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  1. I read differently. The post was saying now favouring loans so that if we are promoted were not stuck with 'League 1 standard' players who we have to replace with better. My point was, if we loan players, were going to have to replace them with better anyway? At least permanent players would allow consistency in the event of promotion (if that even happens)
  2. If you got loans you’d have to replace them next season with championship players also….?
  3. I actually think people underestimate still how attractive a club derby would be for players in L1. If Wildsmith went to Derby(circus or not) and performed well, his stock is viewed far far higher than if he goes somewhere like Fleetwood (or a majority of L1 clubs) and equally performs well. This next move for him is massive for his career.
  4. Seen this tweet from the Journo who reported it: "It is really. There’s interest. If player wants to go then he will go. One year left on contract and at his age, wouldn’t command a huge fee. Let’s see" Couldn't disagree more. #1, when does Chansiri ever accept a low fee? #2, when does Chansiri ever get hardballed by a player wanting to leave?! I mean Abdi and Jones basically begged to leave and couldnt haha Probably more to the point, id argue at his age with 1 year left on his contract, it actually weakens his position, because he wont want to play hard ball and potentially miss out on a seasons football!
  5. I think this is the perfect scenario for us tbh. At his age, 33 nearly 34, the £ market is skewed. Either massively overpay, or do one. I can't see anyone offering a significant amount of money on that basis, and unless someone was going to massively overpay, why would we sell our top goalscorer when our goal is clearly automatic promotion? We lose what, £8m a season being in L1 compared to Championship on revenue? Whats the transfer fee likely to be in comparison to that really? Keep him unless its a massively over inflated offer.
  6. Frustrating as this is dragging back to over a year ago, where we still had Westwood, Lees, Rhodes, Reach etc all on massive contracts and admittedly it was a complete shambles with mismanagement of finances etc... I honestly thing the club (driven by DC) has been considerably better in the last year in how its operated and i'm actually positive about how things seem to be going. So really i couldn't care less about that article unless its on about new information, which it isnt really. once we get the next set of accounts, then we can get another view i suppose but from the outside, i think (and hope) DC has learned some lessons already and this is old news...
  7. The only way this sh*t can continue is if all the leagues operate under 1 banner and have a salary cap like American sports. This system they're pushing is just the rich get richer and anti-competitive. Spent most of my life looking down my nose at how American sports operated, with their closed shop francises and no relegation etc. I tell you what, at least its not this cartel operated closed shop where the same clubs are going to win forever more. Killing football for greed. Created by the poor, stolen by the rich.
  8. Wonder what % of people this applies to? Certainly has to me plenty of times if i'm honest. Thankfully I'm past it in the main. People need to realise just drinking and feeling awfully hungover can be a massive depressive spiral for some people, things like not going overboard and then going for a jog in a morning can be crucial Mental health doesnt give a hoot if youre at Glastonbury or not.
  9. That I agree with. I never understood why we signed Rhodes when we did. I mean neither we’re ever getting in ahead of Hooper Fletcher or Forestieri IMO when they were fit anyway, without even mentioning Joao, so win all would have made sense as a cheap back up option. Then Rhodes happened
  10. On a free though, not even £500k to pay And Smith adds something totally different, physically and in the air, Winnall didn’t really add anything when we had 4+ better strikers
  11. There was a time where i thought he looked unfit ...think it was under Carlos where he was barely playing early doors and left out of squads etc. That said...we all heard the rumours of issues with players not playing and the training regime not being overly fitness based etc.... One things for sure, he cant be accused of that the past couple of years.
  12. Interesting it says he decided to walk away for perhaps the final time in his career? I thought he wanted to stay and the club didn’t offer a new deal?
  13. Hard balance Many young players clubs gamble on don’t make the grade especially immediately. odd ones go on to be sold for money. For a club and fan base demanding promotion, youth isn’t where you’d hedge your bets as a manager, tried and proven mainly is. Maybe if we fail to get promoted a couple of times our philosophy may change due to more financial constraints, which would then lower expectations potentially and allow that approach.
  14. I mean he can say anything he wants in private within the workplace, i.e. with Darren Moore. What he says to us in the public is one thing and thats another.
  15. Suppose he has to say that though. Anything else would just look unprofessional
  16. Everyone always goes on about taking punts looking for lower league ‘gems’, well this on a free is surely that theory. Time for us as fans to not bemoan a signing that doesn’t come with a big reputation or signing fee. We know how that turned out.
  17. why would you release a player with a year left on their deal? Youd have to pay them up anyway, surely you’d keep them in case of emergency or see if you can find a suitable club for them
  18. No need to remove Bannan as captain and cause an unnecessary situation. Dean would be a leader in the dressing room regardless of the armband.
  19. But surely it’s far more prevalent in football and very few and far between at cricket? Apart from an attack on the pitch in the 80s, I don’t recall seeing what happened to billy sharp the other week, in cricket? I see lots of players heckled from the stand but not bottles and coins thrown at them regularly? Not to mention the point about violence in the stadium…at the cricket you can sit opposing fans together most of the time! Imagine if we did that in football
  20. Wonder what it is that differentiates the two, because in terms of how drunk people are the cricket is right up there and beyond with most at a football game! Is it the lack of tribalism in cricket and other sports and it’s presence in football? Is it cultural from how we all grow up to ‘hate’ certain clubs etc? Certainly more aggression in general in football, both playing and supporting.
  21. One act of notable violence at a cricket game in a decade which I don’t even recall being big enough to get media attention Only one I can remember was Afghanistan v Pakistan in 2019 at the World Cup. If we’re going to go down a list of football violence examples dating back across a decade, I’m going to need a few weeks to finish writing about it!
  22. Add on top of that the amounts of sniffing going on recently too. Im sure it was never as prominent as it is now.
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