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  1. I drove up from Norfolk that morning to get there. Can I get some credit?
  2. There's a world of football where these problems don't occur. It's called non league
  3. if we are so poo , can we start taking the p1ss and enjoying ourselves again like we did in league 1?
  4. 7's a lot of times for hillsborough in recent years
  5. never want VAR this is football not American football, the more sanitised it gets the more boring it is to watch and the worse it is to play in. Waiting abot for a decision makes the game lose its competitive edge and sense of injustice that can give players that extra fire in their belly to go on and win. How many times has a shocking refereeing performance got the atmosphere at hillsborough going and riled on the lads?
  6. Very true we can demolish the ground but that doesn’t change the fact that SYP are incompetent. What makes people think that we will be treated better in a new ground given the many consistent and continual failures of the police force? (Rotherham, Orgreave etc.)
  7. I agree but DC does deserve sympathy here because he treated Bruce properly and Bruce has stabbed him in the back, we’ve all been screwed over by this one
  8. So he’s definitely going then? Or has he just gone for a talk?
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