bit id like to understand. Whilst ours is horrendous, would be interesting to see how does it compare to other clubs that none of us follow that closely? I bet its far more common than we probably think
  16. Must admit this is one of the better things about things like the NFL. Yes the franchise aspect is poo in a lot of respects... But they have to report far more transparently with injuries, who participates in training each week by a deadline which is publicised etc (ha imagine the OT meltdown at Hutchinson's participation). Means fans always feel up to speed with whats going on. Obviously thats down to league rules, not the coaches/owners, because they'd hide it if they had the choice, but i find that a much better fan experience.
  17. I know we've had horrendous injury records the last number of years, thats obvious. The worst being under Carlos when we had 16 out? With 10 of our 11 starters injured. But as bad as our current situation is, i had a look at the Premier League as a comparison . Leeds have 9 out injured, plenty of other clubs at 7s and 8. Brentford have 9 listed on the injury report and we know how highly people on here think of Brenford as a club. It is farcical how weve had players all fallen down at once, 3 in one game was unbelievable... but i think a lot of clubs have bad injury problems probably more than we care to consider in this debate about the training ground etc.
  18. There was literally a meltdown on here when Windass was left out of the Portsmouth game (which was done to avoid rushing him back with too much to soon?!)
  19. Yep, no chance he stays. At least this one isnt on Chansiri or SWFC for a change, its the broken system to favour the big clubs
  20. If only Chansiri had focused on the Academy situation, training ground situation rather than the now now now. Top category academy teams can just cherry pick. Shame.
  21. The poster who said that was me. Theo Corbaneau could take a set play, and that was proven when he took some when he was on the pitch, even taking a last minute corner ahead of Bannan. That tells me if there was a better set play taker than Bannan, they would be taking them. I'm pretty sure its obvious to those in training who takes the best ones. I know other players have been mentioned, NML, Byers, Johnson, but i've never heard anyone compliment their set plays from other clubs. I can't even find a video or link of them scoring a free kick, maybe someone can find one as im not saying it hasn't happened, but I think we're really clutching at straws thinking those 3 are an answer from set plays.
  22. But who’s a better alternative we have? My personal view is we don’t have a single good set piece taker at the club.
  23. Btw who are we suggesting resting him in favour of? With FDB now injured, honestly who?
  24. Who do we actually know is a better set piece taker? In all seriousness, it's not Bannan's fault that whilst he's average at set pieces a lot of the time, the rest of them are utter shybo. Don't get it twisted, if we had someone like Wallace or Forestieri, Bannan wouldn't be taking them.
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