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  1. It’s not at the stage yet to actively support his departure for me. Im also not sure about if it’s right to went a Sheffield Wednesday manager clearly doing his best gone. Im still thinking about it.
  2. Unless you live in Norwich like me and there’s only one of you to be taken the p155 out of, unlike in Sheffield where at least you’ve got your pals to back you up
  3. Mass Boycott

    I'd go if I could
  4. Flounce Post

    If I was lucky to have a season ticket I would definitely go. You're probably aware that as a season ticket holder willing to not turn up there will be no financial impact whatsoever. Having said that, I rarely get to go so I haven't had to put up with the poo being served up every week so this decision is understandable. If you're not gonna go, why don't you write to the club explaining why, or better still, start a protest outside the ground? It is getting to that stage now...
  5. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    Mick McCarthy, Megson, Pulis, anyone of this sort who don't mess about
  6. Could always be someone we've never heard of, like Carlos was
  7. The Fans are to blame.

    Down at the front they were applauding the players when they came over and as I was leaving I heard people talking about fighting and saw some scuffles with about 5 coppers running over
  8. The Fans are to blame.

    It’s coming
  9. The Fans are to blame.

    There was a few chants of we want Carlos out along with booing and a mixture of applausing. There was also mild fighting at the end on the way out.
  10. Anyone know how tickets we’ve roughly sold
  11. Why is Carlos still here?

    It’s either money or he genuinely believes he can turn it around and get promotion. Or both.
  12. Imagine how many more times we could’ve gotten in behind if Reach had it on Saturday
  13. So nearly Chelsea or Norwich, which is where I live
  14. The fans need to do something

    I get to about 6 games a season and can say I enjoyed it yesterday. The football was not good but the atmosphere was, and everyone got behind the team after Nuhiu got the kop going for us to score a second. We would’ve won yesterday had Palmer not been ball watching and marked his man Dawson, who could’ve easily been sent off but rightfully wasn’t (Carlos).