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  1. I agree with this 100% it’s more a reflection on how close they are and still not sure 100% who’s is his number 1 then saying he not happy with them
  2. https://twitter.com/lee_ryder/status/1301810537798537216?s=21 looks like another under 21 player on trial
  3. We have 1 first team striker and windass was decent for us on loan not going to get anything better than that for 450k with an idea of what football we’re playing. Yea we need more than him but it would not be a bad start
  4. Don’t know if this mentioned in the Wigan administration thread so sorry if it has. Surly there situation will help is buy windass or even get him on a free if they just release him to save wages ect.
  5. Suggests an end is near though for the case if he planing on having his weekends back from this weekend
  6. Happy for mods to close this now Iv decided where I’m going to park thanks for all the suggestions and for all the owlstalk humour as always you all never fail to be both helpful and funny
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