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  1. Very true we can demolish the ground but that doesn’t change the fact that SYP are incompetent. What makes people think that we will be treated better in a new ground given the many consistent and continual failures of the police force? (Rotherham, Orgreave etc.)
  2. I agree but DC does deserve sympathy here because he treated Bruce properly and Bruce has stabbed him in the back, we’ve all been screwed over by this one
  3. So he’s definitely going then? Or has he just gone for a talk?
  4. I would like to think you offer someone else the chance to use your ST to go.
  5. It’s more like a development side than an actual first team.
  6. You need to eavesdrop much more and talk really loudly in their presence so they put the caller on speaker.
  7. The source? Also mate you're getting me hopeful tbh. If there is no takeover soon I'm gonna come back and neg you
  8. spill the beans you fecker (I will tell you all my secrets in the future) .
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