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  1. Buzzing for next season, people need to get a backs up against the wall mentality/ seige mentality, get the adrenal glands going and it will rub off on players whoever they are UTO WAWAW
  2. Plenty of hungry lower league players out there who will do anything to prove themselves at a higher level. Question is have we got an eye for this sort of talent? We'll see...
  3. If we let him leave then we may end up regretting it, irreplacable really.
  4. I love Nuhiu very respectable character compared to some of the half hearted self servers we've had over the last few years. In the same category as Reda, JJ and arguably KLee: all know their trades, give their all and don't complain just get on with it it's good to see
  5. The no look corner suggests a massive amount of confidence in his own ability. Lets hope its justified or he'll come off a reyt plonker trying things like that if he turns out to be poo in the long run
  6. We were chasing the game yesterday, we all know he is best at coming on and seeing the game out. If we are gonna have him on when chasing we've got to get it up to him a lot faster and more directly
  7. Those that don't or have never played will struggle to understand the value of Nuhiu. If I was CM and we were winning and under the kosh I would be so relieved to see someone like Atdhe about to be subbed on. Win the ball back, lump it in Atdhe's vicinity and invariably it will stick to him and allow us to get up the pitch and keep it, allowing our more active players to catch their breath and take off the pressure. Also got a decent finish on him. Was surprised when he missed that one he took on the chest and dragged past the post yesterday but he can be forgiven for that one
  8. none of Hunts passes came off most of them intercepted or deflected
  9. We will concede but we will also score. Our attacking players will feel determined to rectify the lack of goals vs WBA. 3-2 Wednesday
  10. Great header as well good leap and good accuracy
  11. It's a head coach's job to develop and guide players to improve them. A manager simply manages them by applying tactics and playing styles. There is some overlap between the roles but it's not the managers fault hes mentally weak, unless he is because or the manager
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