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  1. Can’t wait pal It’s all I’ve thought about all week, got two very excited kids here aswel,looking forward to hopefully a great season ahead come on Wednesday.
  2. So sad can’t even imagine it happening to one of my boys,sending strength and love to tango
  3. For me passion on the pitch and loyalty is enough to be a legend (also helps if their good at football)
  4. Fun police are out again I started this thread as I thought it would be a nice little thread to get people talking without any arguments or pulling people down,99% of people who have replied have simply given their favourite players that they have seen in their life time as I did so myself and is what I meant in the title as I’m pretty sure none of us have been around since 1867 end of the day fella we’re all Wednesday fans on here and I don’t really see the need for any petty sniping between each other. apologies if I’ve missed out any capital letters comma’s and full stops,I must try harder next time. UTO
  5. 1.bannan 2.hutch 3.lee All 3 wore/wear their hearts on their sleeves and have shown good honest loyalty to the club and fans which is getting rarer and rarer these days.
  6. Fair play pal I know it’s a tough ask naming only 3 i remember my old man talking about varadi,unfortunately he was a bit before my time so didn’t actually see him play but from what I hear he was some player.
  7. Wow,there’s always 1,bet your fun to sit next to on match days,apologies if I worded the sub title wrong however if you disagreed with this sub no one forced you to reply,it’s quite simple really,have a good day fellow owl
  8. Same here pal, wish they were still in their prime and playing now it’s hard work trying to sell Wednesday to my two boys in current times.
  9. I once bumped into Carlton palmer outside meadowhell years back,I am disappointed to say he didn’t have a joint on him,I think the song was just a myth
  10. I agree with di canio pal,I reckon he would have made more peoples top 3 if it hadn’t ended on such a sour note.
  11. Emerson thome a great shout mate,thought about putting him in myself he’s built like a brick s**t house it’s Emerson Thome
  12. I would have never have guessed pal what a brilliant player in a beautiful period for the club.
  13. I suppose it depends on when you were born on who you may choose, but for me it goes like this. 1.Chris waddle 2.des walker 3.benito carbone
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