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  1. Heard a rumour Mendez Laing was so disorientated from the lights in the crowd and the ‘were on our way’ song potentially perforated his ear drum, that he forgot to track back for their goal tonight. Terrible terrible fans costing us.
  2. I think Sunderland were a bad match up for us. Neil out did Moore
  3. I read this as fear or excrement. Ironically both of those are true.
  4. A shame his otherwise solid performance (and goal bound blocks) get completely overshadowed by one huge gaff that cost us a goal. The life of a centre half eh, if only Stewart hadn’t got the fortune with the rebound. Like you say he will be more annoyed at himself than any of us are. fancy us to do them on Monday.
  5. That’s what’ll happen if you run past the ball, lose your momentum as the striker stays running in a straight line keeping theirs
  6. Think a case by case basis for me. If we have someone over 30 but they are clearly better than anything else we can get, then keep them. Obviously if we see a player whos young and we think they have massive upside...then you have a judgment call to make on the other older players in their position. But isn't it something like £8m a year we lose being in this league over the Champ on revenue alone? I think we always have to aim to get out of the league. It'll be clear if the older players hit their sell by date IMO. We've definitely got another year out of Hunt, Gregory etc and then maybe reassess
  7. Darren Moore said 24-48 hours to let it settle down (i.e. its not cramp then) and presumably hes having/had a scan. The fact if thats happening and the games in 53 hours, that concerns me. A lot.
  8. I thought from the moment he went down, it was a bad sign the way he reacted with his hamstring. I remember everyone saying with Hooper in 16' that are we double bluffing etc...then it came out he had a bad hamstring injury and he missed the playoffs. My heart wants to believe were being coy about it, but my head says thats that.
  9. My big concern is the occasion and if we go behind early at Sunderland... Home advantage second is great....if you get to that home leg either level or ahead. Im sure Sunderland will fancy putting us under the cosh early. Agree with everyone though, shame this isnt the play off final as its 2 'clubs' that would have made the occasion.
  10. 9.2m loss in revenue in part due to covid and behind closed doors. Have to assume that is taken into concern with FFP for this period across the board, but would be interested to see what people far more knowledgeable on the topic than me have to say
  11. i think if anything, the more likely bluff is to make sunderland think hes available when hes injured.
  12. But to get there they had to win the home and away legs also. Im not saying Wycombe aren’t capable of beating us or the others at Wembley, they are. But I think most teams would rather face Wycombe at Wembley in a one off than have to go to Wycombes ground
  13. It’s the elephants I tell ya..
  14. I mean I meant a key player doing his hamstring right before the play offs start and the ‘will he won’t he’ be fit conversation. I don’t understand why you even think I’m referring to the other 45 games and what they contributed respectively across the season? It’s fairly obvious their fitness records are polar opposites.
  15. I think everyone understands that there’s as much chance we don’t get there as we do But it hurts not for us to discuss the potential of what ifs If we were the players or management then fair enough, but they’re the ones that won’t be/need not be thinking past Sunderland
  16. Sickening how much this is similar to Hooper in 2016/17
  17. imagine all teams would rather face Wycombe in a final than over 2 legs. Away from home it’s a nightmare v them. Wembley isn’t exactly the easiest place to get away with that stuff and it’s a big pitch.
  18. Moore saying they’re waiting 24-48 hours for it to settle down tells me it’s not cramp though and it’s injury related Blaming Moore I don’t agree with. If it happened to Hutch, Luongo, Bannan, Gregory we’d have had the same. You can’t sub them all either.
  19. At best, he’s just tweaked his hamstring. This reaction to me was a bad sign. Again, hope im wrong but I just can’t see it. You can’t just strap up an injury like that and get on with it.
  20. But you don’t ‘wait 24-48 hours for it to settle down’ as Moore has just said they are going to do if it was cramp.
  21. I think Bannans reaction when he did it tells you it’s more than a little tweak or cramp. I hope I’m wrong but it looked very concerning to me
  22. Might have to rethink your plans for the play off games lads….
  23. You only have to look on socials to see how many Pompey fans are saying how Bannan is on another level in this league. He’s absolutely crucial and he’s our captain. You don’t want to lose that for the play offs, so fingers crossed
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