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  1. Don’t know if this mentioned in the Wigan administration thread so sorry if it has. Surly there situation will help is buy windass or even get him on a free if they just release him to save wages ect.
  2. Suggests an end is near though for the case if he planing on having his weekends back from this weekend
  3. Don’t know if this is good or bad news
  4. Happy for mods to close this now Iv decided where I’m going to park thanks for all the suggestions and for all the owlstalk humour as always you all never fail to be both helpful and funny
  5. Hahaha no I have my own house have done for two years but I get the joke
  6. Hahahaha we will prob still find a way to concede woth the way we’re playing at the moment
  7. Im 26 and Iv never drank but trust me watxhing Wednesday has made me nearly a few times
  8. Wonder if anyone has any tips for parking for Birmingham on Saturday. hoping our fortunes will then this weekend otherwise could be a few of us upset seem as we have sold out again.
  9. Thanks for the replies think I’m going to go for the school car park. WAWAW
  10. I’m going to Preston Saturday for the first time and I’m going by car. Wondered if anyone that has been before has any tips of where to park. free If possible If not any paid ones would also help me. Don’t mind a walk from the car to the ground. Thanks
  11. It said Sheffield Wednesday tm at the end have we always been a trademark
  12. I saw FF in Meadowhall buying sushi he was happy to stop for a photo whilst holding his bags of sushi. (No fishy jokes please) also saw chansiri DC having a cheeky smoke near players entrance at hillsborough he was also happy for photos. put his cig out and had photos with must have be 15-20 people did not speak much tho just smiled but that will be a language thing I would assume
  13. Google search and it's a Portuguese sports gear company based in braga
  14. Would love him here but absolutely 0% of him going anywhere played for Everton regularly last season. Think he scored on his debut if I remember
  15. The way we played last season he more or less played there anyway most of the time with full backs getting forward hutch would sit just in front of both centre halfs.
  16. Yea I seem to remember him more as a cam but that's how Carlos plays his wingers in more Central with the fullbacks giving the real width so maybe like we both said for the right wages could be worth looking at but all depends what other targets are. And like bullen said on radio other night we're in a position now where our signings are of a certain level 4-5 clubs are fighting for the same players
  17. I know I might get some stick for this judgeing by people's opinion on downing but here it goes. Granted he's 32 now so only a few more seasons but for the right price and wages he is the kind of player Carlos likes to play out wide. Granted iv not seen to much of him live but I have it in my head that he has a good delivery/cross on him. It still does not address our lack of pace but I would not be completely against him comeing here
  18. could at least by me dinner (I know there the next lyrics)
  19. Just looked at his instagram and there comments saying don't go to Lyon
  20. Shame only transfer link that's really had much press/attention granted not UK Press. Ahhh well I'm sure DC will have a suprise or two for us
  21. Spawn from turds hahahaha tickled me that one
  22. Ahhh ok my mistake. Still would not read to much into it myself but everyone has there own opinions on him but one thing is for sure we would be a worse team without him and would find it hard to find what he brings
  23. Iv just been on his twitter and there no sign of that tweet of the Watford mascot farthers day wish so I'm guessing someone's on wind up
  24. I would love this but there a story online from his manger saying he's not going to leave permanent or on loan so Carlos will have to use his charm to convince them
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