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  1. Glad they won to be honest, I dont want these players to be successful. At the same time I dont want then to coast through games pick up a fat stack and think they can get away with it
  2. One of the saddest things was when no one backed Fis. Anytime with even the slightest bite about them would see that and be shouting at the ref. Any team, any league anyone who wants to win. Feel sorry for Fis 0 moral The team doesn't care. Very Sad!
  3. Im sorry but he was awful apart from 1st 20 of second half, not at all swithced on to where the striker is on many occasion
  4. Dunkley was superb, Lees got fatigued last 10 which is pretty unacceptable for this standard for a CB
  5. so even if we arewinning people would want him to go just because they're not entertained? Selfish and baffling.
  6. Don't think he bottled it, he stupidly nearly backed off then decided to go in for it last minute, so bad defending. Regardless, if you're Oddjob you would be fuming at Lees, the ref or grabban. Take your pick in the heat of the moment. Laugh and high 5? Hes taking the mick and now he's lying about it. Hopefully 1 of our players has squared up to him this morning
  7. Id be fuming if I was Lees, just been on the receiving end of a red card tackle which they get a goal out of, you'd expect at least your teammates to back you. He has one of the most disrespectful, disgusting and unprofessional reactions to a goal of that nature I've ever seen.
  8. I check the results, but not much more than that, don't go to games, don't really talk about them because there's not much more to say other than we're rubbish, don't really interact with other Wednesdayites. I'm barely a fan anymore I dont feel that connection. At least I've more time to crack on with my own life. FFS WEDNESDAY
  9. what a brilliant appointment of a very successful and experienced manager.
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